Friday, April 24th, 2015


Prince William may be on paternity leave, but a royal's work really never ends.

With wife Kate Middleton due to give birth to their second child any day now (maybe it was supposed to be yesterday, maybe it's tomorrow, or maybe next week!), the Duke of Cambridge does still have somewhere he's supposed to be this Saturday—which, according to some earlier reports, is actually Kate's due date, April 25.

While surely they can get along without him if daddy duty calls, William is expected to join grandparents Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at a wreath-laying ceremony at the Centenary in Whitehall to commemorate Anzac Day and the 100th anniversary of the World War I Gallipoli Campaign, a battle that began in April 1915 and lasted for eight months. (Anzac Day pays tribute to Australians and New Zealanders who served and/or died in any armed conflict or peacekeeping mission.)

A Kensington Palace spokesperson confirmed to NBC News today that William recognizes the event's importance and still plands to attend. There's no official word, meanwhile, on what happens if Kate is in the hospital during the ceremony.

We're just guessing, but...

It seems as though the queen will have this one covered!

Elizabeth and Philip, a World War II veteran, are also due to attend a Service of Remembrance at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. Their daughter, Princess Anne, is scheduled to attend the Dawn Service at Wellington Arch marking the aforementioned occasions as well.



Our hearts go out to the family of Sawyer Sweeten.

Sweeten, the actor who played little Geoffrey Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond, has died in an apparent suicide. He was 19.

A rep for Sweeten confirmed his passing to E! News. He is said to have shot himself while visiting family in Texas.

His twin brother, Sullivan, also played his twin, Michael Barone, on the show and their TV sister Ally was played by real-life sibling Madylin SweetenRay Romanoand Patricia Heaton played their parents on the Emmy-winning sitcom. 



Ciara and Russell Wilson are giving romance a sporting try!

The "I Bet" singer is indeed dating the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, multiple sources confirm to E! News. We're told that, while the relationship is still very new, things are going great so far.

"It's still at the beginning stages and it's very fresh," says one source. "She thinks he is a complete gentleman and has really enjoyed hanging out with him these past few weeks. It's constant laughter and fun with them."

Speculation about their status was prompted when the twitterverse tentatively ID'd a woman sitting next to Wilson at a Seattle Mariners game last weekend as Ciara—and then Wilson and "his date," Ciara, reportedly showed up on the guest list for the 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner, which is this Saturday in Washington.

So the laughter and fun will be continuing at least through the weekend...

"Things are a bit busy for both of them now, but they are willing to make time and see where this may go," our source added.

Dating didn't seem to come up when Ciara sat down for an interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club last week, during which the singer-actress said thatFuture Jr., her 11-month-old son with ex-fiancé Future, was "the greatest joy" of her life.

"You live and you learn. My son has given me so much clarity. Now I'm like a full-on woman," she said. "You don't really understand what that means until a few things happen to you in life, but my son has totally given me so much clarity and I couldn't be more clear than I've needed to be."



Bruce Jenner is worried about his family, but he also wants to know how his own "emotional rollercoaster" story ends. In the latest promotional clip for his exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer Friday, Bruce says he wants to know how everything will turn out.

"I want to know how this story ends," he says. "How does my story end?"

No matter what happens, however, he still insists that everything has "made me who I am." Despite the intense emotions he seems to have been going through, he says, "Somehow I'm going to get through it."

But in the series of promo clips that have been released so far, it's clear that concern for his family is his main priority, as he said they are "the only ones I'm concerned with."

"I can't let myself hurt them," Jenner said in the promos.

Although ABC has already released a few clips of the highly anticipated interview, which the network insists "everyone will be talking about," they haven't given viewers much insight into what they could expect from the special (we see what you're doing, ABC). Of course, the initial promos gave anxious viewers the ultimate tease when Jenner told the 69-year-old journalist, "My whole life has been getting me ready for this."

According to a press release sent earlier, the interview will be "far-ranging" and will allow viewers to hear the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star weigh in on a variety of topics. One potential talking point could be his divorce from Kris Jenner, which was finalized in December 2014. Although they are no longer married, they are committed to keeping their family together.

"Even though we are separated, we will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority," Kris and Bruce said in a statement at the time of their split.

Bruce Jenner: The Interview airs Friday, April 24, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.



Sofia Vergara's fiance, Joe Manganiello, may be ready to have his chick, her infamous eggs and himself all under one roof ... because he's unloading his awesome Sunset Strip pad.

Our real estate sources say Joe moved out to sell his swank 2,500 sq. ft. 4bed/3bath digs. Asking price ... a cool $2 mil, but the big question is whether he's bailing on his oasis -- hot tub and pool included -- to say hola to a place with his woman.

He snagged it for $1.8 MIL back in 2013 ... so it's not like he's gonna make a ton o' cash off the sale. Plus, no one would be shocked if he was in a rush to get in more Sofia time.

But she better have a hot tub. 



Now that he's finally married (again) Marc Anthony has finally gotten rid of his bachelor pad ... selling his insane L.A. mansion to another rich single guy ... NBA star JaVale McGee

TMZ Sports has learned ... McGee snatched up Anthony's 6,262 square foot party palace in Encino, CA -- a super private, Spanish-style estate -- for $2.25 million. 

The place is perfect for summer bashes -- with a cool bar set up in the backyard, next to a huge pool ... with a cabana, fire pit and it's own private guest suite. 

In total -- 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, with a wine room, state of the art theater ... and super high ceiling ... perfect for its new 7-foot owner. 

Anthony bought the place back in 2013 -- after he had separated from Jennifer Lopez. He has since moved on ... marrying model Shannon de Lima back in November.  As we first reported, Marc and Shannon upgraded to an even MORE EXPENSIVE mansion back in February. 

As for McGee, he's unemployed at the moment -- but the 27-year-old has made more than $30 MILLION during his NBA career. 



A group of Native American actors quit an Adam Sandler movie because they feel it's insulting and racist ... but Netflix says the outraged actors are missing the whole point of the film. 

The movie is called "The Ridiculous Six" and is being produced just for Netflix. It's described as a spoof on "The Magnificent Seven" ... starring Sandler, Nick NolteSteve BuscemiDan AykroydJon Lovitz and Vanilla Ice.

But the spoofing went too far Wednesday, in the eyes of a dozen actors and actresses who walked off the set. Some of the offending jokes included female characters named Beaver’s Breath and No Bra -- and a scene where an Apache woman urinates outdoors while smoking a peace pipe.   

Netflix is defending the Sandler flick, saying it's all a joke. A Netflix rep tells TMZ, "The movie has ridiculous in the title for a reason: because it is ridiculous." The rep says it's intended to be a satire of Westerns and the stereotypes popularized in the genre. 

The rep adds ... the diverse cast "is not only part of -- but in on -- the joke." 

This wasn't the first day of filming. In fact, Loren Anthony -- one of the pissed actors had previously tweeted how much he was enjoying the project. But after today's walk out he said, "Today work was no bueno, my native women were disrespected and i walked off set."



And just like that ... THEY WERE GONE!!!!

Less than 60 seconds after tickets to the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight went on sale to the public on Ticketmaster's website, they were sold out!!


EVEN THE $7,500 TIX!!!

Several people in our office timed the sale, and some say they got the "No Tickets Left" graphic less than 20 SECONDS after it started. Insane! 

So, if you wanna be at the fight, you have to go to the secondary market ... where seats are going for up to $80,000-a-pop!!!

Good luck! 



- Who magazine has posted pictures of what they claim is Bruce Jenner in a black sports bra. The grainy shots were taken by the paparazzi at distance


- Digital Spy claims Denzel Washington is doing a sequel to ''The Equalizer''. The film earmed $192 million at the box office last year


- The NY Daily News claims "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed" will be released on Valentine's weekends in 2017 and 2018


Gossip Cop claims Patrick Dempsey is leaving Grey's Anatomy. He tells TVLine, “It’s been a remarkable ride. The worldwide impact has been extraordinary. It is incredible how devoted and passionate the fans are, and I will forever be grateful and humbled by the experience.''

During last night's show, Dr Derek (Demspsey) saved the lives of some car crash victims before his own car was struck by a truck as he left the scene. He was taken to a hospital where doctors couldn't save his life. Meredith pulled the plug on her husband's life.

ABC says, “After 11 seasons on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ Patrick Dempsey is moving on to pursue other interests. Dr. Derek Shepherd is an iconic character and we’ve been proud to be the home of ‘McDreamy’ and the ‘Mer/Der’ love story. The devotion of ‘Grey’s’ fans throughout the years has been a testament to the creative mind of Shonda Rhimes and Dempsey’s talent. ‘McDreamy’ will be greatly missed and we wish Patrick the very best in his future endeavors.”



Vin Diesel tells the LA Times that 'Furious 8' is happening. “We are making Furious 8. And now the fun part: The date. I love telling you guys the date! #Furious8 will be yours to share with the world on April 14, 2017.”


RADAR Online claims Brody Jenner doesn't want Kim Kardashian anywhere near his father, Bruce. A source tells the site: “Brody doesn’t want Kim to be around at all because all she does is just report everything back to Kris. With Kim, nothing feels sincere, or real. Bruce needs love and support and Kim just doesn’t offer that in Brody’s opinion. Brody thinks she is nothing but evil, and he isn’t afraid to confront her. The tension between Brody and Kim is only going to continue to escalate. Brody has zero tolerance for her diva behavior.”


Ariana Grande lashed out at Big Sean almost immediately after their breakup by staging Justin Bieber's come-from-behind stage embrace ... so claim sources close to the couple. Sources closely connected with them tell TMZ ... Sean claims it was him who broke off the relationship because she was "immature." Sources say the downfall of their relationship started in February, when he made the most important appearance of his career at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. Everyone showed -- Kanye, Bieber, JLo, Chris Brown, Jay Z, A$AP Rocky, Tyga, Kylie and Kendall -- everyone EXCEPT ARIANA. We're told she needed to get ready for the Grammy's the next day, which he found extremely selfish. Sean also traveled to see her "10 times more" than she went to see him. He claimed once she demanded that he blow tens of thousands of dollars to take a private jet to see her. Sean, who grew up poor, felt she was a spendthrift ... a sign of immaturity. But the crowning blow was just after the breakup. They were still talking and the door was slightly open for reconciliation, when Bieber jumped onstage in L.A. and grabbed Ariana from behind. Even though Ariana pushed Biebs away, Sean believes it was all calculated -- NOT by Bieber but Ariana -- to hurt him. (TMZ)



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