Friday, July 31st, 2015

It's good to be Drea de Matteo

The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy actress got popped the big question over the weekend, in the most rock 'n' roll way ever—during a concert!

The 43-year-old was at Whitesnake's concert in Atlantic City over the weekend, when her longtime beau, Michael Devin, proposed.

"I fell in love with a very beautiful woman a few years ago, I want to embarrass her as much as I can," he explained mid-way through the show.

"I've been in love with you since the day I met you and I will for the rest of my life, and I hope that you'll marry me…I have two questions for you: One, will you make sweet passionate love to me for the rest of my life?"

Naturally, the crowd went wild, and a fan even captured the entire proposal on video.

The actress had a one-word response to Devin, telling him (and the concertgoers), "forevermore," which actually refers to his 2011 album.

She also asked, "Will you love my children forevermore?" Devin excitedly shouted, "Yes!"

Cue the crowd going wild yet again, and de Matteo even quipped, "I'm going to marry this mother--ker!"

Devin took to Instagram to thank all of his fans, friends and family for their well wishes after the engagement news went public.

"Big Huge Thank You for all the Birthday wishes," he captioned a cute pic with his future wife. "And for all the blessings on my engagement to this kitty cat…Much appreciated!"

Matteo has two children with her former fiancé, Shooter Jennings, a daughter named Alabama and a son named Waylon.

Us Weekly was the first to report the engagement news. 



Amber Rose is setting the record straight about her infamous Twitter feud withKhloé Kardashian—and it appears she is ready to make amends. 

On the Perez Hilton Podcast, the model was asked about Khloé's recent comments in Complex magazine regarding the infamous Twitter fight that involved Amber throwing shade at Kylie Jenner

"I feel like everything was extremely misunderstood. Listen, I met Kylie before, she was actually a really sweet girl, I was very surprised as to how nice she was to me," Rose explained. "And I wasn't coming at Kylie. I was coming at Tyga on behalf of my best friend, Blac Chyna."

Rose continued, "So, for me to say, 'Yeah, she should probably go to bed,' maybe was in poor taste and I understand that," she admitted. "But I feel like that should have been more of a phone call that Khloé could've had with me. She could've called me. We run in the same circles. She could've gotten my number for sure."



Given Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner's affinity for rocking sky-high heels, youknow this shoe line has long been in the works.  

That's right: The Jenner gals are embarking on their latest foray in the fashion world with their first signature shoe line under the Kendall + Kylie brand (previously, they collaborated with Steve Madden on a capsule collection of covetable footwear). The eponymous addition isn't just narrowed to shoes, however, with a line of bikinis and apparel also set to hit stores spring 2016.   

As for that sleek new footwear, the heels are every inch as chic as the sisters themselves. Lace-up black booties, platform shoes and white closed-toed pumps make up just some of the styles in their new line. And by the looks of it, there's only one pair of flats in the entire collection, which may have more to do with Kylie's own preferences than anything else.

"I don't wear flats. Ever. I don't own a pair, not even gladiators," she told Footwear News. "Just a few sneakers, that's the only time I'll wear a flat...Heels make me feel so much better. I'm not as skinny as Kendall, so when I am in heels, it makes my legs look longer and slimmer."

Kendall adds that while the sisters in the Kardashian-Jenner clan all have "similar styles," their tastes are decidedly different. Like, for example, the leggy supermodel loves her some flat shoes. Both sisters are fairly obsessed with shoes by Gianvito Rossi and Azzedine Alaïa, and Kendall has a newfound penchant for Manolo Blahnik (ah, there comes a day in every young It Girl's life).

"The time is different. [Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen] were the first to do it, but these girls take it to a whole other level with social media and how they market themselves. Their accounts are so them. Nothing is contrived about it. When you look at how big they are and their reach, it's refreshing to believe it's actually, genuinely coming from them," Kendall + Kylie Creative Director Chelsea Santry said about the new collection.



If you ask pretty much anyone, anywhere, chances are they'll know who people likeKaty PerryMariah Carey and Oprah Winfrey are icons of this generation.

And now these stars, among others, have been transformed into icons of past generations by Carine Roitfeld and Jean-Paul Goude in the September issue ofHarper's Bazaar.

Perry poses as Elizabeth Taylor, while holding a shredded Andy Warhol picture of her likeness over her face. 

The 30-year-old singer said about Taylor, "An icon transcends time. Liz was so fabulous and decadent and had a style that evolved with the years...and I'm sure I'll be married just as many times!"



Nick Gordon desperately wants to attend Bobbi Kristina's funeral Saturday ... so he sent Bobby Brown an email begging him for his blessing.

According to the email, which we've seen, Nick says, "I loved Krissi with all my heart and I am destroyed that she is gone and I need to say goodbye."

Nick realizes he's on the outs with the family as cops continue their homicide investigation with him in their crosshairs.   

Nick, who included Pat Houston in his email because she's arranging the funeral, goes on, "I'm begging you both to please put your differences aside and allow me this chance."

And there's a dash of guilt laced in the email ... "Krissi loved me very much and she would want me there."

Nick was persona non grata the entire time Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized, with most members of both families blaming Gordon for BK's death

The irony shouldn't be lost on Bobby Brown ... he was blamed by Whitney Houston's family for her death and even left her funeral early after a disagreement over seating. 




From Ibiza to Israel, Mariah Carey and James Packer have been celebrating their love all over the world. But is the new couple already settling down?  

E! News has learned that Mariah and her children will be vacationing for the next several weeks in a $30 million Airbnb home located in Malibu's exclusive Carbon Beach neighborhood.

Longtime residents of Carbon Beach include moguls Jeffrey KatzenbergIrving Azoff and Larry Ellison

The cost to rent the luxe beachfront property where Mariah's staying? Oh, just a cool $10K a day!

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom home includes a private master suite with a fireplace, a master bath with steam room that faces the ocean, a gourmet open kitchen, an indoor/outdoor Jacuzzi, a two-bedroom guest cottage and more.

We're told Mariah arrived two days ago and has already "fallen in love" with the home. "Mariah's on a break from her Vegas show and really looking forward to relaxing," our source says.

Her first night in Malibu, she hit Japanese eatery Nobu with some pals.

She'll have even more company soon.

While Packer is currently out of the country on business, he's expected to join his ladylove shortly, where they'll be shacking up until Mariah returns to Israel in late August for a concert.

Enjoy living in sin, you two!



Heidi and Spencer Pratt are back, putting their camera-hungry skills to good use for a new reality show, but there's already trouble brewing over who gets the spotlight.

Speidi have been spotted around LA with cameras trailing them. We’re told the premise is that they teach Hollywood up-and-comers the rules of the fame game … from what to say in meetings to red carpet 101.

One of their proteges is comedian Deena Jacobs, who learned firsthand what not to do when she got stage bombed by a drunk, twerking Heidi during a stand-up gig.

Speidi need to take a tip from their pet name -- with great power comes great responsibility.



Ouch! This one might leave a mark.

Jessica Alba's massively successful Honest Company brand has come under fire for a sunscreen that's allegedly not doing its job. Parents are reportedly complaining that the mineral-based SPF 30 formula has left their children with damaging sunburns and, yep, they want Jessica to know.

Mom Gretta Stabler told NBC 5 Chicago that even after applying the sunscreen liberally on her 6-year-old multiple times throughout a day in the sun, her daughter suffered from all-over burns.

"She got really burned on her arms, shoulders, legs face, pretty much everywhere. I was angry," Stabler, who purchased the product from a local Costco, said.

While Honest Sunscreen Lotion boasts a non nano zinc oxide formula free from the harmful chemicals usually found in SPF-rated products, NBC 5's investigation found that the company reduced the lotion's zinc content from 20 to 9.3 percent (the brand maintains that other ingredients were added to keep it effective).

Honest Sunscreen Lotion naysayers have taken to—where else?—the Internet to air their displeasure. Negative reviews from the lotion's product page on Costco's website include, "I bought this product from the Costco Warehouse and had a similar experience to the many disappointed parents who have reviewed here. My entire family got a sunburn even though we applied multiple times throughout the day. This was the first sunburn for my children which is so disappointing." Another dissatisfied buyer wrote, "I covered myself with this sunscreen and now I am burnt to a crisp."

Other users, however, reported having a safe, effective experience with the Honest brand. "Easy to apply. Soaks in nicely with no harmful chemicals to harm your child's skin. Awesome sun protection. Best sunscreen product on the market containing safe ingredients," one happy customer wrote.

Jessica's good friends, meanwhile, are still fans of the product. Her makeup artist Lauren Anderson posted a snap to Instagram from a vacation with model Chrissy Teigen with "Hi Jess!" written in the Honest lotion formula on her back. We're going to assume that's a natural flush—and not a burn—on Chrissy's cheeks.

The Honest Co. shared this statement with E! News: 

"The Honest Company is committed to providing safe and effective products and take all consumer feedback very seriously. Our Sunscreen Lotion was tested, by an independent 3rd party, against the protocols prescribed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's (FDA) monograph for over-the-counter sunscreen products. The results showed that our product is effective and safe for use as an 80 minute water-resistant (FDA's highest rating), SPF 30 sunscreen lotion in accordance with FDA regulations when used as directed (Shake Well. Apply liberally and evenly 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying and at least every 2 hours). We stand behind the safety and efficacy of this product."



- The Chicago Sun Times claims in 2000, Hillary Clinton was asked why she appeared on David Letterman. She is quoted as saying: “An excuse to get out of dinner with Donald Trump.”


''Trumpocrat'': Donald Trump has trademarked ''Trumpocrat'' and ''Trumpublican''. Newsweek claims the intended use is for "bumper stickers; campaign buttons; pennants; decals; coffee mugs; banners; baseball caps; t-shirts; bookends; salt and pepper shakers; posters; shirts; ties; cufflinks; colognes; chocolate; nameplates; key rings; eyewear; playing cards; surfboards; editions of automobiles; other items susceptible to be used as political advertising; membership organizations; all manner of political paraphernalia; all designed to augment the candidacy of Donald Trump."


The NY Daily News, citing People magazine, claims Christine Ouzounian is "in love" with Ben Affleck. He has denied sleeping with his family's nanny.A source tells the magazine: "For Christine, it was a relationship. A friend warned her she was going to end up heartbroken."

Hollywoodtake.com claims a source tells US Weekly: “Christine was in their home and around the kids, so she finds it ridiculous that he chose to do this, but Jen isn’t really surprised given all the s--t she’s seen him do. She’s just glad she’s moving on from the marriage and Ben’s antics. “She says he sends her texts and emails saying that he loves her. And she’s definitely in love with him.”

A source tells E!: "This was not the reason they announced the separation. It was one of many things. Ben is absolutely not dating anyone. There is nothing physical of romantic between Ben and Christine. Dating is not his focus and it hasn't been his focus throughout the separation period. He was tired of Jen's negative energy and constant berating—but that does not mean he cheated."



Hollywoodlife.com claims Ben Affleck's nanny, Christine Ouzounian, dumped her fiance for him. A source tells the site: “Christine had a fiance and they lived together in the Bahamas. She started having strong feelings for Ben and ended her relationship with her fiance. She has definitely been telling her friends that she loved Ben. She really hurt that she was let go like she was. Ben asked her if she wanted to fly back to LA with him from the Bahamas. He assured her it was OK. Technically he was her boss not Jen. But along the way he convinced her to go to Las Vegas with him for his poker tournament. They even stopped and picked up Tom Brady for the trip. While in Vegas Ben hid Christine the entire time. When they got back to LA, Jen heard about their trip without the kids and flipped out. She fired Christine right away and Ben did nothing about it.''


Life & Style Weekly claims Demi Moore plans to sell her home because of the man, who drowned there earlier this month. A source tells the magazine: "She's in absolute shock. She is a spiritual person, and the bad vibes from that place are not something she can live with. The pool and backyard garden meant so much to Demi and her family, and they enjoyed many fun times there over the years. But now she can't imagine ever entertaining there again."


OK! magazine claims Calvin Harris wrote a song about Taylor Swift's toes. A source tells the magazine: ''It was really romantic, just him and an acoustic guitar, about how she's so rare in their world, love at first sight. there's a funny line in there about how even her toes are perfect! She laughed so hard because she thinks they're her worst feature and he thinks she's crazy.''


There are rumors swirling and twirling that Calvin Harris is getting ready to propose to Taylor Swift. This is probably a tad premature, but we really want this news to be true. According to the tabloid tale, Calvin has spent $500,000 for an engagement ring and has reportedly chosen a 10-carat diamond ring. A source told a gossip magazine: "Taylor loves chunky rings, so he wants to go big. "He's looking at cushion-cut center stones and is willing to drop at least $500,000!" But where would Calvin propose? According to the mag, Calvin is undecided. "He's on the fence because Taylor has so many favorite places," the source said. "He thought of romantic Paris or Italy, but now he's leaning toward Nashville, where she has one of her homes." He might want to check out Taylor's fave hangouts which she exclusively told us earlier this year. (British Glamour)



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