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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
204th day of the year.

Today is National Hot Dog Day, National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, Gorgeous Grandma Day and Hot Enough For Ya Day

 -- On this date in 1904, the ice cream cone was invented
-- On this date in 1982, Diet Coke hit the market
-- On this date in 2011, Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home. She was 27

 Wednesday's Birthday Cake:
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe (25) (Fast Fact: Daniel was a straight-A student before he gave up school for acting.)
Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child (34)
Monica Lewinsky (41) (Birthday Trivia: Following her affair with Bill Clinton, Monica launched a line of handbags!
 Woody Harrelson (53)


 The next iPhone will offer larger screen sizes, with 4.7-inch and 5.5-Inch displays.

 Disturbing new trend -- getting a tattoo -- on your teeth!

Want an honest answer from your friend or guy? Text them your question. New research shows people are more likely to tell the truth via text than on the phone. The theory is that when people will not have to listen to your reaction, they feel more comfortable being honest.

CBS' "Under The Dome," the Steven Spielberg-produced drama, fell 21% from its July 14 show to hit a series low.

A new shift in thinking. Remember hearing how the average person needs 8 hours sleep to be their best? Some are now saying that seven is better.

If you're keeping score at home, the world just had its hottest June on record.

Sleep Deprivation Distorts Memories

The Rock on The Today Show ... for Hercules, he began his workouts at 3:30 every morning and ate seven meals a day

Comic-Con starts tomorrow. 71% of attendees know someone, who has named their child after a fictional character

Christmas in July is Friday. The NFL is selling Ugly Christmas sweaters for $60 at

 LeBron James sent cupcakes to his Akron, Ohio neighbors for the media crush that descended upon their neighborhood several weeks ago

Rumor has it that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are planning a summer wedding and hoping to adopt a child together.

Man Compacted Alive: A San Francisco man is recovering from being compacted in a garbage truck. The man was sleeping in a bin when he was dumped in the back of the truck. The driver stopped compacting after he heard screams. The driver drove to a fire station where medics freed the man. He suffered a shoulder injury


Need a Bridge?
You wouldn't want to buy a bridge would you? Oh you would? Well good news -- Pennsylvania has 11 still for sale! The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation wants to save bridges on the National Register of Historic Places that are not up to the demands of modern traffic and prices are surprisingly affordable from a range of just $1 to $500. Yes, there is one catch -- you can't sell it for scrap. You've got to agree to move the bridge and reuse it somewhere else. The good news there is moving costs can often be paid by the Federal Highway Administration. But if not, it's on you. One of the bridges for sale is the 111-year-old Pond Eddy Bridge over the Delaware River between Shohola Township, Pennsylvania, and Pond Eddy, New York. Built in 1903, the metal truss bridge is 252 feet long and 16 feet wide. Unfortunately it's also covered in lead paint. Good luck with that.

School Supplies: Walmart is offering teachers a 10% savings on classroom supplies.

VP Steve Bratspies says: “On average, teachers around the country spend about $1,000 readying their classrooms, and half of that comes from reaching into their own wallets to make sure students have what they need. We’ve had a commitment to supporting teachers in the communities we serve for many years

*******HERE IS HOW TO GET YOUR 10%********
Shop Walmart stores for classroom supplies.
Visit by August 15 to register receipts by entering teacher’s school information and receipt transaction code.
Savings on eligible items from select departments* will be delivered on a Walmart eGift card via email within 14 days of submitting the receipt online.'

Overreacting to Losing Can Start A Pattern of More Losing

As the late football coach Vince Lombardi often said, “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”

Lombardi particularly hated to lose, but usually didn’t overreact following a defeat, figuring the formula that generally proved successful shouldn’t be tampered with.

However, some coaches and business executives often make hasty decisions when things don’t go their way, sometimes resulting in more setbacks.

A Brigham Young University study bears this out. Co-author Brennan Platt says that he looked at data from NBA coaching decisions over two decades to determine how personnel was changed following a narrow victory or narrow loss.

Typically, lineups were more often adjusted after defeats than triumphs and that changes that weren’t well-thought-out resulted in at least one more loss per season.

Platt says this kind of thinking has adverse effects in the business world as well, with bosses sometimes overanalyzing an employee’s performance when things didn’t go right. Much of the time, a supervisor doesn’t take into account situations out of someone’s control, which can occasionally be chalked up to just plain bad luck.

 Thief Suing Restaurant He Robbed: Nigel Sykes is suing the Newport, Delaware pizzeria that he tried to rob. Several employees wrestled his gun away and placed him on the ground. Sykes is seeking $260,000 because he was treated in a way that was "unnecessary".

His suit reads: "All of the Season's Pizza employees participated in punching, kicking and pouring hot soup over my body. I was unarmed and defenseless and had to suffer a brutal beating by all of the employees of Seasons Pizza."

Sykes is currently serving a 15-year sentence after pleading guilty to robbery, attempted robbery and three weapons charges

An Orange, Texas man recently shot himself while pulling up his shorts. Chief Jim Vanover tells Raw Story: “He walked maybe six feet in the door when he pulled his shorts up, something caught the trigger and the gun discharged into his leg. People immediately rushed over to help. If you’re going to carry a gun it needs to be in a safe holster. It’s dangerous to stick a gun in your pants.”

Deep-Fried Doritos
Deep-Fried White Castle Burgers
Pickle Dog: A Corn Dog with a Pickle Inside
Deep-Fried Jack Daniel’s-Infused Churro Wrapped in Bacon

 It's A Man's World (Part 1) surveyed 50,000 men to find out their views on relationships.

- 50% of men believe they have already found their soulmate.

- 32% of men say loyalty is the most important quality they look for in a woman. Loyalty beat out caring, a sense of humor and intelligence.

- 70% of men say it's not likely that they would cheat on a partner even if there were no chance she would find out about it.

- 69% of men fantasize about their girlfriend's friends.

- 70% of men are either not at all or only somewhat satisfied with their sex live


"Guy Cancelled His Flights on Both Crashed Malaysian Jets!"
Truth! Dutch cyclist Maarten de Jonge had a ticket for not only the recent doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but also the still-missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. In both cases, he changed his flight at the last minute.

"Inventor Creates Self-Flipping Pancakes!"
Trash! You could have been doing that for years, if you just tossed in some popcorn.

"112-Year-Old Ham Still Edible!"
Truth! It may look like a piece of old leather, but curators at Smithfield, Virginia's Isle of Wight County Museum, say that a ham that just celebrated its 112th is still edible! It's the oldest cured ham in the world and one of three kept side-by-side in cases that block out bugs and mold while silica trays keep things dry.

 Today's Question: "4% of women have done this. What is it?"

Extra Clue: involves dating

Extra Clue: appearance

Final Clue: people may stare

Answer: dated a shorter man


Nico and Vinz Reveal The Inspiration Behind "Am I Wrong" ... it was inspired by people who thought they were dreaming just a little too big

911 Call; Man Calls Wrong 911 Operator To Report Justin Bieber ... the man was trying to reach the Beverly Hills Police Department, but instead was connected to the Beverly, Massachussetts police

**********Justin Bieber has signed a modeling contract with Calvin Klein.

Snoop Dogg Smoked Weed In The White House ... he got high in a White House bathroom


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