Thursday, October 1, 2015

274th day of the year.

There are 91 days remaining until the end of the year


Today is National Homemade Cookies Day, Sake Day, CD Player Day, National Lace Day and World Vegetarian Day



--  On this date in 1861, President Lincoln established America's first air force, the Balloon Corps.

-- On this date in 1903, the first World Series was played between Pittsburgh and Boston

-- In 1908, Henry Ford introduced the Model T at a cost of $825 a car.



Thursday's Birthday Cake:

Hangover star Zach Galifianakis (46)






Think Pink


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A survey by Avon reveals that 33% of women are 'too scared' to check their breasts for cancer. Other findings:

- one in 2,000 women will develop breast cancer by the age of 29, while one in 22 will have had it before they hit 60

- 57% of women forget to check their breasts for lumps on a regular basis



$310 million. The winning numbers were: 21, 39, 40, 55 and 59. The Powerball was 17




A lunch menu from the Titanic was auctioned off yesterday for $88,000. The lunch being served on April 14th 1912 included corned beef, mutton chops, baked potatoes, custard pudding, salmon, roast beef, and cheese among other things




Ralph Lauren is stepping down as the CEO of the fashion company that bears his name.




NFL Football on NBC (Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers




Justin Bieber says he has three or four albums he hasn't released yet.




 Billboard magazine has named Lady Gaga their Woman of the Year




 A 50-year-old man in Northern India was killed by a lynch mob after they allegedly found beef in his refrigerator.





New Movies Opening Today

The Martian (Rated PG-13) .. starring Matt Damon,

Sicario (Rated R) ...



Cinema Scoop

''The Martian'' opens today

''The Martian'' cost $108 million to produce

NASA assisted Ridley Scott in making the film

the movie was shot in Wadi Rum, Jordan, which has a red-colored desert.

GoPro cameras were used during filming




Robot Bee That Can Fly And Swim Set To Take Over Surveillance World.

- Harvard has finally completed developing a robot bee that’s the size of an ordinary bee but comes with a whole lot more features.

 -So small are the bees that they can land on an average adult’s fingertip without tipping off and are light enough that the adult cannot feel their weight.

-The Robobee is a terrific first for scientists. For rescue missions in the world, the bee will be vital in expediting searches and saving people from disasters across the globe.




Jessica Baker and her husband were recently getting ready to attend a wedding when her mom called and said she couldn't babysit. Jessica and her husband stayed home. Several weeks later, Jessica received a bill from the bride and groom for $75.90.


Jessica tells KARE that she has no plans to pay the bill. "It listed, we would have had two herb crusted walleye and there was also a service and tax charge."


The note read: "This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP'd for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated.






A drunk San Diego man recently used a raccoon to blow into a Breathalyzer to start his car. He found the raccoon digging in the garbage, grabbed him, and got him to blow for him. The raccoon then passed out. The man drove off before the raccoon woke up and attacked him from the backseat. The man crashed into a fence. His car ‘came to a stop’ in a swimming pool.


** UPDATE **


The Telegraph now claims the story is an Internet hoax.


The San Diego Union-Tribune claims the story may be false.





A Fort Myers, Florida couple is inviting strangers to crash their wedding on October 10th. Sheriff's deputy Paul Johnson and Shelly Osterhout met online and are planning to marry at an outdoor shopping plaza. They are expecting 1,600 people to crash their wedding. Paul and Shelly will honeymoon in Washington D.C. and Manhattan.


They say "Wedding Crashers" inspired them.







Hold The Phone: A woman in China recently stripped naked in a shopping mall after her boyfriend refused to buy her a new iPhone 6s. The woman tossed her clothes on the ground as her boyfriend walked away. She pursued him. They walked out of the mall. It is not known if he bought the phone.







A survey by Sainsbury's reveals that 14% of college freshman do not know how to boil an egg. Other findings:

- 11% of college freshman have no idea how to cook.

- 22% of college freshman have never grocery shopped alone

- 25% of college freshman have never been on a budget

- 69% of college freshman have never paid a utility bill




OK So Computer Glitch! What's the Worst That Can Happen?

There are computer glitches and then there are computer glitches! Officials from the Dixon Correctional Institute in Louisiana had the mother of all computer glitches. As a result, they accidentally released a convicted killer who was serving a 35-year sentence. A new arrest warrant has been issued for 32-year-old Benjuel Johnson who was released Sept. 23. Officials only noticed the error this week! The Department of Corrections says apparently Johnson was being released on good behavior for prior charges. When officials ran his name through the system, his manslaughter conviction did not appear, so they let him go. Johnson pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the slaying of 31-year-old Cordies Gales, who was found shot to death in September 2010




What the What?

America is about to get its first marijuana resort-- and who better to bring it to us than some of its first inhabitants? The Flandreau Santee Sioux in South Dakota already owns a casino, a 120-room hotel and 240-head buffalo ranch. Now, they're looking to build a one-of-a-kind experience -- America's first marijuana resort, which would be located on its reservation. The announcement follows the Justice Department's new policy allowing Native American tribes to grow and sell cannabis under the same measures in states like Colorado and Washington, where marijuana is fully legal. Santee Sioux leaders say they plan to grow their own pot and sell it in a smoking lounge that includes a nightclub, arcade games, bar and food service, and eventually, slot machines and an outdoor music venue. They believe it could generate up to $2 million a month in profit, and work is already underway on the growing facility. (




 October Is ...


Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Clergy Appreciation Month

Computer Learning Month

Cookie Month

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Eat Country Ham Month

International Drum Month

Lupus Awareness Month

National Diabetes Month

National Pizza Month

National Vegetarian Month

National Popcorn Popping Month

Sarcastic Month

Seafood Month

National Apple Month

National Caramel Month

National Cookbook Month

National Cookie Month

National Dessert Month

National Pasta Month

National Pickled Peppers Month

National Pork Month

National Pretzel Month

American Cheese Month

Animal Safety and Protection Month

Bake and Decorate Month

Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

Car Care Month

Chiropractic Health Month

Crime Prevention Month

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Dental Hygiene Month

Go Hog Wild--Eat Country Ham Month

Menopause Month

Photographer Appreciation Month

Positive Attitude Month

Roller Skating Month

Spinach Lovers Month

Squirrel Awareness and Appreciation Month

Stamp Collecting Month









 Today's Question: "68% of men hate getting dragged to this. What is it?"


Extra Clue: takes place on the weekends


Extra Clue: shopping


Final Clue: black and white


Answer: bridal show






Honey Boo Boo Records New Song And Video ... Honey Boo Boo has recorded a new song called "Movin Up".




Air Traffic Controller Proposes Over The Radio ... an air traffic controller at Vancouver Airport asked his girlfriend, Christine, to marry him over a plane's broadcast system. Passengers started jumping up and down, as Christine accepted the proposal.




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