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Thursday, February 26, 2015
57th day of the year. 
There are 19 days remaining until St Patty's Day
Today is National Chili Day, Personal Chef Day, Carnival Day, National Pistachio Day and Tell a Fairy Tale Day
Hard to believe exactly 10 months from today we'll be hitting those after-Christmas sales
Closings and delays for TODAY
Bladen County Schools
Duplin County Schools
Onslow County Schools
Pender County Schools
2-hour delay for students and staff
A report claims that in the future, vacations will be uploaded into people's minds to think they have taken a trip. Can you say Total Recall? 
American workers splurge more than $1,000 a year on coffee and another $2,000 on lunch, a recent survey reveals.
Coffee Cup: KFC is launching edible coffee cups in London. The “Scoffee” Cup will promote the chain’s launch of Seattle’s Best Coffee. The cookie cup is wrapped in sugar paper and lined with heat-resistant white chocolate. 
Chef Adam Holcroft is opening London's first bug restaurant. The Grub Kitchen will serve dishes that feature crickets, worms, worm fudge ice cream and bug burgers. 
We want to pioneer the movement to normalise the eating of bugs on a day-to-day basis. We've found that we can ground crickets up to make flour, which can be used in baking
Lobster prices may rise and a lobster shortage may be looming in certain areas of the country because lobster boats are frozen in some Northeast U.S. harbors. Some lobstermen have been stuck at home for three weeks due to the Nor'easter's and cold weather. 
New Study Says 67% Chance ______ Will Kill You! (Smoking)
Chain Reaction: A snowstorm caused a 70-car pileup yesterday on I-95 near Etna, Maine. 17 people were injured. The chain reaction began when cars started sliding and trying to avoid one another. The highway was closed for five hours.
33% of people now dress casually for work.
48% of people believe the days of wearing a suit to work are numbered. 
The homeownership rate in the U.S. dropped to a 20-year low of 64.5 percent in 2014. 
Taylor Swift promised... and this week, she delivered -- a $50,000 donation to New York City schools. 
PLUS, GREAT PIC-  Taylor Swift Finally Showed The World Her Belly Button (TSWIFT IN BIKINI)
Demi Lovato was hospitalized Tuesday for a nasty lung infection. 
 Rumors persist of a "Ray Rice style video" existing that could end the career of Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant. So far, no video has been released. 
That's a great night--- Hakim Emmanuel bowled the first 300-game of his life at Westgate Lanes in Brockton, Mass., and then followed it up with two more -- for just the 26th recorded 900 series in U.S. Bowling Congress records.
WOW...START EM YOUNG?  The website is now assessing sixth-grade football prospects
The Echo newspaper claims 'Brelfies', or Breastfeeding selfies, are becoming a hot trend. Moms are photographing themselves breastfeeding or having professional photographers take shots to celebrate motherhood. Public opinion is split on the trend. 
OK! magazine and claim Jessica Biel has banned Justin Timberlake from the delivery room. A source tells the sites: “Justin keeps telling her he thinks she’ll look beautiful and he just wants to support on the most important day of their lives, but Jess is insisting she’d rather have a close friend be there to hold her hand
Sour Patch Kid: A Sour Warhead lollipop recently burned a hole in Lachlan Canak's tongue. The 7-year-old from Sydney, Australia was licking the pop before school when he began to feel a burning sensation. The Warheads come with a warning that reads: "Eating multiple pieces within a short time period may cause a temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouths."
Layers of her tongue were burnt off from the acid in this 'candy'." 
Promocodes asked 1,022 women to name their top morning priorities. Here is what they found:
Hair and make up: 90%
Kids breakfast: 82%
Shower: 78%
Cup of coffee / tea: 68%
Packed lunches: 52%
Kids ready for school: 50%
Check social media / emails: 24%
Washing clothes: 20%
Tidying up after breakfast: 14%
Exercise: 6% 
Want a Quick $3 Million Bucks?
Need a quick $3 million? All you've got to do is track down the Russian hacker accused of infecting up to a million computers with software that stole passwords and sucked at least $100 million out of bank accounts. The FBI is offering a record-breaking $3 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev, whose online aliases include "lucky 12345" and "slavic," and is accused of running what the FBI calls a "tightly knit gang of cybercriminals" that created a botnet called "GameOver Zeus." The FBI's wanted poster lists more than a dozen charges against him, including racketeering, identity theft, fraud, and money laundering. (Ars Technica) 
Madonna is ok after falling at last night's Brit Awards. She Tweeted: "Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine! ??#livingforlove." 
TT:  Ask your audience to call with their funny and embarrassing stories about falling off chairs
this woman went to a Karaoke bar on her birthday and was downing Cosmo's and wine .. she stood on a chair and started singing .. she fell and faceplanted on the floor
this woman and her sister were going to an awards ceremony for her daughter .. her sister tripped in high heels and peed in her pants
Apparently You Can't Try to Lose in Basketball 
In Tennessee, two high school girls' basketball teams have been thrown out of the state playoffs after both teams tried to purposely lose in a game that the refs called a total farce. According to the referee's report from the Saturday game between Riverdale and Smyrna, players "missed 12-16 free throws intentionally," "wouldn't get the ball across the half-court line to get a 10-second count or to make us call an over and back violation intentionally," and one player "looked at one of the officials and gave the official a 3-second signal, wanting him to call three seconds on her." The last straw was when a Smyrna player was about to shoot at the wrong basket. It seems both teams were trying to avoid facing top-ranked Blackman High School in the tournament. After the referee ordered both coaches not to make a "travesty or mockery of the game," Smyrna ended up winning, but the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association decided to pull both teams from the postseason, fine the schools $1,500 each, and put them on probation for a year!
A new poll says that 45% of women under 45 do this every day? Make their bed. 
Today's Question: "27% of people have broken the law by doing this. What is it?''
Extra Clue: does not involve driving
Extra Clue: won't involve jail
Final Clue: people can hear the crime
Answer: illegally downloading music 
Two-Year-Old Sings National Anthem ... Trent Harris, the son of Cincinnati Bengals long-snapper Clark Harris, sang the National Anthem at a high school basketball game in New Jersey
Click Link for Video: 


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