Monday, August 31, 2015

243rd day of the year.

There are 122 days remaining until the end of the year


Today is National Trail Mix Day and Love Litigating Lawyers Day


 -- On this date in 1897, Thomas Edison invented the movie camera

--  On this date in 1997, Princess Diana was killed in an automobile accident in a Paris tunne



Monday's Birthday Cake:

Richard Gere (66)

Van Morrison (70)







Miley Cyrus showed up to the MTV VMAs wearing only silver suspenders. A bejeweled chandelier covered her privates




 Former astronaut and moon walker Buzz Aldrin is helping with a master plan to someday colonize Mars.




A recent study shows an association between sitting time and mental health. Particularly, the longer a person sits, the more likely he or she is to have symptoms of depression.




TRENDING IN SCHOOLS:  school districts implemented new rules for social networking between teachers, coaches and students. Some schools have banned social media interaction between teachers and students in order to cut down on the potential of inappropriate relationships.




Lindsay Lohan attended the wedding of a friend in Florence, Italy, and during the ceremony was seen painting her fingernails and playing on her phone.




Sultan Kosem from Turkey is the world's tallest man at 8-feet 3-inches.




President Abraham Lincoln's shoe size was 14



Rob Lowe owes $800,000 in taxes after not reporting $10 million from the sale of a California home.



Sandra Bullock is dating photographer Bryan Randle



- claims Kevin Hart recently booted 150 people from one of his shows for using cell phones



- claims Oprah Winfrey is going to play Richard Pryor's grandmother in a new movie about the late comedian.




Dunkin' Donuts is introducing two new fall donut flavors: pumpkin cheesecake and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup




Nightmare on Elm Street director Wes Craven has died from brain cancer at the age of 76




Barack Obama is changing the name of Mount McKinley to Denali. The mountain was named for former President William McKinley even though Alaskans call it Denali




BMX-Rated: Thousands of people took part in the Philly Naked Bike Ride on Saturday to promote fuel conservation and positive body image. Some people wore masks and body paint during the 12-mile ride. Riders came from other states to support the cause





Illinois Becomes The First State In The Country To Lock Prescription Pill Bottles

THEY WILL  test locking devices on some powerful prescription painkillers.




 Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. "Straight Outta Compton," $13.2 million.

2. "War Room," $11 million.

3. "Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation," $8.3 million ($15.3 million international).





Selfie Class: Indiana University Northwest, in Gary, Indiana, is offering a class on Selfies called "Mass Communication and Culture.'' Students will explore the practice of taking selfies and their impact on social media. "Mass Communication and Culture'' is a 400-level class.





 Shoes For Kidneys: Michigan resident Matt Neal has two failing kidneys and is willing to trade a pair of Kanye West’s sold-out black Yeezy sneakers for new organs.


His Facebook offer reads:



People are always joking that they would give a kidney for a pair of yeezy's!!


Well here's your chance, I'm 26 with 2 failing kidneys


Blood type: B+





Put A Cork In it: The Sun claims a recent EasyJet flight from Britain to Turkey was diverted to Italy after a flight attendant opened a bottle of champagne. The cork fired into the ceiling and damaged the plane. The jet's oxygen masks deployed.

The fight was delayed for seven hours.









80% of people think they are good spellers.



38% of people have a hard time spelling "February"

31% of people have a hard time spelling "definitely"






A Phoenix, Arizona couple recently moved into a home and was doing renovations when they found a safe. It contained $50,000 in cash and a bottle of whiskey from 1960. They found the safe's combination in a medicine cabinet. They later found the safe in the floor under the kitchen. The home has had six previous owners. The couple has no idea, who the money belongs to.


Survey: "What weird or funny things have you found upon moving into a home or an apartment?"



TEXT-  this woman found a time capsule in her house from 1865. She donated it to a local museum, but later found out that there was an item inside worth $25,000




So How Do You Eat Pizza?

So how exactly do you eat pizza. It says about a lot about you-- at least according to body language and behavior expert Patti Wood, of Emory University. She says pizza eaters can be sorted into four categories.

First are the crust first people. As you can imagine these people are pretty unusual. They are bold, different and tend to think outside the box.


Next are the folders. Wood sees them as highly influential people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty to get the job done. They also don't have time to waste, which is probably why competitive eaters favor this method.


Then there are the straight up biters. People who simply pick up their slices and scoff are perfectionists who think mess equates to stress. And we all know this is the technique which creates the least cleaning up.


Last is the knife and fork people. People who use cutlery to eat their pizza are stable, calm and methodical. Wood thinks these folks are supporters and make great friends. Now you know.




Top Ten Dog Names

In honor of last week's National Dog Day -- social networking site Nextdoor did a little research and has has released a list of the most popular dog names in America. And it appears a lot of people are still big Twilight fans.
















2015 MTV Video Music Awards


List of winners:


Video Of The Year: Taylor Swift, "Bad Blood"

Best Male Video: Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, "Uptown Funk"

Best Female Video: Taylor Swift, "Blank Space"

Best Hip-Hop Video: Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda"

Best Pop Video: Taylor Swift, "Blank Space"

Best Rock Video: Fall Out Boy, "Uma Thurman"

Artist To Watch: Fetty Wap, "Trap Queen"

Video With a Social Message: Big Sean feat. Kanye West and John Legend, "One Man Can Change The World"

Song Of The Summer: 5 Seconds of Summer, "She's Kinda Hot"

Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award: Kanye West




 Today's Question: "92% of women would never date a guy who does this. What is it?


Extra Clue: something they wear


Extra Clue: below the waist


Final Clue: 80's and shiny


Answer: leather pants








2015 MTV Video Music Awards Montage .. we recap the night with a montage



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