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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
260th day of the year.
 There are 105 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is National Apple Dumpling Day and Constitution Day

-- On this date in 1787, The United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Wait! Shouldn't today be a federal holiday? I could use one!)
-- On this date in 1920, the NFL was founded


Macy's in New York has already put up its Christmas display. The 9th floor has fake trees, Santa Clauses and nutcrackers. The store has not started playing holiday music yet.

 The highest concentration of rude drivers in the U.S -- the number one spot is... Idaho. Followed by Washington, DC and then New York.

When it comes to well-being and how you feel about your life, Panama is the number one place to live in the world. At the bottom of the list: Syria and Afghanistan

 the average person works 47 hours a week. Other findings:
- 40% of workers work more than 50 hours a week
- 18% of workers work more than 60 hours a week

50% of students gain weight during their freshman year of college. Other findings:
- the average student gains 11 pounds.

 - women spend an average of $63 per handbag
 - the average man owns three 'manbags'

LATEST PURSE NEWS:  Doris Carvalho, a veterinarian and designer from Tampa, has put together Fur You by Doris, a line of purses made of the dog hair that gets left over at the groomer’s salon (read: no dogs are harmed to make them). Carvalho launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $15,000 to create and market her first line of 30 bags.

NEW MUSIC ALERT:  Kanye West and Lorde are going to record together

California has issued Audi a permit to begin testing self-driving cars. Audi is putting up a $5 million bond to cover any accidents The first test drives will occur around San Francisco. The L.A. Times says 230,000 self-driving cars could be on the road by 2025

Male Pattern Baldness Linked to Prostate Cancer
Men with male pattern baldness just got something new to worry about besides a lack of hair.
A new study suggests men with male pattern baldness may face a higher risk of developing an aggressive type of prostate cancer than guys who are not going bald.

A Blood Test to Diagnose Depression

American Waistlines Continue to Grow
Waistlines larger than 35 inches for women and more than 40 inches for men are considered abdominal obesity.

Prescription Drug Deaths Continue to Rise

NLF UPDATE:  Adrian Peterson Placed on NFL Commissioner’s Exempt List, Will Not Play Sunday.   Anheuser-Busch Says It’s “Disappointed” in the NFL  (Anheuser-Busch is in the fourth year of a six-year, $1.2 billion deal that makes Bud Light the official beer of the league.)
 Yahoo claims Nike has stopped selling Adrian Peterson jerseys in the Twin Cities
Castrol says: "In light of recent events, Castrol has decided to end our relationship with Adrian Peterson.''

Jenny McCarthy Lost Her Wedding Band After Two Weeks of Marriage

Sam Smith Knew "Stay With Me" Would Be A Hit Because He Cried After Recording It

HEY DILF:   Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are the proud parents of a new baby girl born last Friday

Sony plans to remake ''I Know What You Did Last Summer''

- Paris Hilton has named her new Pomeranian dog Prince Hilton

Ace Showbiz claims daredevil Nik Wallenda will tightrope walk between two skyscrapers in Chicago on Sunday, November 2nd. The walk will be broadcast on the Discovery Chan

 Rob Greenfield is peddling across the country and dumpster diving. The Californian tells Fox: “I want to draw attention to the food waste issue and to me this is an easy way to do it. All of this perfectly good food is in the dumpsters and I want this food to be given to people who are hungry rather than put in the dumpsters. Oh my gosh, I mean here is, there's nothing a cyclist likes more than peanut butter. What you find in lower income areas is they actually lock all of the dumpsters. America throws away so much of everything that I can actually live a healthy life without a penny to my name.

Funeral Parlor Offering Drive-Thru Service

In an effort to dispel some patrons' fears about wakes, a funeral parlor owner in Saginaw, Michigan, has taken a cue from fast food, and installed a drive-thru window.

KEPR-TV reports Paradise Funeral Chapel's new feature allows for viewings from the comfort of mourners' cars; a timed curtain gives passersby three minutes to say goodbye as appropriate music plays.

President Ivan Phillips says the window would allow those who are too scared to show up otherwise to pay their respects.

Woman Commits Suicide... by Crocodile!!
Talk about a horrible way to end your life!! In Thailand, a 65-year-old woman removed her shoes and then calmly committed suicide by jumping into a crocodile-filled pond!! Wanpen Inyai was discovered missing earlier that day by her family, who described the Bangkok woman as depressed. Staff at the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo used sticks to unsuccessfully try to end the attacking crocs. The 10-foot-deep pond she jumped into housed more than 1,000 crocodiles, dozens of which descended on her.


"Couple Gets Married After 72 Years Together!"
Truth! "This is a celebration of something that should have happened a very long time ago," said the reverend officiating the wedding of 91-year-old Vivian Boyack and 90-year-old Alice "Nonie" Dubes. Both women were in wheel chairs during the ceremony and were married in Iowa.

"Restaurant Offers Free Hamster With Pizza Purhase!"
Truth! A Pizza Hut in Australia is getting slammed for offering a free hamster with order of 10 pizzas or more. Pizza Hut Australia apologized, and insisted that no animals were actually given away by the rogue franchise.

"New Fossil Species Named After Mick Jagger's Lips!"
Truth! The 19 million year old fossilized remains of a previously unknown creature have been named after Jagger because of a perceived resemblance to his large, pouty lips. The scientific name of the new animal species will be Jaggermeryx naida which means "Jagger's water nymph."

 Today's Question: "40% of people have painfully done this. What is it?''

Extra Clue: injured themselves

Extra Clue: nothing to do with smashing fingers in a door

Final Clue: neck up

Answer: chipped a tooth


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