Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

New day, new look!

Loyal followers of Kylie Jenner's Snapchat and Instagram know that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star always switches up her style. Sometimes it's all about the blue hair while other days consist of bikinis from morning to night.

When it comes to this week in particular, however, the 18-year-old decided to switch up her accessories with a brand-new piercing.

In pictures posted on Jenner's Snapchat, the reality star first showed off her cleavage in a fitness bra. In fact, her pose may have pushed some followers to gravitate towards her right ear where two piercings were clearly visible. Soon after, though, fans got a look at her left ear that looked a little more blinged out.

Ultimately, Jenner decided to get another piercing and more earrings for her collection. "Cute lil new guy," she wrote on her Snapchat while showing off her new piece of jewelry shaped like a sword.

For some followers of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Jenner may still be considered the baby of the group. After all, it was just this year when she graduated high school and turned 18. But according to family, she's a lot more normal than we think.

"Kylie is such a well-grounded person," Kris Jenner recently shared with E! News. "I think people don't give her enough credit for that. She's so smart, she's so loving, she's got the best heart."

And while some may be quick to criticize Kylie's grown-up appearances, her momager insists she has a good head on her shoulders.

"I was that way when I was 17," Kris explained at the re-opening of Williams-Sonoma at The Commons in Calabasas, Calif. "I thought I could, you know, do anything, and I was out on my own actually because I begged my mom to let me move in with my girlfriend. I thought I was so grownup."



Watch your back, Taylor Swift Alexander Wang has his own pretty impressive squad.

To celebrate ten years of success, the world-renowned fashion designer decided to team up with DoSomething for a star-studded charity campaign. In fact, close to 40 celebrities came together to model a collection of T-shirts and hoodies that profit children in need.

So who did the 31-year-old manage to get a hold of for the collaboration? Let's just say he knows a few impressive people.

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West jumped at the opportunity to help those in need. While her baby bump may not have been on full display, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had no trouble working a black T-shirt and tight skirt that hugged around her curves.

In comparison, West worked a signature hoodie and jeans while holding his arms from behind his back. "Kanye x Alexander Wang x Steven Klein x Do Something," Kardashian wrote while showing off her hubby's look.

Tyga decided to turn things up just a little bit with his photoshoot. While wearing one of the T-shirts available at Alexander Wang stores, the rapper showed off his tattoos and abs while putting his right arm across his face and open mouth.

"I teamed up w @AlexanderWangNY, @stevenkleinstudio to support the @DoSomething capsule," he captioned on Instagram. "All proceeds go to youth activism #WANG10."

Everyone from The WeekndA$AP Rocky and HAIM to Kate MossCara Delevingneand Taraji P. Henson are also featured in the campaign that aims to help deserving children.

"I went through many different phases as a kid," Wang recently shared with Paper. "I was a raver. I was hip-hop... And I went to boarding school for a while, where my look was a weird hybrid of preppy meets grunge: layered polo shirts with lots of ripped jeans."

Fast-forward to today and we'd say he's doing more than just a-okay. Learn more about how you can help by visiting Wang's website here.



Forget free the nipple—it looks like Miley Cyrus wants to free everything.

Here, E! News gives you an exclusive first look at the pop star's most revealing photo from her new Interview magazine spread.

In the pic, the "Wrecking Ball" singer is shown not only topless, but it also looks like she's pleasuring herself between her legs.

It's one of a group of photos captured during a sexting FaceTime session she had with fashion photographer Mert Alas.

The other pics, which we showed you earlier today, feature Cyrus topless, standing next to a guitar and wearing a G-string while licking the floor.

There's no text accompanying the photos except for a subhead that reads, in part, "Sometimes you have to reach out and touch someone-slash-yourself."

The new issue of Interview (on sale on Sept. 8) is dedicated to social media. It includes a portfolio of celebs with noted Instagram accounts and an interview with the founder of the social media app Kevin Systrom.

Interview magazine comes on the heels of Cyrus describing herself as "pansexual" to Elle U.K.

"I'm 22, I'm going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I'm with," Cyrus said when asked about her romance with Victoria's Secret modelStella Maxwell. "I'm very open about it; I'm pansexual. But I'm not in a relationship."

Check out the video below to find out what Interview's editor-in-chief Keith Pollock just told E! News about Miley's photo spread.



So many selfies, so little time!

Just hours after E! News exclusively revealed Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus'shocking covers for Interview magazine, the publication is unveiling even more sexy snaps from your favorite stars.

For the September #Me Issue, 150 of the most powerful personalities on social media take time out of their respective careers to take a selfie. The results are pretty darn hot.

Zayn Malik certainly got Directioners talking when he posed shirtless for his cover. "#ImComing," the former One Direction member shared on social media while showing off his tattoos and chest in his bedroom selfie.

Victoria Beckham followed the selfie trend when relaxing with her extended family. While posing in a purple bikini, the Spice Girls member was able to feature husband David Beckham and son Brooklyn Beckham in what appears to be a vacation destination.

And yes, fans. That really is David in a robe chilling with his phone.

In comparison, Selena Gomez showed off her rocker side with a close-up shot of her face. With a touch of pink lipstick, the "Come and Get It" singer flashed her pearly whites for the candid shot.  

"We invited each subject to use this opportunity to create something powerful and personal: the utmost expression of themselves," Editor-in-Chief Keith Pollock shared. "We definitely encouraged them to push the limits but we weren't interested in steering them in any way."

He added, "Our aim was to allow them to create an image that reflects the way the subjects see themselves. And the way they want to be seen."

See all 150 personalities in the issue available on newsstands today.



Before Justin Bieber's recent singles were released, his fans were forced to wait what probably felt like years for new music from the singer. And then once he did announce the music, we had to sit through an entire lifetime's 30 days' worth of countdown pictures on Instagram.

It's been a stressful process, but now our ears are truly #blessed with the sweet, sweet sounds of new Bieber. Except...there's a problem. We can't help but crack up every time we listen to either "What Do You Mean" or "Where Are Ü Now." And that's not because we're thinking about what Justin's songs used to sound like—it's because the titles of these tunes are absolutely hilarious.

Think about it. Who else do you know that is constantly asking what you meanor where you are. That's right, your mom.

We're not sure if the Biebs meant to channel those mom vibes or not (a peek at arecent hairstyle says maybe he did), but the chuckles are coming regardless. Of course, moms aren't the only people who are constantly nagging you.

Here are 14 other things that Justin Bieber sounds like...

1. Your dad

2. Your jealous girlfriend

3. A drunk person

4. A lost person

5. A drunk and lost person

6. A bitchy boss

7. Someone who has terrible listening skills

8. The Verizon commercial guy got his lines mixed up

9. An American in a foreign country for the first time

10. A boy when he finds out women have a period

11. A toddler lost in a grocery store

12. Someone waiting for their super late friend

13. Someone who was just told about the extra guac charge at Chipotle

14. A drunk person trying to find their Uber driver



The Parents Television Council has condemned Sunday's MTV's Video Music Awards -- a denunciation that, like the VMAs themselves, has become an annual event.

Immediately following the awards show, PTC President Tim Winter released a statement on behalf of the organization that criticized MTV's agenda to "stir up controversy without regard to its impact on an entertainment environment that is increasingly toxic for children."

In the statement, Winters criticized host Miley Cyrus' "wardrobe malfunction" during a glimpse backstage during which Cyrus was exposed when the curtain she was standing behind slipped, revealing her nipple. "Are we surprised that Miley Cyrus exposed herself to millions of viewers, and to more people who will inevitably see the news in the mainstream media? About as surprised as we’ll be if the sun rises in the east tomorrow morning. We had hoped she would have proven us wrong and demonstrate her considerable talent as a performer, rather than rely on her own sexuality to entertain the audience."

In closing, the PTC expressed disappointment that the VMAs and it's partners, including Cyrus opted to use its platform to "expose millions of children to graphic, inappropriate and far-too-frequently offensive content" as opposed to taking advantage of the opportunity to be "forces for something positive."

Read the full statement below:

"MTV had an opportunity to use its powerful VMA platform to stir a young audience to aspire to something positive and uplifting. Instead they chose to perpetuate blatant sexualization – much of it self-inflicted by the artists – and to celebrate the use of illegal drugs. MTV rated the content of the program as appropriate for a child as young as 14, though most parents of teens that age would find such a content rating preposterous. In the end, the network succeeded in what it wanted to do: stir up controversy without regard to its impact on an entertainment environment that is increasingly toxic for children.

"Are we surprised that Miley Cyrus exposed herself to millions of viewers, and to more people who will inevitably see the news in the mainstream media? About as surprised as we’ll be if the sun rises in the east tomorrow morning. We had hoped she would have proven us wrong and demonstrate her considerable talent as a performer, rather than rely on her own sexuality to entertain the audience. 

"It’s also unfortunate that the VMAs were underwritten by the vast majority of Americans who were forced to pay for MTV on their cable bills, but who don’t give a damn about the VMAs. 

"MTV and Cyrus could both be forces for something positive, but tonight’s VMA partners relied on exposing millions of children to graphic, inappropriate and far-too-frequently offensive content."




Rihanna had a violent run-in with an old foe -- angry protesters interrupted the singer's perfume launch. 

Rihanna was at a Macy's in Brooklyn on Monday for the release of her new perfume line "RiRi" when the fur-huggers lashed out. You can see from the video -- security quickly steps in to remove the protesters but not before Rihanna took notice. 

This isn't the first time the singer has been criticized for wearing animal products -- she was attacked by PETA in 2012 for wearing snake-skin boots. 



Score one for the Marines!!!!

The ballsy Devil Dog who asked Ronda Rousey to his Marine Corps Ball -- in a video viewed more than 4 million times -- just got some great news ... SHE'S ALL IN!!!


- Donald Trump will appear on ''The Tonight Show'' on September 11th


- The Daily Mail, citing Gizmodo, claims AshleyMadison.com had 70,529 fembotsemailing men



KPopStarz, citing Hollywoodlife.com, claims JLo and Ben Affleck are talking again. A source tells the sites: "Ben and JLo have been talking and texting since he split with Jennifer. Ben never felt he was allowed to maintain a relationship with her as it would only make Jennifer jealous and angry. When news of him splitting came out JLo reached out to him just to see how he was holding up. Since then they have talked a few times and it's been really nice. Jen knows what it's like to go through a rough divorce when you have young children. She also really makes Ben laugh and was always super supportive. She believes in him so it was great for Ben to hear from her when he feels so down and out."

A source tells Life & Style Weekly: "They've spent hours reminiscing about the past, talking and emailing.''



Colin Farrell tells Men's Health that he quit smoking in an unconventional way. "I wrote a breakup letter to the Spirit of Tobacco. I got a frying pan and tossed the letter with a load of tobacco, put some paraffin over it, and lit a match that sent a big, wallowing cloud up into the sky. Then I didn't have a cigarette for another two years."



Contact Music claims Ellie Goulding was recently performing in Scotland when she broke up a fight between two fans. She told them: "Will you guys look out for each other? If anyone falls down you help if it's your friend or not. No fighting. Come on. Peace. No fighting. There's no need for it."


Rihanna tells Entertainment Tonight that she would vote for Kanye West for President. "I mean people are voting for [Donald] Trump. Who wouldn't vote for Kanye? I got to see his speech and I'm really, really elated with it. His speech was incredible."



Rihanna tells Reveal magazine that she wants to launch her own beauty line."That is definitely something I am going to have my hands on and would love to do. It's something that I've always wanted to do, but I've always had so much on my hands. But, this time, I'm going to make sure it happens. I'm going to find some time between albums and fragrance to do that. I promise."



Contact Music claims Meghan Trainor underwent vocal cord surgery. She tweeted: ''just napping all day long on the couch with mama and getting free head rubs any movie suggestions?"


WENN claims Dr. Dre's son is going to portray his father in a new film called ''Dogg Pound 4 Life.'' The movie will chronicle the rise of Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Warren G.



 Now another complete bombshell has been dropped. Kermit The Frog didn’t take long to find another pig to pork. No, that is not a derogatory euphemism; Kermit loves them pink women. His new girlfriend alsohappens to be a pig and her name is “Denise”.  What do you guys think, is it me or is Denise kind of hot?



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