Thursday, October 27, 2016

301st day of the year

 There are 65 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 4 days left until Halloween

There are 28 days left until Thanksgiving

There are 29 days left until Black Friday


Today is American Beer Day, National Black Cat Day (second one of the year) Boxer Shorts Day, Cranky Co-Workers Day, National Potato Day, Navy Day and Occupational Therapy Day



Thursday's Birthday Cake:

Kelly Osbourne (32)




Toy Story 4 will be released in 2019.



Beyonce wore a $2,230 pair of sock boots to the Warriors game on Tuesday night.


Taylor Swift and Drake are talking about writing and recording together.


 Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal are getting serious.


A new study by the Federal Election Commission reveals that Donald Trump's Presidential campaign has spent $3.2 million on Make America Great Again


Donald Trump opened his new Washington D.C. hotel yesterday by selling a $100 cocktail. The drink features potato, caviar, raw oysters, vodka and rye.


some Chicago bars in Wrigleyville are planning to charge a $250 cover to watch the Cubs and Indians games this weekend




Luxury watchmaker Romain JeromeIs is selling a Pokemon Go watch for $20,000. The watchband is yellow while the face is black and features a yellow Pikachu.


Sales and profit at Apple actually went down for the first time in 15 years.


Kanye West has promised to not attend the Grammys if Frank Ocean is not nominated for any awards.


A locker key from the Titanic has sold for $104,000.


66% of renters aren't afraid of ghosts, and would live with them as long as they got a hefty discount on their rent.


In a survey of 733 women, 65 percent said adopting a pet makes a guy seem hotter and 68 percent said a pooch is the sexiest pet he can own.


Man Takes A Nutella Bath: YouTube star Cemre Candar recently took a bath in 600 pounds of Nutella hazelnut spread. Over 3 million people have watched his video. The longer the video went, the harder it became for Candar to move. He previously bathed in hot sauce.


Costume Shop: Some New York Halloween costume consultants are making $325 an hour. Carmela Lane tells the NY Post that she helps people pick out costumes. “The phone starts ringing after Labor Day — and it doesn’t stop until November 1st.


Grey Area: Adult toy stores are selling Fifty Shades of Grey Halloween costumes. They come with a blindfold, flogger, handcuffs, a grey tie, a grey mask and a short black riding crop


Man Vandalizes Donald Trump's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame ... Gossip Cop claims Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed yesterday. Witnesses say James Otis dressed as a construction worker before taking a sledgehammer and pickaxe to the star at 5:45 a.m. He says his goal was to remove the star and auction it off.


Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra: Forbes claims the new Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra costs $3 million. It took seven months to hand-sew and features 450 carats of diamonds and emeralds. Those jewels are set in 18-carat gold. This year's Victoria's Secret show will air on December 5th on CBS


Food Trending ...


- Time Magazine claims Arby's is going to start selling venison sandwiches at restaurants in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia. These locations have been chosen because they are near heavy deer hunting areas.


- Teen Vogue magazine claims Taco Bell restaurants in the UK are selling a new dessert item called the Kit Kat Chocodilla. It consists of a tortilla filled with melted Kit Kat wafers.


- Limited Edition Apple Pie Tic Tacs have hit store shelves


Cubs Fan Dwyane Wade Makes A World Series Bet With Indians Fan LeBron James ... Dwayne says the loser will dress in the winning team's gear and wear it to either a Bulls-Cavs game in Chicago or Cleveland




Marc Sparrow is under fire for his trick-or-treat idea. The Londoner suggested tricking trick or treaters by handing out chocolate-dipped Brussel sprouts. 8,500 people declared him an 'evil genius' after seeing his tweet. Others suggested Marc wrap the Brussel sprouts in gold tin foil to give them an expensive look. Some people are planning to prank trick or treaters by handing out chocolate-covered onions that look like caramel apples.


Beer And Pie Diet:

 A Christchurch, New Zealand reporter, named Juliian Lee, recently lost 17 pounds after going on a beer and pie diet for a month. He based his diet on a similar one used by nutrition professor Mark Haub. Haub lost weight on a 'convenience store diet'.


Lee tells that he is still dieting. ''Mentally I'm slowing down quite a bit. My body's loving it but my mind's really not loving it at all. I'm definitely getting scratchy, like grumpy, scratchy. I've taken a multi-vitamin every day, but it's not enough. Pies are good, I really do love them. It's pastry, it's meat, you can't go wrong. But again, I'm delusional right now, mentally I'm losing the plot.





Anna Kendrick On Ellen -  Anna talks about working with Justin Timberlake on the movie 'Trolls.' She says he is good at everything. She thinks he's a 'time traveler.



Today's Mindbender: "15% of people have cried at work because of this. What is it?"


Answer: a performance review


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