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Friday, November 21, 2014
325th day of the year.
There are 40 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 6 days remaining until Thanksgiving

Today is False Confession Day, World Television Day and World Hello Day

Friday's Birthday Cake:
Carly Rae Jepsen (29)
Michael Strahan (43)
Ken Griffey Jr. (45)
quarterback Troy Aikman (48)

Saturday's Birthday Cake:
Scarlett Johansson (30)


On Wednesday, U.S. temperatures dropped below freezing in all 50 states

North Carolina produces the most turkeys an astounding 61 million every year.  (OUT TIME TO SHINE)

Scientists for Nestle -- yes, the candy bar company -- have identified how an enzyme in charge of regulating metabolism can be stimulated by a compound called C13, a potential first step in developing a way to mimic the fat-burning effect of exercise. As in, exercise in a bottle

64% of U.S. adults young and old are unhappy at their job -

Only 38% of those polled describe their boss as "great," with 42% saying their boss doesn't work very hard and close to 20% saying their boss has little or no integrity

Rihanna is close to a seven-figure design deal with Puma.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Spend Thanksgiving Together

Raw Story claims some parts of Buffalo received a year's worth of snow in two days. The Bills will host the Jets in Detroit on Monday night

 Students and parents at a high school in Arkansas have complained about a teacher who brings her baby to school and breastfeeds it in the classroom.

CinemaBlend claims Melissa McCarthy has signed on to play Tinkerbell in a new comedy about the fairy

- A new survey by Eventbrite reveals that 66% of people think phones should be banned during a holiday dinner.

National "Passed" Time: Walmart Selling Major League Baseball Coffins

33% of men put their dating and love life on hold during the NFL and college football season.

average person tells 10 lies a week.

Oh, You Shouldn't Have! Most Hate at Least One Holiday Gift

Scores of young adults are expected to call out sick today so they can see 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1'.

Rob Kardashian is expanding his clothing empire and is launching a line of onesies for men. He already produces socks

Nick JONAS is still a virgin and wears his purity ring to prove it

Chippy: Boulder Canyon has released a line of Thanksgiving-themed kettle chips. Flavors include Stuffing, which tastes like onion and herb, Cranberry, which is tangy and salty, Pumpkin Pie and Turkey and Gravy. It took nine months to develop the right flavors

Firing Squad: Some lawmakers in Utah want to bring back firing squads. The squads were last used in 2010. Republican Rep. Paul Ray says firing squads allow the state to avoid problems that come with lethal-injection drugs

Death by firing squad is only an option for criminals sentenced to death before 2004


Dating can be a drag in fact, it can be downright dangerous. And while those of the female persuasion want to get a guy, attracting wrong men can be risky business. Sandra L. Brown, author of the book "How To Spot A Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved" defines the eight types of dangerous men:

    The Emotional Predator -- He zeros in on lonely, bored and vulnerable women and flatters them like crazy, but his ulterior motive is personal gain - either financial or emotional.
    The Clinger -- A needy guy who demands complete attention and isolates his partner from her friends and family.
    The Hidden Lifer -- These slick Willies lead double lives that include wives, kids, addictions or criminal pasts.
    The Violent -- He starts out attentive, but quickly blames, shames, and hits to keep control.
    The Mentally Ill -- He may appear normal, but it's soon apparent something is wrong.
    The Addict -- He may appear fun-loving, but his need for sex, porn, drugs, booze, gambling, food or unhealthy relationships is pathological.
    The Parental Seeker -- He needs a lot of attention and takes more than he gives.
    The Emotionally Unavailable -- He may be married or dating someone else. Either way, he's not available to you.


Myth: The first Thanksgiving was in 1621 and the pilgrims celebrated it every year thereafter.
Fact: The first feast wasn't repeated, so it wasn't the beginning of a tradition. In fact, the colonists didn't even call the day Thanksgiving. To them, a thanksgiving was a religious holiday in which they would go to church and thank God for a specific event, such as the winning of a battle. . The feast was a secular celebration, so it never would have been considered a thanksgiving in the Pilgrims minds.

Myth: The original Thanksgiving feast took place on the fourth Thursday of November.
Fact: The original feast in 1621 occurred sometime between September 21 and November 11. Unlike our modern holiday, it was three days long. The event was based on English harvest festivals, which traditionally occurred around the 29th of September. President Franklin D. Roosevelt set the date for Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday of November in 1939 (approved by Congress in 1941). Abraham Lincoln had previously designated it as the last Thursday in November, which may have correlated it with the November 21, 1621, anchoring of the Mayflower at Cape Cod.

Myth: The pilgrims wore only black and white clothing. They had buckles on their hats, garments, and shoes.
Fact: Buckles did not come into fashion until later in the seventeenth century and black and white were commonly worn only on Sunday and formal occasions. Women typically dressed in red, earthy green, brown, blue, violet, and gray, while men wore clothing in white, beige, black, earthy green, and brown.

Myth: The pilgrims brought furniture with them on the Mayflower.
Fact: The only furniture that the pilgrims brought on the Mayflower was chests and boxes. They constructed wooden furniture once they settled in Plymouth.

Myth: The Mayflower was headed for Virginia, but due to a navigational mistake it ended up in Cape Cod Massachusetts.
Fact: The Pilgrims were in fact planning to settle in Virginia, but not the modern-day state of Virginia. They were part of the Virginia Company, which had the rights to most of the eastern seaboard of the U.S. The pilgrims had intended to go to the Hudson River region in New York State, which would have been considered "Northern Virginia," but they landed in Cape Cod instead. Treacherous seas prevented them from venturing further south.

An off-duty Davie, Florida police officer is recovering from shooting himself in the foot. The man and his family were dining out when his gun accidentally discharged. The injured officer's key ring may have hooked onto the trigger while the gun was in his pocket. The officer was treated at a local hospital.


Over half of the people who have this have never used it. What is it? A sunroof.

 Today's Question: "50% of couples do this separately. What is it?''

Extra Clue: nothing to do with working out

Extra Clue: takes place at home

Final Clue: once a week

Answer: their laundry


TV Blooper; News Anchor Can't Stop Laughing ... this New Orleans anchor botched her words when talking about the weather and then caught a case of the giggles


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