Friday, August 28th, 2015

Well, after a top secret wedding ceremony and honeymoon in Bora Bora, it's back to work as usual for Jennifer Aniston.

The newlywed, who recently returned from her whirlwind festivities with her new hubby Justin Theroux, was spotted on the set of her upcoming romantic comedyMother's Day—which also stars Jason Sudeikis, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson—earlier today. Aniston was casually dressed in a pink tank top, blue pants and tan heels while shooting at a local Sprouts Farmers Market.

Theroux, however, went back to work fairly quickly after returning from his honeymoon, heading straight to Austin to shoot his HBO series The Leftovers. But he did manage to spill on what it's like to finally be married to his ladylove.

"I'm very happy," he told People magazine. Even though they've been together

Theroux also told the publication that the cast and crew "gave me a big cheer so it was wonderful," and even gushed about his new wedding band. "It's nice to be able to look down and see a new piece of jewelry on my finger," he said.

Aw! Jen couldn't help but glow about her big life event, as well. Aniston opened up to E! News at her first red carpet appearance since becoming a married woman and told Catt Sadler at the time that referring to her longtime love as her "husband" now "feels quite natural."

After a three-year engagement, the couple said "I Do" Aug. 5 in an intimate ceremony at their Bel-Air, Calif., home. Guests included Ellen DeGeneresRachel McAdamsHoward SternJimmy Kimmel (who officiated!) and many other A-list friends. A source close to the couple dished to E! News following the report of their marriage that their similarities help them find a common ground while living in the spotlight.

"They live similar lives. They go their own ways but then meet back again and it works very well for them," the insider dished. "They seem to enjoy their time apart and then spending time to back together again."

A separate source also told us, "Justin knew she was the one from the start. He was tickled to death when they first started dating. They fell deeply in love very fast."



Is there going to be awkward tension on Sunday?

Just as the news broke that the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards is going to open with a performance from Nicki Minaj (guess she doesn't hate the VMAs that much), we learned that the highly anticipated host for this weekend's festivities, Miley Cyrus, is not exactly cool with the way the rapper handled herself during that Taylor Swift-VMA nomination controversy.

You remember what we're talking about, right?

In a new interview with The New York Times, Cyrus candidly says that she didn't familiarize herself too much with the whole Swift-Minaj debacle because Nicki's approach was one of "anger."

"I didn't follow it. You know what I always say? Not that this is jealousy, but jealousy does the opposite of what you want it to—that's a yoga mantra. People forget that the choices that they make and how they treat people in life affect you in a really big way. If you do things with an open heart and you come at things with love, you would be heard and I would respect your statement. But I don't respect your statement because of the anger that came with it," she says.

"And it's not anger like, 'Guys, I'm frustrated about some things that are a bigger issue.' You made it about you. Not to sound like a bitch, but that's like, 'Eh, I didn't get my VMA'...If you want to make it about race, there's a way you could do that. But don't make it just about yourself. Say: 'This is the reason why I think it's important to be nominated. There's girls everywhere with this body type.'"

Wait, there's more.

Cyrus continued by adding, "What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind. It's not very polite," and ultimately concluded with the statement that she doesn't think MTV did it on purpose.

Complex, which published a piece explaining Minaj's point during the whole controversy, tweeted their previous story again with the text, "Nicki Minaj was right to call the #VMAs racist. Miley Cyrus may have missed the memo."

That drew a response from Nicki, who wrote back, "Complex, I always appreciate you. Thank you."




True story: Taylor Swift is friends with most of the other famous people in the world. And those she hasn't charmed the bespoke socks off of yet are presumably just waiting for their invitations to join her squad.

But while she's been known for having special guests join her on stage throughout her touring career, the "Style" singer has really upped her celeb-cameo game on this 1989 World Tour, welcoming fellow music mega-stars, championship athletes, supermodels and even an Oscar winner to the party.

Sure, she's only gotten increasingly famous since she first struck out on her Fearless Tour (and, mindblower alert, Katy Perry and John Mayer were among her guests), but surely other forces have been at work to make each night a veritable grab-bag of who's who!

Well, while we can't say it's all been sweet serendipity in which Taylor points to a celeb (and there are usually many to choose from, particularly at shows in places like L.A., New York and Chicago) and the person in question magically ascends the stage and makes a moment, we are happy to report that it's not all cold, corporate bookings, either.

And some appearances have been as close to spontaneous as possible!

Julia Roberts, who like Ben Affleck is the parent of some little Swifties, arranged a meet-and-greet for her kids backstage and later ended up on stage at Taylor's invitation, a source tells E! News.

Similarly, Uzo Aduba, who joined Taylor in L.A. for a duet on "White Horse," told us at the Netflix junket this week that Swift extended the invite right before the show when they were talking backstage.

"She is just lovely, amazing," the Orange Is the New Black star told us about Swift. "And it was a fun night, the concert was amazing, so sick...It was a great, awesome night."

Matt LeBlanc's cameo on Saturday was also a last-minute arrangement, made when he met Taylor before the concert, a Friendly encounter that foreshadowedLisa Kudrow's epic performance of "Smelly Cat" last night (a night that almost blew the roof off the place thanks to Justin Timberlake's surprise appearance and the long-awaited arrival of Swift bestie Selena Gomez).

On Sunday, meanwhile, Taylor actually revealed that she gives potential guests her itinerary ahead of time and gives them a chance to pick a date to join her on stage. Her five L.A. shows, of course, proved quite popular with the Hollywood set.

John Legend who sang "All of Me" with Swift on Tuesday in L.A., was also a last-minute addition at Taylor's behest. She told the audience she found out he and wife Chrissy Teigen would be in the audience, so she called Chrissy (who is presumably in the "Supermodels" group on Taylor's iPhone) and asked if her hubby would perform.






The singer debuted new music when she released "Good for You" featuring A$AP Rocky earlier this summer, but it looks like that hit single is just the beginning.

Gomez took to Twitter today to tease fans that there is more to come from the star, but didn't give any detail behind the project she's working on right away. She did, however, provide us with some eye candy by also sharing a sexy black and white video that shows her seductively staring into a mirror while baring cleavage in a cut-out black top.

The only information we got from the video was the date Sept. 16.

The obvious assumption is an album release, in which case, we're already getting ready to rock out with our hairbrush to some new Selena tunes, but wait just a second...

Shortly afterward, she revealed teaser #2, which continued to show Gomez being all hot in front of the mirror, but also added that the top secret mission on Sept. 16 is going to be a special fan event! Say whaaaa?!

And that's not all!

Selena followed up with yet another teaser that offered up a link for the event which has been called Revival.

"Enter here for your chance to attend a once-in-a-lifetime event with Selena, September 16th in Los Angeles," the website states.

"Want to be an even bigger part of the experience? Create a photo or video explaining what REVIVAL means to you and tag it #REVIVALevent on Twitter or Instagram! Selena will pick her favorites and your work might be included in the Revival experience."



Nicki Minaj may have her issues with MTV's Video Music Awards but that's not stopping the hip-hop

MTV announced Thursday the "Anaconda" rapper will take the stage at Sunday's VMAs, making it her second performance at the awards show in as many years. 



 Madame Tussauds is creating a Grumpy Cat wax statue


- Gossip Cop says contrary to published reports Mila Kunis is not pregnant again. Life & Style Weekly quoted a source as saying: “Most of their pals think Mila’s in the early stages of her second pregnancy. She’s been exhausted lately and has complained that she’s not feeling well, which everyone assumes is morning sickness.”

E! claims Betty White is going to guest star on the Fox show, ''Bones''. She will play a doctor, who consults on a murder linked to fantasy football

- Donald Trump insulted the Bush family 33 times during a recent 35-minute interview with The Washington Post. When asked about George W. Bush, he said: “He didn’t seem smart. I’d watch him in interviews and I’d look at people and ask, ‘Do you think he understands the question?’”

- Ransom House has given Donald Trump a $20 million advance for his newest book,''Apologizing Is for Losers.''

Lucy Liu is a new mother. She Instagrammed: "Introducing the new little man in my life, my son Rockwell Lloyd Liu. In [love]" Lucy had her son through a gestational carrier



It sounds bizarre on the surface, but the driver of the Lexus who was killed after Caitlyn Jenner plowed into her is being sued for $18.5 MILLION ... claiming she was negligent when her car careened into oncoming traffic and struck a Hummer.

The estate of Kim Howe just got hit with 5 creditors' claims ... filed by the 5 occupants of the Hummer.

As you know, the force and trajectory of initial impact pushed the Lexus into the Hummer on PCH last February. 

In the creditors' claims, the Hummer passengers allege Kim Howe was negligent, claiming she caused the collision. The claims are not specific.

We're told the Hummer occupants will sue Jenner as well at a later time.


Miley Cyrus isn't afraid to take on her haters!

Before her appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the wild pop star went undercover in a wig, glasses and frumpy suit to ask fans what they really think of her.

The best part? She covered up her Southern twang with an Australian accent!

The interviewees didn't hold back when Miley asked people about her upcoming hosting gig at the MTV VMAs this weekend.

One man admitted he wasn't a fan of Cyrus' "style or her dad." "I just don't like her whole family," the interviewee said, later adding, "The whole fabric of America is falling apart and she's not doing anything to try to keep it together."

Another fan didn't have a problem with Miley, but he admitted that he "likes Taylor Swift better." And, a pair of teenagers didn't even recognize the "Hannah Montana" alum, even after she twerked with them!

Check out the hilarious clip above to see Cyrus in action.




This year's MTV Video Music Awards are shaping up to be quite a star-studded evening.

I can exclusively reveal that Britney Spears will make an appearance at the VMAs on Sunday.

Whispers began earlier today when producers included the pop princess in its seating chart preview.

Sources report that Ms. Spears is set to present the show's first Moon Man.

Hosted by Miley Cyrus, the VMAs will include performances by Justin BieberThe WeekndPharrell WilliamsDemi LovatoMacklemore & Ryan LewisTori Kelly,A$AP Rocky and Twenty One Pilots.

Kanye West will be honored with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. Past honorees include Spears and Beyoncé.

Nick Jonas and Lovato will perform during the pre-show, which will also include the premieres of music videos for Jonas' "Levels" and Taylor Swift 's "Wildest Dreams."

Swift goes into the show with nine nominations, including Video of the Year for "Bad Blood," Best Female Video and Best Pop Video for "Blank Space." Ed Sheerancomes in second with six nominations, including Best Male Video and Best Pop Video for "Thinking Out Loud," and Best Choreography for "Don't."

Meanwhile, Bey is up for five awards, including Video of the Year, Female Video and Best Pop Video for "7/11."

The MTV Video Music Awards air Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.




Ashley Madison? Better change the name to Sausage Fest.

Some depressing or hilarious (depending on your point of view) new information just came to light thanks to the data dump that published the details of Ashley Madison's 36 million accounts.

By the way, since we are talking about the Ashley Madison hack so much, we need a name for it. Ashley-gate? Cheater Data Dump-palooza? Discuss.

Gizmodo's Annalee Newitz analyzed the data after reports were released that 95% of the women on the site were really fake accounts. What Newitz found after combing through the data was worse. Much worse.

When she picked out what looked like real accounts, the ratio was skewed more than anyone imagined:

•1,492 of females in the database ever opened their Ashley Madison inbox to check messages. In comparison, 20 million men were opening messages on the site.
•2,409 women used the chat function versus 11 million plus men 

According to Newitz's research, the ratio of actual women responding to emails and using the site compared to the millions and millions of activity from men was depressing.

"Overall, the picture is grim indeed," she summarizes. "Out of 5.5 million female accounts, roughly zero percent had ever shown any kind of activity at all, after the day they were created."

Think about the 31 million men that were using the site…who were they talking to?! Any way you slice it, there were just not enough females on Ashley Madison to go around. Demand was high, but supply was low. Members just didn't know that. Until now.

Of course, plenty of men were probably able to find a suitable mistress and met them in person. But as for the countless dudes who signed on to have a hot chat with a sexy lady…were they really interacting with a female? Or just an Ashley Madison employee using the account to keep the customers interested?

Tune in next time for more intriguing updates from Ashley-gate.

(We still need a new name).

Basically, the some 31 million men who were on Ashley Madison looking to get something on the side were paying to talk to women who weren't even real.

"The more I examined those 5.5 million female profiles, the more obvious it became that none of them had ever talked to men on the site, or even used the site at all after creating a profile," writes Newitz.

She found a mountain of evidence (ashleymadison.com test accounts and loopback interfaces) that signified that Ashley Madison employees were creating and maintaining these fake accounts to give paying customers the allusion that a real, hot-blooded woman is on the other end of emails and chats.



TV's Highest-Paid Actors according to Forbes

1. Jim Parsons: $29 million

2. Johnny Galecki: $27 million

3. Mark Harmon: $20 million

3. Simon Helberg: $20 million

3. Kunal Nayyar: $20 million

3. Ashton Kutcher: $20 million

7. Jon Cryer: $15 million

7. Ray Romano: $15 million

9. Patrick Dempsey: $12 million

9. Simon Baker: $12 million

11. Ty Burrell: $11.5 million

12. Jesse Tyler Ferguson: $11 million

13. Ed O'Neill: $10.5 million

13. Eric Stonestreet: $10.5 million

15. Kevin Spacey: $9.5 million



Charlie Sheen Tweet of the Day:

If Trump will hv me
I'd be his VP
in a heartbeat!



Contact Music claims the East Hamptons, New York police recently closed a charity lemonade stand run by Jerry Seinfeld's son. Neighbors called the police and complained about the traffic. Jerry Instagrammaed a photo of his son with his arms behind his head in an 'arrest' stance. He wrote: "Lemonade dreams crushed by local neighbor but not before raising lots of money for (the charity). Thanks to all our customers and big tippers!"

Jerry's son was raising money for Baby Buggy, a charity that provides kids' clothing and baby equipment to needy families.



People magazine claims Jennifer Garner is rethinking her living arrangement with Ben Affleck. He is currently staying on their property. A source tells the mag: "Jen will always make sure that Ben spends as much time with the kids as he wants, but she is rethinking their living situation. She can't stand the situation Ben has put her and the kids in."

A second source says: "They are thinking about the housing situation together and continue to work on the relationship. Any family going through a split hurts. They are in a much better place now. Jen is being smart and not putting too much pressure on herself right now. When she comes back to L.A., she will take things day by day."



US Weekly claims Brad and Angelina are house hunting in London. A source tells the magazine that they are looking at a $39 million home in Westminster. "It’s a huge investment. Neither of them wants to throw down that amount of cash. Angie wants to slowly immerse herself in E.U. politics."


Radar Online claims Snooki will never leave her husband even if he's cheating because they never signed a prenup. A source tells the site: “Nicole never signed a prenup before marrying Jionni. Her family and friends insisted she get one, but she vehemently refused.”

Snooki is worth $4 million and denies Jionni has an Ashley Madison account.



Vouchercloud recently asked over 2,000 parents to name the worst celebrity influences for children.

Female Celebs

Miley Cyrus (78%)

Nicki Minaj (54%)

Kim Kardashian (43%)

Kristen Stewart (36%)

Rihanna (34%)

Male Celebs

Kanye West (56%)

Justin Bieber (55%)

One Direction's Zayn Malik (41%)

Shia LaBeouf (38%)



Walk The Moon is going to perform 'Shut Up And Dance' on the VMAs Red Carpet on Sunday


Ben Affleck took his daughters to see Taylor Swift in concert at the Staples Center in L.A.. A source tells E!: "They all had a great time. This was something they really wanted to do. The girls had been begging to go," the source adds. "He was so excited for them."



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