Tuesday, April 28th, 2015


Bruce Jenner's docuseries will have plenty of serious, eye-opening moments, but there will also be plenty of fun, including how Bruce will adapt his golf game with newly-formed breasts. 

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ, the goal of the 8-part docuseries is to educate people and provide hope and inspiration for those going through the challenges Bruce has faced. But as one source put it, "If all you have is a downer, you don't have a show."  

So we're told the show will have a balance, showing "the dark moments, the lighthearted moments and moments that are just plain hilarious."

Our production sources say Bruce's golf game will be front and center. Bruce is a great golfer, and apparently it's not an easy transition to swing with breasts.

There will also be a social aspect to the show. You'll recall Bruce mentioned he sometimes has wine and cheese parties with his girlfriends. That's on the table for the program, although nothing is set in stone.

We're also told the cosmetic side of Bruce's transition will be represented.  

As a production source said, "There will be a happy medium. Bruce has a great sense of humor and it will be showcased. But the show will deal with the very serious issues Bruce is committed to showing."

Our opinion ... that's exactly what the show should be -- it's not a tragic story, it's a life story.


Someone's still bitter ...

Brody Jenner took to Instagram on Sunday to take a jab at step-sister Kim Kardashian, who famously didn't allow him to bring a +1 to her wedding to Kanye West.

"Look... @kaitlynn_carter and I finally get to attend a wedding together," he captioned a photo over the weekend -- showing him, his girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter, brother Brandon Jenner and mom Linda Thompson at celebrating a friends' nuptials.

He must have felt bad after posting ... or started catching heat from his family members ... because the photo was eventually deleted.

During last season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," we saw Kim tell Bruce Jenner that she didn't want Brody to bring Kaitlynn -- with Bruce agreeing that was probably for the best.

Brody would later say he had prior commitments and that's why he couldn't make it -- citing a DJ gig that was held the same weekend.

This season on the E! reality series, he got even more open about the whole situation, saying they probably didn't even miss him all that much.

"I'm very happy for them, but do you think that they were really like, 'We have to have Brody and Kaitlynn there. If they're not there then this wedding is not going to happen,'" he said while out to drinks with Bruce, Brandon, Burt, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian.

Bruce pointed out that Brody did attend Reggie Bush's wedding, who Kim famously dated on and off from 2007-2009.  

"Of course, why wouldn't I, I love Reggie," Brody proclaimed. "Put Kanye and Reggie together in a burning building, guess who I'm saving? Reggie!" Brody added. 

Looks like these two may still have some issues to  work out ...

Burt Jenner also took to his Twitter page to throw some shade -- and many think his tweet was aimed at some of the reality TV stars.

"Having a hard time not putting a few people on blast who were not supporters before hand, but want to act like they were all along," he tweeted, then deleted.

He didn't follow up that tweet with any clarifying remarks.




The search for suspects in the Lil Wayne tour bus shooting might lead back to the Atlanta nightclub where he performed that night ... and a heated showdown he had with audience members. 

Sources in Compound Nightclub this weekend say Weezy got into it with several people in the crowd. It's unclear what was said to spark the dispute, but we're told Wayne was hot as fish grease during part of his performance. 

We're told club security eventually booted the hecklers, but just to be safe ... Wayne got extra protection while leaving the club and getting onto his tour bus.

As we reported .. the shooting went down minutes after the bus left the club.

Police have no suspects yet -- and continue to investigate -- but the near-melee could be a clue. 



Wiz Khalifa and Usher are doing a brand new song that gets unveiled tonight ... but one raps about the love of his life, while the other sings "good riddance" to his baby mama.  

Wiz and Usher collaborated on a remix of Rico Love's "Somebody Else."  
Wiz seems to be saying Amber Rose left a hole in his heart and he can't fill it.  

Usher starts by wishing Tameka Foster finds someone ... ANYONE, so she'll get off his back.

Check it Out.



Put a bunch of hormone-filled 13-year-old Jewish boys in a room and give them one wish and it would probably be having Nicki Minaj show up at a bar mitzvah ... and this weekend, that wish was granted.

13-year-old Matt Murstein's millionaire financier dad called in a few favors, and dropped a few shekels to get the "Anaconda" rapper to help the kid usher in adulthood Saturday night at the Pierre Hotel in NYC.

We're told Nicki performed 7 songs and stuck around for a meet and greet where the boy, sorry ...the MAN made a pass at her! Check out Saul Suave's one-liner to Nicki in the video. 

Aside from Nicki ... Bob CostasPatrick Ewing and John Starks made cameos via video -- and Matt got to hang with baseball legend Hank Aaron and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

Matt's pickup line obviously didn't work on Nicki -- she's no Tyga -- but you gotta appreciate the guy's chutzpah.


Justin Bieber was not welcome at the high school prom he crashed this weekend -- not by the adults, anyway -- because school administrators say he physically shoved his way into the event.

Bieber popped into the Chatsworth Charter High prom for a few minutes on Saturday night at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood -- and the students LOVED it when JB cruised around the dance floor.

Now, this might sound a little Footloose-y ... but the L.A. Unified School District thinks Justin's surprise dance appearance put students at risk. A district rep tells TMZ, "His entourage pushed past the school's security to gain access to the dance floor" ... and administrators were worried they wouldn't be able to control the crowd.

Justin had been recording on the lot -- something the school says it was aware of ... however, they were "assured that he would not come out to interfere."

Bieber's rep tells us no one tried to stop him when he walked in at the request of a few students he met on the lot. The rep adds, "It's unfortunate they're trying to make this a negative thing. It was awesome for all the kids."

The school does acknowledge the kids had a "once in a lifetime experience" -- but adds its main concern was for the safety of the kids and Justin.

In the end, no one was injured ... so, no detention for Justin.



The guy who admitted he threatened to gun down Mama June and her daughter on Facebook is getting off without serving jail time.

Andrew Kurt Summers pled guilty Monday to one count of making a terrorist threat. He got 3 years probation, and was fined $1,000. But the big news .... he won't be locked up.  

Summers -- who claimed it was all a big joke -- was also ordered to have no contact with Mama June, Pumpkin, or anyone else in their family. 

As TMZ first reported, Summers was arrested for making threats on Mama June's Facebook page.

Summers called it a "dumb mistake."




Retirement never looked so naked!

Less than two weeks after bidding an emotional farewell to the runway with her final walk at São Paulo Fashion Week, one of the world's most successful supermodels is turning up the heat on the cover of Vogue Brasil.

While celebrating the publication's 40th anniversary issue, Gisele Bündchendecided to also commemorate 20 years in the business with a special spread.

Standing tall on a podium completely naked, Mrs. Tom Brady showed off her fabulous figure and long locks while carrying a letter "G" in gold. And once you take a peek inside the issue, things stay just as sexy as she lays in a bathtub fully clothed.

"My 20-year career celebration cover @voguebrasil," the model wrote on Instagram. "Thanks to everyone who is part of this special edition. @gb65 @inezvinoodh @danielueda1@bartpumpkin @dickpageface @deborahlippmann."



Brad Pitt Explains the Story Behind His Bruised Face: Don't Run Up Steps Wearing Flip Flops! Rest easy, ladies. Brad Pitt's bruised face isn't serious at all. The Oscar-winning actor stepped out Saturday night at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood to support the 3rd annual Light Up the Blues concert. But while speaking onstage in support of Autism Speaks, Pitt got fans buzzing for his visible boo-boo. Never fear, folks! It was simply caused by a little trip. "This is what happens when you try to run up steps in the dark, with your arms full, wearing flip flops," Pitt said in a statement to E! News. "Turns out, if you then try to stop your forward momentum with your face, the result is road rash." Being the humanitarian and philanthropist that he is, Pitt wasn't going to let a little accident stop him from attending such a special event. "Regardless, I wasn't going to miss the Autism Speaks benefit the night after," he shared. "Wonderful people and I was honored to be a part of this important event." Jack Black served as emcee for the star-studded event that featured performances from talented musicians with autism. During the auction portion of the event, Pitt ended up walking away with a guitar signed by the performers for a whopping $23,000. Also in attendance to show their support was Christina Applegate, Gary Cole and Amy Brenneman. (Eonline)


Ariana Grande got a big scare at a concert after an obsessed fan with a bizarre history showed up, demanding a face-to-face with the singer. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they were on alert for Timothy Normandin when Grande performed last month in Connecticut. There was good reason to have the heads up. Normandin has had multiple run-ins with Ariana. He sent her various gifts, including a 42.5 pound pumpkin. He once showed up at her record company in a Santa suit. That stunt got him placed on a psych hold. He was arrested at the concert venue for criminal trespass and released on a $5,000 bond. Scary times for big stars. (Fishwrapper)


Another HUUUGE boxing role for Jamie Foxx -- 'cause he's just been tapped to sing the national anthem at the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight! Our sources confirm ... Foxx -- who's starring as Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic -- was recently approached about belting out the "Star-Spangled Banner" ... and jumped at the chance! Foxx is a MAJOR boxing fan -- and famously starred as Muhammad Ali's right-hand man Drew Bundini Brown in "Ali." This isn't the first time Foxx will be singing before a fight -- he belted out "America the Beautiful" before the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight back in 2011 ... and CRUSHED IT!!!! (TMZ)


Mariah Carey Releases New Song "Infinity." Is old school Mariah Carey back?! By the sound of her new single, "Infinity," it seems so! The new track, which will be released on her upcoming greatest-hits album, Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity, has all of the corny lyrics and Carey vocals that we all have come to know and love. There might be one person, however, who might not take a particular liking to this song -- estranged husband Nick Cannon. "Why you mad / Talking bout you mad / Could it be / That you just lost the best you / Ever had / That's yo bag / Yep that's too bad," she croons, seemingly referring to the father of her twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Cannon filed for divorce from the "Always Be My Baby" singer in January, only a few months after he took to Twitter to publicly declare his love for Carey. "I love Mariah Carey and that will never change!!!!" he posted. He then wrote a series of tweets defending their marriage and her abilities as a mother. But now it seems that their split has become a little bit uglier, as the lyrics to her new song, which will be the only original song on the upcoming album, are written about the America's Got Talent host. "Close the door / Lose the key / Leave my heart on the mat for me / I was yours / Eternally / There's an end to infinity / To infinity," she sings in the chorus. Although the lyrics are definitely loaded, there are some cheesy lines that make you want to sing along with the volume on full blast. Lines such as "name hold weight like kilos / boy you actin so corny like fritos," almost make you forget what the song alludes to and instead makes you want to blast it like it's "Fantasy" or "Emotions." "Infinity" reunites Carey and Epic CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid who helped put together one of Carey's best-selling albums, The Emancipation of Mimi. She will perform her new single and the rest of her hits at her #1 to Infinity show in Las Vegas. For now, she has released only a lyric video, which is just as corny as the lyrics themselves with visuals that include cartoon butterflies and images of doors closing, but will eventually release a music video that will be directed by longtime friend Brett Ratner. Recently Ratner and Carey sparked rumors of a potential romance after getting spotted cozying up together, but both insist they're just friends. "It makes me laugh actually," he said. "It cracks me up. We're great friends. She's awesome and she's amazing." (Eonline)


Whose idea was it for Britney Spears to cover Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner," the leaked track that's currently burning up the Internet? It was none other than the singer's own, according to legendary producer Giorgio Moroder. "She wanted to redo 'Tom's Diner' -- that was something she wanted to do -- and she asked me if I was interested in producing it and having it on my album, and I loved the idea," Moroder tells Yahoo Music. The 74-year-old will include the track on Dejà Vu, his first solo album in over 30 years, which will be released June 16 on RCA Records. Giorgio Moroder Talks Britney Spears Collaboration The electronic music legend discusses his cover of Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner, featuring Britney Spears. "She must have liked the original voice of Suzanne Vega," continues Moroder, noting that Spears emulates Vega's no-frills singing style on her version of the 1991 hit. Moroder -- responsible for some of the biggest dance hits in history, including Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" and Irene Cara's "Flashdance (What a Feeling)" -- says he sought to keep Spears's vocals as close to the recording as possible in the final mix. "I listened a lot to her latest songs, which were all a little... the voice was a little mechanical, too many effects on some, while on this one, she's basically without," he says. "A little delay, but no effects, no nothing, so it sounds really natural. I don't think you could say immediately, 'Oh, this is Britney,' because she sounds so good on this song." Other artists recruited for Dejà Vu include Sia, Charli XCX, and Kylie Minogue, the latter singing on the single "Right Here, Right Now," which dropped earlier this year. (Launch)



As Stephanie Tanner would say on Full House... HOW RUDE! But is this the case with Kesha?! Recently, the We R Who We R singer has been doing a tour of colleges, and apparently she isn't too friendly (besides taking one or two quick pics) with the students! PerezHilton.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the performer is ignoring fans before and after performances! Reportedly, some die hard fanatics have been waiting for hours by her tour bus, but the 28-year-old walks right past them without taking photos or signing autographs! Say it ain't so! Not only that, but apparently the pop star has told police to tell concert goers that if they don't stop bothering her, they will be arrested! Word of the glitter queen's bad behavior has spread, because her ticket sales have been plummeting! A show last week at Adelphi University appeared to be half empty, and a show this Wednesday in New York is far from sold out! We just hope these reports aren't true! Kesha! Don't ignore the people who made you famous! (Perez Hilton)


The family of Amy Winehouse has criticized a documentary about the late singer that is due to have its premiere at next month's Cannes Film Festival. A statement issued Sunday by family spokesman Chris Goodman said director Asif Kapadia's "Amy" is "misleading and contains some basic untruths." The statement said the film suggested family members did too little to help the singer, who died in July 2011 at age 27 of accidental alcohol poisoning. The soul diva, whose 2006 album "Back to Black" won five Grammy Awards, had battled drug and alcohol abuse for years. The family statement said the movie did not reflect the "huge effort from all concerned to help Amy at all stages." "Fundamentally, the Winehouse family believes that the film does a disservice to individuals and families suffering from the complicated affliction of addiction," it said. The filmmakers said in a statement that they began work with "total objectivity" and the support of the Winehouse family. They said the documentary was the result of interviews with about 100 people who knew the singer, including "friends, family, former partners and members of the music industry that worked with her." Kapadia won wide acclaim with "Senna," a documentary about the late motor racing champion Ayrton Senna. "Amy" is due to screen out of competition at the May 13-24 Cannes festival. (Page Six)


Frozen just got iced out. Furious 7 continues to break box office records and, as of this weekend, has made even more in ticket sales than the hugely successful Disney flick -- in just weeks! The action movie topped the box office totals for the fourth straight week, making about $18.26 million this past weekend. Since it debuted at the beginning of the month, Furious 7 has brought in $320.536 million at the domestic box office. Dominating abroad, the latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise made an additional $1 billion in foreign sales. The celebrated movie has now made more than $1.32 billion worldwide. This stunning total makes Furious 7 the fifth-highest grossing movie of all time. With this weekend's haul it edged out Disney's Frozen, bumping the animated favorite to sixth place. The racing movie could still climb in the rankings as it sits just $20 million below the fourth most financially successful film, 2011's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2. The Avengers holds the No. 3 spot with a 2012 total of $1.518 billion, while 1997's Titanic comes in second with an epic international gross of $2.186 billion. Finally, atop the list is the worldwide success Avatar, which made $2.787 billion in 2009. Starring the late Paul Walker, Furious 7 has seen huge success in the four short weeks it's been in theaters. The film has been buoyed by fans' interest in seeing Walker's final contribution to the series, which he first appeared in with 2001's The Fast and the Furious. Also starring Vin Diesel, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, and Tyrese Gibson, among others, Furious 7 also had the highest-grossing debut in the history of Universal Pictures. The film studio announced plans last week for Furious 8, scheduled to hit theaters on April 14, 2017. (US Weekly)


- The NY Daily News claims unopened boxes of Wheaties, with Bruce Jenner on the cover, are selling for $255 on eBay






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