Monday, November 23, 2015

327th day of the year.

There are 38 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 3 days remaining until Thanksgiving

There are 4 days remaining until Black Friday

There are 7 days remaining until Cyber Monday


Today is National Cashew Day, National Eat a Cranberry Day and National Espresso Day



Monday's Birthday Cake:

Miley Cyrus (23)

Snooki (28)






Sofia Vergara married Joe Manganiello last night




 In the U.S., more steel is used making bottle caps than in automobiles.




HOT TECH TREND:  Forget Driverless Cars, Driverless Trains Can Take Passengers Through The Night

Driverless trains are growing in popularity throughout the world.  TRAINS RUN 24/7




Putting Glitter In Your Beard Isn’t The Best Idea   UNLESS ITS THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!




M&M's stands for the last names of Forrest Mars, Sr., a candy maker, and his associate, Bruce Murrie.



: New York businesswoman Carol Suchman recently bought an entire toy store's stock. She plans to donate the toys to homeless children



Contact Music claims Snoop Dogg recently donated 1,500 Thanksgiving turkeys to families in need in Inglewood, California



Abraham Lincolndeclared Thanksgiving a national holiday (HISTORY FORGOT TO TEACH ME THAT!!!)




President George Washington wore a size 13 shoe




60% of men will take a Thanksgiving Day nap, compared to 56% of women




Turkey is Healthier than Chicken




48% of Americans have used a tactic to take a break from family during Thanksgiving


top tactics


·                     you're not feeling well (27%)

·                     going to bed early (16%)

·                     faking an errand (10%)

·                     catching up on work (10%)




Second graders from all around the country were recently asked how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.

·                     this boy says you would get a turkey then a farm and then cook the turkey in the oven at 20 degrees for 30 seconds

·                     this boy would put butter, seasonings and brown sugar on his turkey. He would then stuff it with mac and cheese and bake it




Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is being sent away for 16 years.

Jared Fogle is being held at a detention facility in Kentucky where they are serving triple bacon cheeseburgers, pizza, wings, BBQ chicken pizza, candy, chips and sodas




The snowstorm that smacked the Midwest over the weekend dropped 18 inches of snow on Tea, South Dakota on Friday. More snow is expected for the Midwest this week.



- The NY Daily News claims Tony Soprano's Escalade was auctioned off for $119,000 on Saturday



 Holly Holm, the MMA fighter who gave Ronda Rousey her first defeat last weekend, is a preacher's daughter.



 A study says that each hour of sitting every day increases the chance of heart disease by 14%.




 Monday Night Football on ESPN (Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots)




 Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results


1."The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2," $101 million (lowest opening among the four films in the series .. earned $146 million internationally) .... (Cinema Scoop - the movie cost $125 million to produce)

2."Spectre," $14.6 million

3."The Peanuts Movie," $12.8 million

4."The Night Before," $10.1 million.




Tootin' Tushie Ornaments have become a popular Xmas gag gift. The tree ornaments fart to the tune of "Deck the Halls." Sold as a set of 2, the ornaments are shaped like the backsides of Santa and a reindeer.


Tootin' Tushie Ornaments cost $8.95





Let Em Eat Cake: TMZ claims some people are selling Patti LaBelle's signature sweet potato pies for $100 on Craigslist. The pies cost under $4 at Walmart. Many Walmart stores are out of the pies and won't be restocked until early December



Parasitic Worms Might Help Women Struggling With Infertility

A new study shows that being infected with a certain species of parasitic worm increases a woman’s fertility. (Ascaris lumbricoides, a parasitic roundworm)



2015 American Music Awards


List of Winners:


Favorite Soul/R&B Album: The Weeknd, "Beauty Behind The Madness"

Favorite Pop/Rock Duo or Group: One Direction

Top Soundtrack: "Pitch Perfect 2"

Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album: Nicki Minaj, "The Pinkprint"

Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist: Ariana Grande

Collaboration of the Year: Skrillex and Diplo Featuring Justin Bieber, "Where Are U Now"

Favorite Alternative Rock Artist: Fall Out Boy

Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj

Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist: The Weeknd

Artist of the Year: One Direction




The Antibiotic Apocalypse is Coming!

It's been less than 90 years since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, but scientists are worried that the world is on the verge of returning to an era without antibiotics! Researchers have discovered bacteria in China that can defeat even the "antibiotic of last resort," and they worry it could be the possible start of an "antibiotic apocalypse." MCR-1, the mutated gene that resists colistin, the antibiotic used when all others fail, appears to already be widespread among livestock in China and is beginning to appear in an alarming number of human infections. Researcher Timothy Walsh says if the mutation spreads worldwide, "which is a case of when-- not if-- and the gene aligns itself with other [antibiotic-resistant] genes, then we will have very likely reached the start of the post-antibiotic era." But don't freefall into panic just yet. The good news is a powerful new class of antibiotics is currently being developed, and there may be many more in the pipeline. Keep your fingers crossed. (BBC)





 Today's Question: "62% of women wouldn't date a guy, who had this. What is it?"


Extra Clue: appearance


Extra Clue: dated look


Final Clue: hair


Answer: ponytail





Several Turkeys Sing A Thanksgiving Parody Song Lyrics - "Wanna Stay Alive" parodies The Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" ... turkeys are now dressing like chickens to avoid being served at Thanksgiving



Boy Hiccups His Way Through The Australian National Anthem ... Seven year-old Ethan Hall sang the Australian National Anthem while hiccuping.





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