Thursday, May 28th, 2015

When given the opportunity to meet Justin Bieber, chances are a dozen things begin filling your mind.

What are you going to wear? What are you going to say? Should you ask for a selfie and pose on your left or right side?

But for one longtime Belieber named Llia, the biggest question she faced was whether or not she should bring her unique accessory to the once in a lifetime meeting. As it turns out, the lucky lady brought along a backpack that featured several mug shots of the "Baby" singer and he totally loved it!

"Justin did like my backpack. He even told me a story that goes with the bible because of it," Llia wrote on Twitter. "My backpack shows that I will love him through all the bad times too. Don't take it the wrong way."

She added, "8 years & it finally happened. I love you more than words can explain @JustinBieber."

Held at Lucky Strike Lanes at LA Live, the Make-A-Wish event wasn't just a meet and greet. Instead, 19 deserving kids from four countries were treated to an acoustic performance from the singer who performed "Baby," "Boyfriend" and other big hits.

Even longtime manager Scooter Braun was in attendance to witness the "good man" treat his fans to an unforgettable night. 

"I was like melting when he kept staring at me," Llia wrote on social media. "He kept eye contact the whole time."

As for where we can purchase a backpack just like Llia's?  We're still looking all around the world for something similar.

And you better believe Bieber really did like the fashion statement. After all, he gave Llia a follow on Twitter and told her she "was special." Awww!  



Is there hope for a fairytale ending after all? According to Lamar Odom, there might be.

Odom told a reporter that he believes there is still a chance he will get back together with estranged wife Khloé Kardashian. When asked whether or not he thinks it could happen, he replied, "Of course." He also added that KoKo is still his "girl" even though she has been trying to go through divorce proceedings.

"That's my wife," he declared.

Shortly after the video surfaced, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a lengthy quote to Instagram about broken hearts. Although it could merely be a coincidence, the timing is definitely questionable. Regardless, Lamar's hopes and dreams might be crushed upon reading this message.

"I know you've lost someone and it hurts," the quote begins. "You may have lost them suddenly, unexpectedly...You cannot control the depth of a wound another soul inflicts upon you."

It continues, "What I will tell you is this; it's okay to be hurting as much as you are. What you are feeling is not only completely valid but necessary—because it makes you so much more human."

We can't seem to keep up with these two and their tumultuous relationship. In April E! News confirmed that a court document said their divorce case would be thrown out entirely unless Khloé proceeds with the split. She filed for divorce from the NBA star in December 2013, but Lamar never responded. Per her legal rights, Khloé could have gone back to court to file for a default divorce judgment, but she never followed through with it.

A source also told E! News that the two "were trying to get back together" despite their troubled past. "He is staying in California with a friend," the source dished. "They were going to try and work it out."

The E! star told us herself that her feelings for her husband would never go awaybecause of the connection they shared. "I will never, ever not love Lamar," she confessed. "I was so obsessed with him in a healthy way. He was my husband, and I still wish he was, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

We hope these two work it out!



The world may be on perennial womb watch for the likes of Kate MiddletonAmal ClooneyJennifer AnistonJennifer Garner and others.

But can they at least let Kylie Jenner get out of her teens first?!

Responding to the latest round of tabloid covers teasing a pregnancy for theKeeping Up With the Kardashians star, Kylie must be starting to wonder just what sort of pictures are going to convince people that she's not with child.

"People been thinking I'm pregnant for 8 months now... CLEARLY I'm not pregnant!" the 17-year-old tweeted Wednesday, doing the 8-months-out-of-9 math for everyone.

Strangely enough, this is hardly the first time that Kylie has had to shoot down pregnancy chatter.

In December she tweeted, "I'm not trying to become a rapper, I'm not getting married, & I'm not pregnant..." after the rumor mill got a little out of hand.

Aside from the spate of professional photo shoots that have shown off her tiny-waisted bod from every angle, Kylie shares selfies on a near-daily basis—and none of them have forecasted anything other than more youthful fun in her near future.

"Instagram is a made up world. I just show people what I want em to see. Doesn't everybody ?" she also reasoned on Twitter today.

Moreover, Kylie and sister Kendall Jenner also teased the latest career milestonethey're approaching together—what looks to be a future fashion line all their own!

Called Kendall + Kylie, of course.



The number of advertisers distancing themselves from what was one of TLC's most popular shows stands at nearly a dozen...and counting.

"We are removing the show 19 Kids and Counting from our advertising schedule until further notice," ConAgra Foods said in a statement to E! News this morning, a day after the likes of Walgreens, Payless Shoes and General Mills announced that they were taking steps to ensure that their commercials no longer ran during the now-controversial show (which has also been pulled for the foreseeable futurefrom TLC's lineup).

And ConAgra wasn't alone. CVS, H&R Block and Keurig were also quit to cut ties Wednesday in the wake of news that Josh Duggar, the eldest of the titular 19 kids, was accused a decade ago of molesting underage girls when he himself was a teenager. Josh has since apologized for acting "inexcusably" and said that parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar helped him seek counseling at the time.

But the concerns of many deep-pocketed corporate sponsors have not been assuaged.

"CVS Health did not specifically purchase advertising to air during the 19 Kids and Counting program," the drug store chain said Wednesday. "Our current ad campaign does include the TLC network and we are working to ensure that our ads do not air during any future episodes of this particular program."

Coffee brewer manufacturer Keurig said, "Currently, we are not advertising on TLC, and have no intention of buying advertising on the show 19 Kids and Counting." H&R Block echoed that sentiment, telling E! News, "We aren't currently advertising with TLC. We advertised with the network during tax season, but had no knowledge of this news. We take these matters seriously and will not advertise on the show if it is reinstated."

TMZ also reported today that Ace Hardware, Jimmy Dean, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, David's Bridal, Party City, Behr and Ricola all jumped ship—or at least made sure that their ships wouldn't be tethered to 19 Kids in the future—as well.



Where there's a will, there's a way.

Despite the looming deadline, Lindsay Lohan has officially completed her community service obligations to the court, Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White confirms to E! News. "Hard work pays off. Thank you to all those that allowed me to volunteer while in nyc. God bless you all. Amen," LiLo wrote on Instagram.

Back in February, amid discrepancies over the amount of community service hours Lohan claimed to have completed, Judge Mark Young ordered the 28-year-old to complete 125 additional hours of service.

Months after the fact, it had appeared the Lohan finished less than 10 of those hours.

Then, in early May, the judge demanded that she complete her remaining 116 hours of service within three weeks. Young agreed to let Lohan complete her community service in New York during the hearing.

"If it is not done by May 28 there will be consequences," Young explained at the time.

Well, just in the nick of time, Lohan has finished her mandated community service hours just one day ahead of the deadline.

Lohan has been posting several photos of herself over the past several days, including one controversial shot of her the TLC Women's Shelter in New York City where she was dressed in a bra-baring mini dress.

"Gardening #TLC women's shelter," she captioned on Instagram. "#Habibti"

Lohan's ongoing community service stems from her 2012 car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica. Pending the judge's approval of her completed hours, Lohan is scheduled to be officially off probation tomorrow—marking the first time the Mean Girls alum has been off of probation in seven years.



Swift scores her fourth No. 1, narrowly dethroning Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again." Plus, David Guetta's "Hey Mama" hits the top 10.

Taylor Swift soars to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Bad Blood," featuring Kendrick Lamar, following a full week of tracking after the song's video premiere to kick off the Billboard Music Awards, which aired May 17 on ABC. Winning an extremely tight race, "Blood" displaces Wiz Khalifa's Furious 7 soundtrack hit "See You Again," featuring Charlie Puth, after six weeks on top.

Plus, David Guetta reaches the top 10 with "Hey Mama," featuring Nicki Minaj,Bebe Rexha and Afrojack.



Last week Nicki Minaj released her new music video for "The Night is Still Young" exclusively on Tidal, and all of us peasants cried because we couldn't watch it. But the queen of hip-hop answered our prayers and recently debuted the hit on Vevo for the rest of the world to blast. 

The songstress takes a break from singing about her love for anacondas to celebrate the joy of summertime and it reminds us of hitting the town on a warm summer night with our besties!

In the video, the Pinkprint rapper appears alongside a group of very Harajuku Barbie-inspired dancers as they sport bright colors and even wackier outfits. Minaj pays homage to the original pink wig that we know and love her for and flaunts her curves in a see through bodycon adorned with a few "strategically" placed gems. In another look, Minaj stuns in a light pink bra ensemble before switching it up for a sleek high ponytail and sexy black leather dress. 



Wait, did we just see what we think we saw? 

Yep, that's right. Wild child Miley Cyrus recently took to Instagram to #FreeTheNipple in what at first glance seems like a pretty innocent shot for the 22-year-old (let's be honest, the girl isn't afraid of nudity), but a second glance reveals there's more than meets the eye in the right hand corner of the picture. 

It appears Cyrus was trying to cover up her goodies from being exposed by the loose fitting white tank top, but ended up failing pretty miserably.

The nip slip didn't seem to phase the songstress, though. Cyrus went on to share her multi-colored wig collection in a few more provacative shots. 



Oh, to be a bread basket at the center of this dinner table...

Celeb besties Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox joined singer Sia and comedienne Whitney Cummings for a girl's night out last night. The famous friends stepped out for an Italian dinner at Il Piccolino in West Hollywood, and we could only imagine the topic of conversation with these ladies.

(Wedding planning? Upcoming projects? Collaborations? Venting about life? The possibilities are endless!)

In the exclusive pictures obtained by E! News, it's obvious that the ladies went pretty casual for their outing, with Cox wearing a slightly sheer blouse, black trousers, flats and her glasses, while Jen also wore her specs along with a blazer over a nautical striped shirt.



Yes he can respond to your letters!

We have no doubt President Barack Obama receives plenty of notes from the American people on a daily basis. And it's safe to say some are much nicer than others.

But after receiving a certain letter from a young lady, the commander in chief felt compelled to respond.

"Dear President Barack Obama, I am 5 almost 6 years old," a child namedYasmeen wrote. "Please stop war for our world, instead have a meeting."

She continued, "Please give a speech to tell everyone they can marry who they want. Thank you."

Hoping for world peace and marriage equality? Not too shabby for someone barely in elementary school.

".@DrFahmida tell your niece I really like her letter," Obama responded to Yasmeen's aunt Dr. Fahmida, who first posted the letter on social media. "Couldn't agree more."

The tweet has since gone viral and has left some arguing against her belief. But despite the few critics who disagree with the message, Dr. Fahmida is so glad she shared the note.

"We stand by the beautiful message and what it meant for a 5 year old to believe her voice matters," she tweeted to one follower. "Also with the positive comes a hate and there is nothing high about that:)"

She added, "I received it as an honest and authentic articulation, which is why it resonated." 



Bruce Jenner has responded to a wrongful death lawsuit filed against him after afatal car accident this past February in Malibu.

(At this time, Bruce Jenner is choosing to not live publicly in the media as a woman and will be referred to as Bruce Jenner and with male pronouns until he specifies otherwise.)

The wreck left one driver, 69-year-old Kimberly Howe, dead, and five others injured after the four-car pileup on the Pacific Coast Highway.

According to court papers obtained by E! News, Jenner describes the car accident as "a terrible tragedy" but claims the Plaintiffs are "financially independent and successful…living and working and residing out-of-state for decades, who do not and cannot allege that they are financially dependent upon their stepmother for the necessities of life." 

In early May, Howe's two adult stepchildren, William Howe and Dana Redmond, filed the lawsuit alleging that the impact of Jenner's SUV "propelled" Kimberly into the other lane.

"The defendants and each of them were also otherwise careless, negligent and/or otherwise responsible in causing the death of decedent and damage to her effects," the suit contended. "The death of Kimberly Howe caused plaintiffs to suffer enormous damages."

William and Dana demanded a jury trial as well as unspecified damages. They also claim that Kimberly's death caused them to lose "the love, affection, support, comfort, society, financial support and more from [Kimberly] upon whom they were dependent" and incur other expenses "to their great detriment."

Shortly after the accident took place, Jenner released the following statement to E! News: "My heartfelt and deepest sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, and to all of those who were involved or injured in this terrible accident."

He continued, "It is a devastating tragedy and I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them. I will continue to cooperate in every way possible."

TMZ was the first to report the story.



The Grammy Museum announced Tuesday it will be opening a new display next month honoring Grammy-winning comedian Joan Rivers. 

The exhibit is called Joan Rivers: Can We Talk? and will open June 8 on the Los Angeles museum's third floor. It will include various stage costumes worn by the Rivers, including several Bob Mackie originals, one of her vintage Louis Vuitton travel trunks, several of Rivers' awards, family photographs, Rivers' hardcover book collection and more. 

"Earlier this year, The Recording Academy awarded my mother her very first Grammy, which was truly an honor. On this occasion, which celebrates her 82nd birthday, it's also an honor to have her incredible legacy included in the Grammy Museum's ongoing tribute to the greatest comedic icons of all time," said Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa Rivers in a statement. "To her, comedy was music. There was a rhythm, but instead of notes, there were words. And just like any of her fellow Grammy Award winners who have been on exhibition in the museum, you know she loved to play."

"Joan Rivers' unapologetic one-liners and brave, biting commentary on her personal life opened doors for other female comedians," said Bob Santelli, executive director of the Grammy Museum. "With this latest display in our comedy series, we continue to spotlight some of the greatest comedic performers, many of whom have been recognized by the Grammy Awards."  

Earlier this year, Rivers was left out of the Grammy Awards show's "In Memoriam" tribute. This omission came even after Rivers won her first Grammy Award that night for best spoken word album for Diary of a Mad Diva



Tracy Morgan has reached a settlement with Walmart, and says he's satisfied with how the corporation took care of him financially after the accident that left him severely injured.

Tracy's attorney and Walmart's attorneys announced the settlement, but said terms of the deal would remain under wraps. Whatever they paid, Tracy's happy with it ... saying, "Walmart did right by me and my family, and for my associates and their families."

He added, "I am grateful that the case was resolved amicably."

Walmart also settled with two of the other passengers, Ardie Fuqua and Jeffrey Millea, and settled with the family of James McNair, who died in the crash involving Tracy's limousine van and the Walmart 18-wheeler.


There are a lot of ways to grow a family, and Kim Kardashian isn't ruling out any of them. After unsuccessfully trying for a year to get pregnant again, the reality star is exploring other options with husband Kanye West -- including surrogacy, a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. Until now, the Dash mogul has been trying to conceive the old-fashioned way -- she joked that she and West have sex "500 times a day" -- and via in vitro fertilization. "Kim has been undergoing IVF," the insider tells Us of Kardashian, 34, who welcomed daughter North West, 23 months, in June 2013, after a dramatic, difficult delivery. "It's causing problems with her body." Indeed, as Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans saw on a recent episode, the star had to undergo a procedure to "clear something out of [her] uterus." And on the May 31 show, she'll reveal that an implanted embryo did not take. In part because of that, the couple may start to pursue a surrogate in June, the source tells Us, adding, "They will do surrogacy over adoption." Kardashian hinted as much during an interview with Matt Lauer last month. Asked about her fertility struggles during an interview on the Today show, she said the idea of surrogacy had been recommended to her, but that she and West, 37, were still mulling their options. "I would like to hold out a little bit longer, and still try," she told Lauer. "I still have hope, so I'm just going to keep on trying. Never say never. I mean, we haven't talked about adopting." Whatever they decide, one thing is certain: Kardashian wants to give North a little brother or sister, and sooner rather than later. The source says she wants her daughter to have "a sibling close in age...just like she is with her sisters." (US Weekly)



"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans will be arrested when cops find her, because she allegedly flew into a rage, attacking and choking her baby daddy/former fiance. Nathan Griffith told Myrtle Beach cops Evans called him early Wednesday morning, informing him she was outside his home damaging his car. Griffith says he ran outside where they began arguing and that's when she attacked him, slapping, punching and even trying to kick him down a flight of stairs. According to Griffith, Evans reeked of alcohol and tried choking him with his shirt, then began clawing him with her nails. Griffith told police he was able to make his way back inside his apartment, as Evans stood outside screaming, "He won't give me back my son!" Griffith had scratches around his neck, a ripped shirt and bruising on the side of his face ... this according to the police report. Police are looking for Evans but can't find her. Griffith was arrested in March for allegedly assaulting Evans ... after she was popped the week before that for driving without a license. UPDATE: Jenelle's rep claims Nathan actually attacked her by driving over her with his truck. The rep claims Nathan stole Jenelle's phone and refused to hand over their son. Jenelle intends to press charges. (TMZ)



They've definitely got mad love. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were spotted leaving her apartment building in New York City on Tuesday, before enjoying dinner in the city's Little Italy area. The 25-year-old singer, who's returning to her 1989 tour on Saturday in Detroit, held on to Harris' hand tightly as they exited the front of her building to go to L'asso restaurant. Swift wore one of her staple crop tops with a matching light-blue floral skirt and nude heels, while Harris opted for a more casual look in jeans, a black leather jacket and sneakers. (People)



Texas Flooding


30 people known to have died as a result of the storm system.

At least 12 were killed in Texas: Five were killed in Houston and three in Hays County, southwest of Austin, officials said. Four other Texas counties -- Medina, Milam, Travis and Williamson -- each reported one death.

In Oklahoma, six people died from the storm. They included a firefighter in Claremore who was trying to perform a water rescue.

And 13 deaths happened in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, a historic border city best known internationally as the setting for Robert Rodriguez's films "El Mariachi" and "Desperado," and George Strait's song "Blame it on Mexico."

It was a rare tornado that caused the most havoc in Acuña. Three children were among the dead, said Mayor Evaristo Lenin Perez, and another 200 people were injured.













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