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Thursday, August 21, 2014
233rd day of the year.
There are 132 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is Spumoni Day, National Brazilian Blowout Day and Senior Citizen's Day

In 1959, Hawaii became our 50th state

It's Thursday Only One Day Left

Thursday's Birthday Cake:
Hayden Panettiere (25)
Jamaican sprinter and Gold medalist Usain Bolt (28)
MTV Hills star Brody Jenner (31)
rapper Kelis (35)
Bears QB Jim McMahon (55)
Kim Catrall (58)


- Robin Williams' ashes have been scattered in the San Francisco Bay  (Billy Crystal will lead Robin Williams' tribute at the Emmy Awards)

Gwyneth Paltrow, who recently “consciously uncoupled” from ex-husband Chris Martin, has reportedly been giving divorce advice to Beyonce.

Report: Mariah-Nick Divorce a "Done Deal"

GO GIRLS:  The face of gaming is still a pack of rowdy preteen boys. In the United States, adult women are an impressive 48 percent of all gamers — more than gamer boys under 18. A huge part of the increase is due to mobile games, like “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” “Candy Crush,” and the not-still-popular-but-still-on-my-phone “Angry Birds.” [Wall Street Journal]

SAY WHAT???    Norway has told the family of Casey Kasem that he's staying there in Oslo. He's already in the ground, his wife Jean -- part Norwegian -- is planning to move there and that's it.

Madonna Ditches Boyfriend During European Vacation
Madonna and her boyfriend, Timor Steffens, reportedly are through.
The 56-year-old Material Girl and the 26-year-old Steffens were vacationing with her kids in the south of France when, a source tells Us Weekly, “Madonna politely asked Timor to take his luggage and leave."

 Want to save as much as an hour a day? Stop checking your e-mail so much. On average, employees check their e-mail 74 times a day.

- Target is selling Caramel Apple Oreos

 Honda Accord and Civic sedans were reportedly the two most stolen vehicles last year.  (IT'S NICE TO BE WANTED)

- Liberia has run out of body bags for Ebola victims

Jersey Shore's Ronnie and Sammi Break Up

Hot Diggity Dog: The Dougie Dog restaurant in Vancouver has created the world's most expensive hot dog. The weenie is soaked in $2,000 vintage Cognac, fried in truffle oil and topped with Kobe beef, fresh lobster and picante sauce. The foot-long dog costs $100. 1,000 people have tried it.


A new survey by Zipcar reveals that 71% of people feel today's young adults (millenials, ages 18 to 29) are selfish. Other findings:

- 65% of people feel today's young adults (millenials, ages 18 to 29) are self-centered and entitled

- 77% of millenials claim they are responsible

- (R U SELF-CENTERED QUIZ:  ANSWER THE QUESTION...WHAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE:  millenials say their cell phone is the most important thing in their life...YOU ARE IIN THIS 71%!!!!!!!!

Quality of Marriage Could Depend on Size of Wedding Guest List

The bigger the wedding guest list, the better the marriage?

As disconnected as that might sound, it’s true, according to University of Denver research professors Galena K. Rhoades and Scott M. Stanley, who conducted the study with University of Virginia's National Marriage Project Director W. Bradford Wilcox.

For instance, among couples who invited 150 or more people to their wedding, 47 percent reported a high-quality marriage. Meanwhile, just 31 percent of couples with under 50 guests said they had a quality marriage.

What’s the reason for the disparity? Wilcox explains, “Couples with larger networks of friends and family may have more help, and encouragement, in navigating the challenges of married life.

 First Glance

A survey by Murine eye drops reveals that eyes (70%) are the first thing a man looks at on a woman followed by her smile and breasts. Other findings:

- 28% of men always check out a woman's legs first

- 25% of men always check out a woman's attire first

- eyes (70%) are the first thing a woman looks at on a man followed by his smile, height and hair

- 20% of men have walked into another person while staring at a woman

- 10% of men have walked into a pole while staring at a woman

- in order, men notice eyes first followed by smile, chest, hair, weight, legs, dress, booty, height and skin

- in order, women notice eyes first followed by smile, height, hair, dress, weight, skin, face shape, booty and nose

OK -- You Have My Attention!
In Portland, Oregon, 45-year-old Toddi Bork was none-too-pleased with her husband, Timothy, because he apparently sprayed weed killer on some weeds in the yard. Toddi became outraged out of fear that the toxins could have sickened her dogs so she doused the husband with gasoline and set him on fire!! She later told police she did it to get his attention! Mr. Bork, was flown to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center with burns to his face and chest covering 15% of his body. His wife was arrested and now faces charges of attempted murder. But she got his attention.

What the What?
Talk about dumb. 18-year-old Michael Johnson of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is facing charges after police say he drove a stolen electric shopping cart to meet with his probation officer! Johnson apparently rode the electric shopping cart this week to make his scheduled visit. When the probation officer asked him where he got the cart, Johnson admitted taking it from a local Walmart.

SAY WHAT???    Norway has told the family of Casey Kasem that he's staying there in Oslo. He's already in the ground, his wife Jean -- part Norwegian -- is planning to move there and that's it

 Today's Question: "44% of kindergartners have done this. What is it?"

Extra Clue: happens in class or school

Extra Clue: involves another student

Final Clue: nothing to do with fighting

Answer: kiss another student

 #1 SONG AUG 21 1967       Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe

#1 SONG AUG 21 1977   Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way

#1 SONG AUG 21 1990   Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U

#1 SONG AUG 21 2000   Santana feat. The Product G&B - Maria Maria

TT:   How many days can you use a towel before washing it?

TT:   Have you ever witnessed a miracle?


Kathy Griffin On David Letterman ... Kathy destroys pop star Harry Styles of One Direction. She was at a show when Harry ran into Tom Hanks and kept asking him if he remembered starring in Saving Private Ryan and Forrest Gump. Tom told Kathy he wants to drive some young stars to rehab himself



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