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Monday, July 28, 2014
209th day of the year.
  Final week of July already. Can you believe it?

Today is National Milk Chocolate Day and National Hamburger Day

On this date in 2006, Mel Gibson launched an anti-Semitic tirade as he was arrested in Malibu for driving drunk; Gibson later apologized and was sentenced to probation and alcohol treatment.


Unlock Your Phone: Motorola and have created temporary tattoos that unlock smartphones. The tatts last five days and are sold in packs of 10 for $9.99. No passwords are required for the waterproof tatts. Motorola says the average person takes 2.3 seconds to unlock their phone and does this 39 times a day.

 In 1950, only 30% of Americans said they took a shower or bath everyday. (Yes! You'll be happy to know today it's over 75%)

GREAT VID:  Watch This Kitten Attack A Ceramic Cat

Eagles mate in the air.

DON'T SCRATCH A MESQUITO BITE no matter how itchy they are. This really does make it feel worse.

If you want to keep your memory well into old age, read a book now.  NEW STUDY SAYS IT  may preserve memory

It's said that Beyonce and Jay-Z are barely speaking to each other on their current concert tour.

Weird Al" Yankovic Says His First #1 Album Will Be His Last .  ONLY GONNA BE SINGLE FROM HERE ON OUT!!!

Batman v Superman Teased @ COMICON...

Justin Theroux  (Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend) once worked for the  Circus as a snowcone maker

In order to create her famous bouncy, sexy walk, Marilyn Monroe would saw off the end of one of her high heels so it was shorter than the other.

 How about that? The new CEO of Burger King -- Daniel Schwartz -- is just 33-years-old.

Malaysian Airlines flight 17 is consistent with reports that the plane was shot down by a missile. The plane's fuselage was hit by shrapnel from a missile

- LeBron James will wear #23 for the Cavs next season

 Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Lucy,” $44 million.

2. “Hercules,” $29 million.

3. “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” $16.4 million.

4. “Purge: Anarchy,” $9.9 million.

5. “Planes: Fire & Rescue,” $9.3 million.

75% of women plan their wedding when they are single. Other findings:

- women spend a combined 36 days planning their wedding

- the average wedding costs $33,000

For a senior engineering project, a team of students at Hope College in Michigan created an engagement ring box with a tiny camera in it for filming proposals. Now their Ring Cam is taking off as an actual business.


Terry Morgan's dog Charlie recently ate his $750 watch. The Londoner realized his Newfoundland downed the timepiece after he heard the alarm sounding inside his stomach.

Survey: "What's the most unusual thing your dog has swallowed?"

Silence of the Lamps: Artist Makes Furniture Covered in Faux Human Skin
Looking for something to spice up that living room? How about a chair that looks, feels, and smells as if you're settled into a fat guy's belly? That's just one of the offerings from artist Gigi Barker, who took two years to pioneer a pheromone-enhanced synthetic skin that's being used in furnishings reminiscent of an apparently morbedly obese model's form.

According to Barker's website, the silicone "skin" is mottled, and even scented to smell like the anonymous model's aftershave.

If it all sounds irresistible, her site is selling the easy chair for around 26 hundred bucks, and a matching ottoman will set you back nearly 750 dollars.

Vibrating Shoes Show Wearers the Way
Originally conceived as a way to keep visually impaired people safe, an Indian company is about to launch a Bluetooth-enabled shoe technology that the company hopes will show everybody the way home -- or wherever they're going.

According to the Ducere Technologies' website, its Luchal shoes and shoe inserts work in conjunction with cellphone GPS mapping technology, and via vibrations in the right or left shoe, can tell wearers which way to turn. What's more, the devices can also track steps taken and calories burned like a pedometer, and also serve as a way to tell your friends where to meet you.

The shoes are slated to go on sale later in the year, but are available for preorder now

Kelly Clarkson's Hubby Trumps Every Guy Who Ever Sent You Flowers
What's that? You say your husband sent you a bouquet of flowers "just because"?  Well, too bad he -- and every other guy -- has just been totally owned by Kelly Clarkson's husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly posted a photo of a beautiful field of flowers, and then tweeted, "Brandon surprised me with a 10 acre field of sunflowers on our land. This is my heaven :)."

Ratzilla: An 11-pound rat was caught in a supermarket in China on Friday. Nicknamed 'Ratzilla', shoppers weren't sure what it was at first. The Chinese bamboo rat was driven into a cage by a shopper. The Chinese bamboo rat is typically sold in Chinese food markets because its meat is delicious and nutritious. Rat meat can cost four times more than chicken or pork.

 Home Alone: Residents from a Chilapa, Mexico neighborhood recently called the police after hearing strange sounds coming from an abandoned house. Cops found a tiger.

Police spokesman Leonidas Escamilla says: "She didn't have any food or water to hand, but we don't think she could have been there for long because she was in good condition. The cage was much too small for an animal of this size, it's a complete mystery what the tiger was doing there. If a child or anyone else had wandered near the cage the tiger could easily have grabbed them and then the consequences could have been terrible. It has been taken to a zoo for the time being while attempts are made to trace the owner, we suspect it was probably an illegally owned tiger."

This Is Your Brain On Drugs: Lynette Sampson recently called the Enid, Oklahoma police because her meth was laced.

No Tears Trim off the ends of the onions and heat them up in the microwave at the highest setting for half a minute. This causes the enzymes in the onion to break apart, preventing sulphuric gas from escaping

Email From Beyond the Grave! Yahoo!
Yahoo Japan has come out with a bizarre new service aimed at the 25% of their population that is already over the age of 65! Called "Yahoo Ending," the service helps people prepare for their own afterlives, including planning their funerals, managing their posthumous online content, and creating a "memorial space" where loved ones leave messages for the dearly departed. Subscribers can also compose their own farewell thoughts, to be emailed to loved ones from beyond the grave and pre-arrange for accounts to be deactivated, subscriptions to be canceled, and certain online content to be deleted after their death. The only catch is you've got to get somebody you really, really trust to call the service after your death and provide a security code to set the pre-arranged plan into motion. All this for just $1.80 a month!

What the What?
A Chinese restaurant is getting flack for their latest marketing stunt to try and drum up business. Pirate King has apparently hired teenage girls to walk live crabs on leaches to outside the front of the restaurant to promote the eatery's seafood menu. But, despite the negative criticism that circulated with the pictures on Chinese social media sites, restaurant manager Peng Mai said the PR stunt had been an overwhelming success. He said, "It was a lot of fun, and now everybody knows our name, and I don't care about the few people that complained that the crabs were suffering. What I can say is they didn't suffer long, because after they were brought back to the restaurant they had a quick wash, and then went straight in the cooking pot."

 Today's Question: "21% of people have taken this from a restaurant. What is it?"

Extra Clue: nothing to do with food

Extra Clue: would fit in a purse

Final Clue: not silverware

Answer: toilet paper


Sam Smith Says A Year Ago He Was Working In A Bar And Now He's Topping the Charts

Drunk Man Has HILARIOUS Hangover Snore ... this man sounds like he is playing a trumpet off-key


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