Tuesday, October 25, 2016

299th day of the year.

There are 67 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 6 days left until Halloween

There are 30 days left until Thanksgiving

There are 31 days left until Black Friday

Today is International Artist Day, National Greasy Foods Day, World Pasta Day and World Pizza Makers Day

We're exactly two months away from Christmas. Just sayin'...



Tuesday's Birthday Cake:

R&B star Ciara (31)

Katy Perry (32)




The most popular day of the week to exercise is Monday. Not surprisingly, the least popular is Friday.


chances are you will feel the most stressed on Tuesdays


A new study says that (cheese )  makes wine taste even better.


Taylor Swift and Drake got flirty at his recent birthday party


Drake  is releasing new music in December.


Tom Hanks - "His biggest career disappointment was not being cast in The Police Academy movies"  HE TRIED OUT AND DIDN'T GET IT (1982)



So it looks like the deal is AT&T buying HBO and Time-Warner for $85.4 billion.



The Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian divorce has, at last, been finalized.



Tesla says its auto-driving feature will cost $8,000.



Cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S. have reached new highs, including an increase in syphilis not seen since the mid-1990s.



Cops Arrest Tree: The Portland, Maine police recently arrested a man for dressing as a tree and then blocking traffic. The man told cops he was studying traffic patterns before they arrested him.



Couple Divorces Two Hours After Marrying:A groom from Saudi Arabia recently divorced his wife two hours after marrying her because she Snapchatted during their wedding. The Daily Mail claims the couple had an agreement that she would not share any of their wedding pictures on any social media apps.


World Series Trending ...


- Cleveland.com claims Rachel Platten will sing the National Anthem before tonight's World Series game between the Cubs and Indians. Country stars LoCash will sing the Anthem tomorrow night.


- ESPN notes that the Cubs last played in a World Series game 25,948 days ago. Game 1 is tonight in Cleveland


Cubs Fans Honor Those Before Them: Chicagoans are making their way to Wrigley Field where they are using chalk to write the names of loved ones on the side of the stadium. These are the names of fathers, grandparents and friends, who passed away before they could see the Cubs make it to the World Series. Some fans have been weeping as they write the names


Who Needs Two ... World Series Tickets: Triblive.com claims one man is selling box seat tickets to a World Series game at Wrigley Field for just under $1 million dollars. Another seller is asking $100,000 for a seat.


Four tickets to Game 4 of the World Series at Wrigley Field sold for $64,000 last night on StubHub.



Curse of the Billy Goat: Chicago's Q-BBQ is helping the Cubs break the Curse of the Billy Goat by offering smoked goat sandwiches. They cost $10.08 in honor of the Cubs last World Series win 108 years ago. The goat is served with a chimichurri sauce and several sides.


THE CURE-  Billy Sianis started the Billy Goat Curse after he and his goat were refused admittance to the 1945 World Series at Wrigley Field.




 Shaquille O'Neal has opened a Krispy Kreme Donuts location in Atlanta and become a spokesman for the company



IndiGo, a low-cost airline based in India, has added quiet zones to their flights. Travelers must be 12 years of age or older to sit in the zones. The child-free zones are for travelers who are tired of screaming children. IndiGo says the zones are aimed at business travelers. It costs an extra $20 to sit in the quiet zones




Craigslist Ad of the Day from New York City

Assistance eating burritos

compensation: TBD

I recently broke most of the bones in my body and am in a full body cast. I'm not looking for sympathy people, it's all good--I moved back in with my mom and she's taking great care of me. But there's one thing she won't do. She thinks I eat too many burritos. . . I don't care, I love burritos and I'm gonna eat them, damnit. I can have the burrito delivered, but I have no way of eating it by myself. I need someone to come feed it to me through the mouth hole of my cast every day for the next few months. Email me if you're interested, it's been four days since my last burrito and I'm dying here.





The Grateful Dead: Fredrik Hjelmquist has developed a $30,000 casket that comes with speakers and a Spotify music streaming account. Each casket has dual speakers and a digital headstone that allows visitors to see what's playing. Visitors can also add music to the casket's Spotify account.



A Paisley, Scotland cemetery is offering a Halloween graveyard tour. Visitors will be able to take a selfie in or in front of a coffin. The cemetery claims the coffin once belonged to a vampire.



Hot Dog Cart Hearse: Jim Belcher sells hot dogs out of the back of a 1982 hearse. He says he's been operating Hellacious Hot Dogs since he left his job as a power plant engineer.





·         DOES HE HOWL

·         LOVES MEAT


 a rare genetic condition called Werewolf Syndrome. The teen's entire body is covered in three inches of long hair.




Suit And Tie

A new survey by the menswear company Bows N Ties reveals that 81% of women like it when a man wears a suit with no socks. Other findings:

- 73% of women say male stubble looks sexy

- 61% of women say a neck tie is sexier than a bow tie (39%)

- 72% of women get turned on when a man wears a tie






Ariana GrandeLoves Halloween .. Ariana Grande tells the BBC that she loves Halloween. "I was a little weird ' I had a phase where I wore a lot of Halloween masks and I would carry a hockey stick around with me, but that was just a few years and I turned out fine. It was definitely a weird phase,




South Carolina - How to get rid of cockroaches? How to improve credit score? How to tie a bowtie? How to be yourself?

North Carolina - How to run for president? How to be awesome? How to be cool? How to be normal? How to get Viagra? How to play Angry Birds? How to make money blogging? How to do CPR? How to learn French? How to plant a garden?

Illinois - How to jump a car? How to be a superhero? How to ask someone to prom? How to sell Beanie Babies?

New York - How to ask for a raise? How to give yourself a hickey? How to use Bitcoin? How to use dry shampoo? How to use Tinder? How to live forever? How to be a boss? How to be good in bed? How to stop being a loser? How to stop being lazy? How to explain mansplaining? How to get revenge?



74  "I Can Help"          Billy Swan

85-  "Take On Me"      a-ha

01-  "I'm Real (Murder Remix)"         Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule



Word Processors appear which resemble a typewriter more than a computer.

 After the findings of the Watergate Scandal Richard Nixon becomes the first US president forced to resign from office.


85-  US joins together to sing "We Are The World".

gallon of gas $1.09

Movie Ticket $2.75

US Postage Stamp 22 cents


01-  2001 al-Qaeda Terrorists attack the United States  911 September 11th.



TT:  Your boss invited him/herself over to dinner tonight -- what do you serve

Today's Mindbender: "2% of people have done this while driving. What is it?"

Answer: driven naked


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