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Avocado Slicer, See Through Toaster and Amazing Spatula!



Get the slicer here!                         Get the toaster here!                  Get the spatula here


Microwave Covers and Citrus Spritzer



             Get it here!                                                   Get it here!


Office Awesomeness!


Get the chair here!                                         Get the cup holder here!


Get it here

The most amazing portable grill EVER!!!!


Get it HERE!

High Heel Flats and Soap Dish!




Kitchen Gadgets! 



Get them HERE and HERE


Indoor slide and indoor grill!





Wearable Wallets!!!




Get them here and here

The best way to wash your wine glasses! LOVE THIS!!

Get it here!

Amazing Ice Cream Scoop and Corn Peeler!




Get the ice cream scoop here!                                               Get the corn peeler here! 

Microegg and Charging Station



Get the microegg HERE!                                            Get the charging station HERE!


The BEST coffee pot EVER!


Get it here!

Wine Lover Gifts!!


Get the glasses here!                       Get the cork here!

Cell Phone Case/Pocket Knife Combo!

Get the phone case/pocket watch HERE!


Healthy Food Frier!! WOOOOW!

Get it here

New Wine Chiller and Entertainer Bowl!



Get the wine chiller here!                                    Get the entertainer bowl here!


The coolest Halloween Decoration!!

Get it here!

Sticky Notes Revolutionized and Suit Case Dresser!


Get the sticky notes here!                                Get the suit case here!

Kitchen Utensils and iPhone underwater case!


Get the utensils here!                               Get the case here

End Table Mini Fridge and Man Remote!



Get the fridge here!                                                            Get the remote here


iPhone Charger and Sanitizer 

Get it here


Apps and Drinks Tray!

Get it here

Grill Light!


Get it here!

Fruit Keg Tapping System

Get it here!


Car Tray and Bed Risers! 


Get the car tray here!                                                      Get the bed risers here


Hidden Extension Cord!

Get it here!

Oven Rack Guard

Get it here!

Auto Emergency Tool


Get it here

SanDisk Connect! 


Get it here!

(Extra storage for your phone with no need for internet connection!) 


Instant Wine Cooler!


Get it HERE!

Portable Cheese Melter and Grill!



Get the cheese melter HERE.                                          Get the grill HERE


FLIPS HEADPHONES! Headphones and Speakers...


Get them HERE!

Toast Shape Egg Mold and Earbud Cell Phone Case!



Get it here!                                                        Get it here!


Toothbrush Sanitizer!


Get it here!

Mango Splitter....Life is complete!!!

Get it HERE

Eye-Fi...Transfer photos from your camera to your phone instantly!

Get it here

iFlash for your smart phone!

Get it and so much more for your phone here


Summer Wine Essentials!


Get it here!                                            Get it here


Herb Board and Solar Beach Umbrella



Get the herb board here!                                            Get the umbrella here!

Spiral Veggie Slicer!


Get it here

Paint Touch Up Buddy and Water Fountain Tool!


Get the paint buddy here!                                                         Get the water fountain here!

Soda Can Bug Screen and Outdoor Sofa!


Get the soda can cover here!                                                        Get the blow up couch here!!


Power Cup for Cars and Marinade Infusing Meat Tenderizer 


Get the car charger here!                                       Get the meat tenderizer here!



Glide Toaster and Bathtub Wine Holder!



Get the toaster here!                     Get the wine glass holder here!


Amazing Cutting Board and Credit Card Swiper!



                  Get the credit card swipe here!                                  Get the cutting board here!

Coffee Cup Warmer and iKeep for Cell Phones!



Get the coffee cup warmer HERE!

Get the iKeep HERE!

Squirrel Planter and iPhone Projector!



Get the planter HERE

Get the projector HERE

Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven!

Get it here!

Sea Stamped Necklace with Wrightsville Beach Coordinates!

From a local artist, visit to see of all her products and for any custom orders!


Breakfast Sandwhich Maker and Glo Ball Nightlight!


     Get the nightlight here!                                  Get the sandwhich maker here!


Citrus Zinger Water Bottle



Personal Pie Maker and Wine Station



Get the Pie Maker HERE!

Get the Wine Station HERE!


Pineapple Cutter and Couples Alarm Clock


Get the pineapple cutter HERE!

Get the couples alarm clock HERE!


Such a cute gift idea for places and people that are special to you!

Get it HERE!

Conserve Socket

The Easy Way to Save Energy!

Get it HERE!

The Brydge Bluetooth Keyboard!

Get it here!

TILE- The World's Largest Lost and Found

Get it here!


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