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Thursday, March 26, 2015
85th day of the year.
There are 10 days remaining until Easter
Today is National Spinach Day, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, National Nougat Day and Legal Assistants Day

-- On this date in 1885, the first movie was produced

Thursday's Birthday Cake:
Keira Knightley (30)
rapper Jay Sean (34)
Steven Tyler (67



Rihanna Is Maybe Possibly Hopefully Dropping Her New Album Tomorow

Zayn Malik left One Direction yesterday.  The hot one's leaving for good!!!!!!   Perrie's (girlfriend) the modern day Yoko Ono
... I can't believe this    The band indicates they'll stay intact, just with four members.

 - the average age of starting to wear make-up is 11-years-old

Michelle Obama HAS a shaved head? NOW YA KNOW

Europe is Running Out of Space to _____ People! (Bury)

Tokyo, the world's safest city.

NFL owners and officials say they are optimistic there will be a team in Los Angeles in 2016. Maybe two.


A store famous for coming out with luxury holiday items has unveiled a hand-carved chocolate bunny with actual diamonds for eyes -- yours for only $49,000

McDonald's has launched a Big Mac clothing line. Pajamas, jackets, boots and even pet clothing featuring pictures of the Big Mac are for sale at

Ashton Kutcher has started a petition to get changing tables installed in men's rooms. Pass it on - ?#?LeanInTogether"

Beef prices are at an all-time high.

BLACK BOX STUFF:  If anyone ever asks you, cockpit voice recorders are designed to withstand impacts of 3,400 times the force of gravity.

women most want to enjoy a 'girls night out' with Tina Fey (37%) followed by Cameron Diaz (22%)

''Furious 7" ... he's proud of the upcoming film and says Paul Walker is "beautifully honored" at the end

Keanu Reeves Is Onboard for "Bill and Ted 3

New Movies Opening Tomorrow
Home (Rated PG) ... Starring: Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna ,
Get Hard (Rated R) ... Starring: Will Ferrell, Craig T. Nelson, Kevin Hart

Got Milk: A 26-year-old Australian woman was charged with assault after she allegedly squirted breast milk at a female police officer. The woman was arrested on a warrant and taken to a police station. She was annoyed by the strip search she was made to endure. The mother squirted milk at the female officer and struck her forehead, arms and clothes. She is now facing 18 months in jail

Delone Catholic High School, in Adams County, Pennsylvania, is requiring students to submit pictures of their prom dress for dress code approval. Hundreds of parents and students have signed a petition to get the school to change its rules. Young women, who purchased dresses with mesh or plunging necklines may have to buy another outfit.

The school’s prom is on May 1st

Chicago Cubs pitcher Edwin Jackson is blaming Google Maps for him missing a Spring Training start. He claims he typed “Oakland Athletics spring training complex” into his Google Maps app before it directed him to Phoenix Municipal Stadium. The A's no longer play there. Jackson finally found the right stadium and entered the game in the second inning. He gave up eight runs and nine hits in less than two innings.

Get Well Soon: Joseph Amorese, of Easton, Pennsylvania, won $7 million in the New York lottery. His dad sent him the winning ticket and a get well card after he had hernia surgery.

With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemies: The West Sunbury, Pennsylvania police recently had an easy time arresting Brent Henry. He used his credit card to pick a lock at his friend's mobile home. Brent's friend caught him. Brent fled, but left his card behind.


Your favorite snacks reveal tons about your personality. Discover how the tastes that tickle your palate also spotlight your dominate trait:

You're a dreamer
If you prefer sugary cereal, double chocolate brownies and hard candies. Friends and family often catch you with your head in the clouds. You're also very trusting, creative and artistic, believing that life is to be savored.

You're a diplomat
If you prefer gumdrops, ice cream and dips loaded with sour cream. You yearn for tranquility, and you're the one who steps in to settle squabbles between loved ones. Although you have opinions, you never force them on others.

You're a nonconformist
If you prefer dark chocolate, black coffee and sour candies. You're an unconventional person with a supreme confidence in your abilities. You also speak your mind with a refreshing candor that charms others.

You're a born leader
If you prefer potato chips, popcorn and peanuts. You aren't shy about taking charge and your bold attitude attracts others who eagerly follow you, whether at work or at play. People are reassured by your positive perspective.

You're a risk taker
If you prefer salsa, spicy foods and black pepper on everything. You're a passionate, innovative thinker who brings an upbeat, intriguing approach to your job. Others also appreciate your infectious sense of fun.


Chain Smoker Down to Five Cigarettes a Day. Oh, He's Six!
Indonesian chain smoker Dihan Muhamad is being praised by his parents for cutting his horrible smoking habit down to just five cigarettes a day. Oh -- did we mention he's only six years old? It seems Dihan has been smoking since he was a toddler but has scaled back his daily nicotine intake from two packs a day! Indonesian activist groups are currently ramping up a big campaign to put out the widespread problem of kids smoking. Dihan's mother said, "He was sick, he was coughing a lot, and the doctor said he had to quit." The child chain-smoker from Cicapar was featured in an August 2014 photo of TIME magazine, which highlighted the alarming smoking rate in Indonesia, where some children take their first puffs at age 4 and cigarette advertisements are plastered everywhere. About 240,000 people in the country died in 2013 because of tobacco. National Commission on Tobacco Control Commissioner Hakim Sorimuda Pohan called the problem a national emergency. (New York Daily News)

Idiots and Snapchat!
Maybe one day fugitive crooks taunting police on social media will work -- but today is not that day. Meet 24-year-old Christopher Wallace. As police were searching for him inside his home in Fairfield, Maine, Chris posted a message to Snapchat bragging that he was hiding inside a cabinet. While the message disappeared quickly, as Snapchat messages do, somebody still managed to see it and call police to let them know what it said. A search of the kitchen cabinets turned up some food, some pots and pans, and also a pair of feet -- Wallace's feet. So he was removed from the cabinet and placed under arrest. Oh -- how did police know to search the home in the first place? Thanks to an earlier Snapchat post by Wallace, of course. (Newser)

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day -- Ask listeners to call with holidays that they'd like to see. Among our best:

    Act Like a Man Day (Women get a chance to sit around a be waited on)
    Male PMS Day (Men can walk around cranky and irrational all day)
    Worship The Weiner Day (a woman requested this one)
    No Telemarketers Day.
    Arrest The Elderly Behind The Wheel Day.
    Drink Like A Kennedy At Work Day.
    No Shaving Month.
    Mandatory Mouthwash In-Line At The Post-Office Day.
    Just Say No To Carpenter-Crack Day.
    False Labor Day
    Start of Christmas Season Day
    Make a Move on you Secretary Day
    Hallmark Card Day
    Bring Your Handgun To Work Day
    Deadbeat Fathers Day
    Bad Hair Day
    Put Your Kid to Work Day
    Doris Day
    Saint Hooters Day

 Who has the most people living at their house right now? Why?
 Easter is on the way, anyone know why we even have Easter egg hunts?

According to a survey, 31% of women said they have no problem doing this in public. What is it? Wearing a bathing suit.

Today's Question: "11% of men do not know this about their partner. What is it?''

Extra Clue: some might avoid eye contact because of it

Extra Clue: her co-workers know it

Final Clue: not salary

Answer: her job title


Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction ... Zayn Malik left One Direction yesterday. A source tells Contact Music: ''He felt he had gotten everything he can out of being in the band and that it was now time to change his life and be away from all the craziness.'' Fans react

Female Fans React

I had to run to the restroom during class. #ZAYN #mightdie

it's literally not one direction without zayn nothing is going to be the same again everything is changed



Perrie's (girlfriend) the modern day Yoko Ono ... I can't believe this

Mike Rowe Sings The National Anthem ... the former host of Dirty Jobs sang the Star Spangled Banner at a baseball game


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