Friday, July 29, 2016

211th day of the year.

There are 155 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is National Lasagna Day, Lipstick Day and National Chicken Wing Day


-- On this date in 1958, NASA was created




FUN LOCAL FACT:  Oleander Drive USES TO BE CALLED "the New Wrightsville Beach Highway."


Tim Tebow won't call himself 'retired', hopes to coach some day and also, might eventually wander into politics.


And now there's a new app out there that lets you check out the male to female ratio at a bar before you go in. (WEEPO)


Apple has sold its one-billionth iPhone.


Honey Boo Boo mom, Mama June, has lost 150 pounds and is still going.



A study says a loss of the ability to smell may indicate the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.


- The Economic Times claims people are spending 75 minutes a day playing Pokemon Go. People are spending 35 minutes a day on Facebook.


Powerball Update: Tomorrow night's Powerball jackpot is worth $478 million. It is the fifth largest jackpot in the game's history.


Sia is going to record The Beatles song ''Blackbird'' for the animated Netflix series "Beat Bugs"

Pink is going to record ''Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds''


Nick Jonas is in talks to join The Rock, Kevin Hart and Jack Black in the reboot of Jumanji


Lingerie For Men

The NY Post claims a company called Menagerie is selling lingerie for men. Their line includes silk boxers, lacy pajamas and other silky underwear. Low-rise briefs sell for $69 while lacy biker shorts go for $89. Most of the underwear is sold out.



Soup IS Good Food

Research from the University of Portsmouth reveals that men can boost their fertility levels and charge up their love lives by eating tomato soup. Scientists say the soup's high lyocpene levels 'mop up' free radicals that sometimes damage sperm



 'weed weddings' are becoming popular in Colorado. Open bars are being replaced with marijuana-laced baked goods and smoke dens for guests. Hemp plants replace traditional flowers.

Advocates say weed relaxes people at weddings where booze can fuel family feuds and fights.


 A 30 year-old woman was recently driving on Route 4 in Mendon,Vermont when she passed her destination and quickly swerved because her GPS told her to turn around. The woman's car drove up a pair of guy wires (suspension wires) that were attached to a utility pole. The driver nor her passenger were injured. Rescue crews were called to remove the car from the wires and pole


"Sharknado 4" airs Sunday. Time for SyFy Movie Or Not?

·         RoboCroc (SyFy Movie)

·         Big Booty Spiders (NOT)

·         Ragin Cagin Redneck Gators (SyFy Movie)

·         Haunted Homecoming (NOT)

·         Piranhaconda (SyFy Movie)




Scientists may have figured out why the first gulp of a frozen drink can hurt your head. Research has found that when ice water is sipped though a straw, it causes an artery behind the eyes to dilate. The artery presses on nearby nerves, possibly causing brain pain. Drink slowly to prevent the rush of blood and subsequent string,



Loudest Snoring Dog EVER; Bulldog Snores With His Eyes Open ... an adorable bulldog snores with his eyes open much to his owner's delight


Today's Mindbender: ''70% of women would rather clean their bathroom than do this. What is it?''

Answer: try on swimsuits


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