Wednesday, October 7th, 2015


Vin Diesel has been known to show his softer side in recent years, but we weren't expecting this.

The Fast & Furious actor is famous for his bulging biceps and rock-hard abs (and who can forget that racy shower picture?!), but when he stepped out recently, Diesel flaunted a very different figure. The 48-year-old walked out to the balcony of his Miami hotel today and took off his shirt to reveal that he's looking a little softer around the edges.

There's no word if Vin's physical change is for a movie role or if it's just a consequence of daily life (and being a dad of three kids).

Diesel is currently promoting his upcoming film The Last Witch Hunter, where he plays the immortal titular hero, scheduled to hit theaters until Oct. 23. But according to the movie's leading man, Lionsgate is so psyched about it, a sequel is already in the works—and of course they want Diesel back for No. 2!

"So the studio apparently is so excited by the Last Witch Hunter - The Axe and Cross franchise... that they are already commencing on the next one," Diesel wrote on Facebook. "The first one doesn't hit theaters until October 23rd, yet they want me to commit and already block out time to film it. As always, I love to hear your feedback...

"Kaulder: Are you a good witch... or a bad witch?"



Prepare to have your childhood dreams dashed!

YouTube channel Screen Junkies has created a very honest—and traumatizing—Aladdin trailer that just might break your little heart.

Example: We never noticed that Aladdin didn't have any nipples before we saw this video, and now we can't stop thinking about what they would look like. (Are you crying yet?)

We also never wanted to admit what was in front of our baby eyes all along—Aladdin is nothing but a thief, mixed with a dash of pathological liar. 

The loss of Al's innocent image is not the only thing we're crying over. Jasmine is just as guilty with her first-world problems and stupid MC Hammer pants. 

Ugh, sorry, we're emotional right now. 

You thought that was it? Well, get this—your beloved Aladdin may or may not be a dirty old man, as Jasmine is 15 and Aladdin is 18. Dicey stuff!

Excuse us while we go and pout in a corner over the shattered pieces of our childhood illusions. Therapy may be in order for millennials everywhere so that they can cope with these realizations in solidarity.

Disney, what is wrong with you, boo!? 



- Contact Music claims Elvis Presley's gold piano is being auctioned off and is expected to sell for $700,000

- Dateline NBC will interview 27 of Bill Cosby's accusers this Friday

- Tom Hanks was in a New York park yesterday when he found a Fordham University student's ID card and Tweeted: ''Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park. If you still need it my office will get to you. Hanx.''



Where in the world is Carmen San Diego Lauren from Fordham University?!

A young college student turned into a viral Internet sensation this morning when her student I.D. was found by none other than Tom Hanks (seriously, she's so lucky!).

The actor proceeded to do a full-on social media search for Lauren from Fordham University by posting a picture of the card with his thumb covering the student's last name (you know, to protect whatever privacy he could) and wrote, "Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park. If you still need it my office will get to you. Hanx."

Amazing. Just amazing. You know what else is amazing? Lauren's photo. Seriously, girl, you knocked that chin tilt outta the park (no pun intended)!

It was initially unclear if Lauren caught wind of the news and reached out to Hanks' office, and a few of her peers were quick to offer their services to get the card from the star.

Lauren's professor wrote back on Twitter, saying, "@tomhanks she's one of my students! Let me know if I can get it for her!" And her roommate suggested that the card was returned to Lauren after all, by writing, "@tomhanks  Thanks for returning my roommate's ID! You truly are a gentleman!" (Here's the plot twist: All of these tweets were deleted. Weird.)

But the psychology and Spanish studies major tells E! News that her professor emailed her with a link to Hanks' tweet with the subject line, "You're Famous!"

"My first reaction was, is this real? Is this the real Tom Hanks and not some fan group? But then it all made sense with how I lost it the other day." Lauren, who explains the I.D. must have fallen out of her arm-band while taking her phone out during a job, says she has contacted Tom via his Facebook but has not heard back, so she hopes he sees this story so she can get her old ID back.

"I had to deactivate the card and get a new one," she tells us. "I had to pay $20 to get a new card, so I would love it if I could get my old card back and get my $20 back."

As for the whole experience? "It's definitely been a whirlwind," Lauren tells E! News.

Let's hope Lauren gets her I.D. back, and bless Tom Hanks for being so awesome all the time.



Heat magazine claims Big Bang Theory stars Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki may reunite. A source tells the magazine they dated for three years before she married Ryan Sweeting. "I still think Johnny is the love of her life. They have a really special bond that comes from working together for more than a decade."


Tom Hanks tells Contact Music that he spent $35 to become an ordained minister. He tells the site he is available for weddings. ''If people can afford the fee! I studied the divinity. I studied as a minister for nearly $35. Out of that I have a certificate that makes me available for weddings.''



The Daily Mirror claims Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are selling their LA home for $45 million. The home has a pool, a basketball court and five bedrooms.



Kanye West tells SHOWstudio that "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" should win an Emmy. "I feel proud to be in a family that has, you know, so many people breaking ground for the generations to come. I just feel it's like, 'Whoa, reality show, that's so new of an art form.' My wife and my family should've had plenty of Emmys by now, but reality shows are considered to be like rap was when the Mondrian [hotel] wouldn't let Run-D.M.C. and mother-fucking Will Smith stay there because they were rappers. The idea of a reality star not being allowed into a fashion show or not being nominated for their show, even if it's the longest running and the most popular and... everybody I know watches it."



Gossip Cop claims Charlize Theron's stalker was arrested on Sunday after he arrived at her home with flowers. The man refused to leave after Charlize told him to leave the flowers at the guard gate. The man was charged with stalking.

** UPDATE **

TMZ claims Theron's alleged stalker, Stanislav Sonseadec, is not going to be charged because of a lack of evidence. The site says there may have been a language barrier that confused him when he was asked to leave.



The Daily Star, citing Heat magazine, claims Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are going to take a break. A source tells the sites that she is mad that he was photographed at a Thai massage parlor in Las Vegas. "Taylor was really angry about the massage parlor pictures and everyone joking about Calvin having a 'happy ending'. She rang him and was shouting down the phone. Even though Taylor knows nothing dodgy happened. She feels betrayed that Calvin would put himself in a position where people could speculate about what he'd been doing."

Harris denies the story



Ellie Goulding tells Perth Now magazine that she had a heart condition. "I found out I have this heart thing and I need to get it checked out. I'm fine, it's actually something someone discovered last year but I never got it checked out. Which is terrible, I have been playing with my life. I have been very relaxed, I have been chilling and not being as militant about what I eat. It's nice to know you actually can't go to the gym, you're not allowed."



Hollywoodlife.com claims the producers of SNL want Taylor Swift to appear on the show to respond to their skit about her and her girl squad. A source tells the site: “They are expecting her to do a skit or appear on ‘Weekend Update’ The door is open for her to be a part [of the show] somehow and to do something fun.''



Don't believe the latest rumors claiming that Victoria and David Beckham are heading to splitsville.

The singer turned fashion designer opened up to Grazia about her latest impressive feat—being named a UNAIDS ambassador—and touched on some of the speculation surrounding her private life.

"I have never listen to, or commented on, the rumors about any aspect of my life," the 41-year-old shared.

"I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and beautiful, healthy, happy children."

The fashionable Brit further added that while she does spend time apart from her husband at times, thanks to their grueling schedules, there's absolutely no trouble in paradise.

"Yes, we travel a lot with our respective businesses and charitable commitments. But we always make time for each other as a couple and as a family."

The former Spice Girls singer added, "David and I have nothing to prove. We love each other, look out for each other and are strong as both partners and parents."

The brunette beauty continued to share how it's challenging at times to juggle her overflowing plate of responsibilities, but it's all welcome in the Beckham household.

"Of course it's hard, but I'm like any working mum, albeit with a bit of extra help. Every mother is rushing around on a Sunday night looking for homework and school uniform, juggling ballet lessons and football practice with work meetings and travel," Victoria told the mag.

"David and I both have a strong work ethic and I believe that's a good example to set our children."



The world might have been a little bit in shock that a music icon like Lady Gagawas joining American Horror Story: Hotel—but her fiancé Taylor Kinney had an unexpected reaction. At least to Gaga.

During E! News' exclusive, sit-down interview with Lady Gaga inside the stunning hotel lobby of American Horror Storyyou can watch the revealing, uncut interview above!—Gaga revealed that she wasn't quite sure what Taylor might think.

"What guy in that scenario would be like, ‘Sure, babe, do TV!'?" Gaga muses. "Hedoes TV, that's his thing. I do music, and you know, we're together. But I sort of was like, ‘Is it cool if I do TV?,' And he was like, ‘F--k yeah!'"



"American Horror Story: Hotel" has drawn hordes of fans to the real hotel on which the show is based.

'AHS' die-hards are flocking to Stay on Main hotel in downtown L.A. ... the site of a grisly death in 2013 when it was called the Cecil Hotel.

Elisa Lam was found dead in the hotel's water tank after the hotel received complaints the water tasted funny. Her death was ruled an accidental drowning, but after LAPD released elevator video of Elisa's erratic behavior, stories began surfacing she was possessed and the hotel was haunted.

We're told the barrage of 'AHS' promos featuring Lady Gaga have sent fans into a frenzy ... people are lining up to stay in Elisa's room and poke around the water tank. As for the room, they're out of luck ... it's off limits.

Ryan Murphy has said his inspiration for the new season of 'AHS' -- premiering Wednesday night -- is Lam's story.

We're told security is on alert for people daring to conduct paranormal investigations.



Mariah Carey is directing a Hallmark movie for the holidays starring her favorite character, Gretchen Weiners from "Mean Girls."

Our Mariah people say she started working on "A Christmas Melody" Tuesday and made herself right at home in the director's chair. We're told Mariah had only one request, her favorite actress from her favorite movie star in the flick. Let's be serious ... she had more than one request.

Lacey Chabert, who played Gretchen Weiners in "Mean Girls" was more than happy to take the lead.  

Mariah won't appear in the movie but we're told her music is featured throughout. It's unclear if MiMi tapped into directing legend Brett Ratner for advice. 


Jay Z and Beyonce got the last laugh after getting notice to leave the house they were renting ... because we've learned they got an even better house.

Our sources say Bey and Jay are now renting the $45 million Holmby Hills palace that was owned by ex-L.A. Dodgers owner Frank McCourt.

McCourt sold the house to a British billionaire last year for $45 million, but we're told the new owner was hardly in L.A. and it just sat vacant. So he recently decided to put it on the market for lease ... we're told for around $150k a month.

Our sources -- all of whom are people who were on hand this past weekend facilitating the move -- say Beyonce and Jay signed a 1-year lease. 

As for the house ... it's 20,000 square feet, complete with an indoor Olympic-sized pool complex and an outdoor pool with a waterfall and formal gardens. 

As we previously reported, Bey Z got the boot from their old rental in the same neighborhood after the owner decided to sell it.

We broke the story ... Jay Z and Beyonce are putting down stakes in L.A., largely because they think it's a good place to raise Blue Ivy.



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