Thursday, September 29, 2016

 273rd day of the year.

 There are 93 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 32 days left until Halloween

Today is Broadway Musicals Day, National Coffee Day, National Mocha Day, VFW Day, World Heart Day and World Maritime Day


-- On this date in 1789, the Army was established ..

-- On this date in 1899, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) was established

-- On this date in 1916, John D. Rockefeller became the first billionaire.




Federal education leaders have ranked Wrightsville Beach Elementary among the nation's best schools


New Scientist magazine is saying that a five-month-old boy is the first baby to be born using a new technique that incorporates DNA from three people. Yep, three parents!


3D-printed 'hyperelastic bone' could be the future of reconstructive surgery


Free Burgers For Life: Cafe 51 in Melbourne, Australia is offering free burgers for life to customers who get hamburger tattoos. 3,000 people have signed up for the deal. The tattoo has to include the restaurant's logo and needs to be life-size


Friday night, there will be a Black Moon.  the bright part of the moon faces away from the earth, so there's nothing to see. GETTTN PRETTY EXCITED FOR SOMETHING you can't see?


Toilet Paper Shortage: PEOPLE ARE FLYING FROM  Venezuela to New York to buy toilet paper.She says the country is running low on soap, toothpaste, beans, tuna and aspirin. Other reports say toilet paper is being sold on the Venezuela black market for $15 a roll


In a survey of bosses and managers,clicking out of, or shutting down their computer screen when the boss walks by is the thing their employees do that upsets them more than anything.


(Fondue)   French word meaning "melted"?


Justin Bieber was recently performing in Finland when he sneezed on fans, who were sitting in the front row.


Kelly Clarkson is going to sing at the White House Christmas tree lighting


 Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are planning a wedding and trying for a baby.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are expecting a baby boy

TMZ claims Brad Pitt voluntarily submitted a drug and alcohol urine test during the investigation into allegations he abused his son. He claims he has nothing to hide


 Kris Jenner may run for mayor of Calabasas California


Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a line of little black dresses


NFL Football Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati Bengals


- Tim Tebow made his pro baseball debut yesterday with the New York Mets Instructional League team. He hit a home run with the very first pitch he was thrown. A crowd of 269 watched Tim's debut


Today is National Coffee Day.

A survey reveals that 32% of workers need coffee to get through the workday.

the average person consumes 13 cups of coffee per week


Coffee Improves Lovemaking: The Independent newspaper claims a new coffee helps men perform better in bed. Stiff Bull Herbal Coffee claims it's the "Relationship Saver". It contains Guarana, Maca Root and Tongkat Ali, a Malaysian plant that has Viagra-like properties


Coffee Jolt: A coffee-flavored chewing gum is out. Go Cube contains the same amount of caffeine as a half cup of coffee. It also contains B6 and has more calories than a regular cup of coffee. Go Cube comes in three flavors: pure drip, latte and mocha. Six packs cost $23.


Foaming At The Mouth: Ripples has created a coffee machine that allows you to top your latte with selfies. The coffee machine uses a phone app to create images in the latte foam. The coffee machine costs $999.


Starbutts Coffee: Black Ivory Coffee is selling for $50 a cup. The java is made from beans eaten by Thai elephants and taken a day later from their dung.




 A night guard at an armored car company masterminds one of the biggest bank heists in American history.  WIN ALL DAY TOMORROW!!!


Morgan Freeman Got A "D In His Acting Class ... Morgan Freeman says he went to school to learn how to act. He took acting classes and flunked. He says it wasn't really flunking since he got a D



Andy Todd, of Devon, England, recently pranked his daughter during her wedding. He was carrying her wedding cake to a table when he accidentally dropped it. Dina Todd and her new husband Johnny looked horrified after seeing their cake on the floor. Andy quickly pointed to the real cake in the back of the room as everyone laughed.


Wealthy People Buying Hidden Bunkers: The Hollywood Reporter claims wealthy business people, actors and athletes are having underground bunkers built in case of a nucular war, terrorist bombing, mass shooting or mass protest. Rising S Bunkers recently built a 37-room, 9,000-square foot bunker for an Academy Award-winner.


The bunker cost $10 million and features a bowling alley, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a shooting range, a swimming pool, a greenhouse, a gym and a home theater. Many bunkers have a secret tunnels and hidden rooms


Fav Cereals Of All Time recently asked 500,000 people to name their favorite breakfast cereal of all time.

Here are the top 10 ...

10.) Puffa Puffa Rice

9.) Fortified Oat Flakes

8.) Rice Krinkles

7.) Concentrate Cereal

6.) Wheaties

5.) Cap’n Crunch Cereal

4.) Honey Nut Cheerios

3.) Cinnamon Toast Crunch

2.) Frosted Flakes

1.) Quisp



According to Cosmopolitan, here are "4 questions all guys can't stand."

"What's on your mind?"

"Do you think she's hot?"

"Would you tell me if your friend was cheating?"

"Do I look good in this?"



People Too Stupid to Own an iPhone 7

OMG America -

 After being tricked into microwaving their phones in order to recharge them and believing an update made their phones waterproof, one would think that iPhone users would have wised up to insane pranks involving their phones

Nope. The latest is a video making the rounds instructing iPhone 7 users to drill a hole into the end of their phones to create a headphone jack. And people are doing it!



Falling 23 Stories and Surviving? I'd Say He Did Impress Her!

In Siberia, a 16-year-old boy who set out to impress a girl climbed over a railing and swung from the handrails of a 23rd-floor balcony. It was impressive - and stupid as he ended up falling 230 feet! But what was really impressive - and miraculous - is that somehow -- partially because, authorities say, a parked car he landed on softened the blow -- he was conscious when emergency responders arrived and did not suffer life-threatening injuries! The damage includes only a bruised abdomen and lung, a tear in his liver and a broken shoulder. A very lucky man indeed. Also lucky was the owner of the car, who was not in it at the time. (Siberian Times)




Woman Gets Wisdom Teeth Removed; Sings 'Baby Got Back (I LIke Big Butts)' ... after getting her wisdom teeth removed, this woman and her friend decided to sing Sir Mix A Lot's 'Baby Got Back (I LIke Big Butts)'



Zach Galifiankis On 'Masterminds' ... he talks about how the movie is based on a true story. It happened back in the 90's in North Carolina.

A night guard at an armored car company masterminds one of the biggest bank heists in American history.

'Masterminds' opens today


·         Jim Carrey was going to play the lead role, but dropped out before Owen Wilson replaced him

·         The movie was shot at a manufacturing plant in Arden, North Carolina



Today's Mindbender: "50% of women think men who do this are arrogant?" What is it?"

Answer: drive an expensive sports car


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