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Friday, March 27, 2015
86th day of the year.
There are 9 days remaining until Easter

Today is National "Joe" Day, National Spanish Paella Day, National World Whiskey Day and Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
SATURDAY IS Something on a Stick Day, Respect Your Cat Day and National Black Forest Cake Day

-- On this date in 1866, the urinal was invented

Friday's Birthday Cake:
pop star Jessie J (27)
Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas (40)
Mariah Carey (45)

Saturday's Birthday Cake:
Lady Gaga (29)
Kate Gosselin (40)
Vince Vaughn (45)


Baby Boom: SOME hospitals are telling doctors and midwives to prepare for a baby boom in November because of 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.

The average American spends about an hour in the bathroom every day, or two weeks a year.

NCAA:  Top-seeded Wisconsin hangs on to beat North Carolina 79-72 (DUKE AND STATE PLAY TONIGHT)

Two things I now know and love about Snooki: she loves Poopourri, and she and her husband don’t want their kids on reality TV

Pretty Woman” is coming to Broadway for some reason

Is another Spice Girls reunion in the works

A new study by reveals that the average hourly wage of a babysitter is now $13.50 an hour. That's up 28% from 2010

This will put a smile on your face. Experts at Wayne State University, Michigan, found that people who grin a lot live seven years longer than stony faced folks.

The IRS says March Madness office pool winners must report their winnings. Gambling winnings for the tax-reporting year should be listed on your 1040 Form.

EVEN CLASSY IN DEATH:  Former North Carolina coach Dean Smith sent each of his players $200 after he died. His trust executed the request with a note that read: "Enjoy a dinner out compliments of Coach Dean Smith.

Coach" for 13 episodes. Craig T. Nelson will star and come out of retirement to help his son coach an Ivy League school

VEGAS WEDDING?  With a new boyfriend and life going well, Britney Spears says she's "the happiest I've ever been" and she would "love to get married again."

Nic Fit: A Littleborough, England man was recently fined $150 for calling 999 (911) to complain that his partner wouldn't give him a cigarette. The man claimed the call was an emergency

New Movies Opening Today
Home (Rated PG) ... Starring: Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna ,
Get Hard (Rated R) ... Starring: Will Ferrell, Craig T. Nelson, Kevin Hart
**** Yes, Kevin Hart once auditioned for "Saturday Night Live"... and didn't make the cut. ****

Armageddon: A 3,280-foot asteroid is expected to pass by Earth today. '2014-YB35' is traveling at 23,000 mph. At its closest, the asteroid will be 2.8 million miles from Earth. There are 238,900 miles between Earth and the Moon.

The Daily Mirror claims if '2014-YB35' did hit the Earth it could destroy a country.

150 people died when the plane hit mountains northeast of Nice.
** UPDATE **
French investigator Brice Robin claims the co-pilot of the Germanwings plane, Andreas Lubitz, "deliberately" crashed it after locking his captain out of the cockpit

Cops Bust Thief Using Netflix: The Mariposa County, California police recently used Netflix to catch a burglar. Bobby Alexander broke into a woman's house and stole her smart TV, a laptop and a surround sound system. Several days later, the victim noticed that someone was watching Netflix on her account. She contacted Netflix, got the IP address used to access her account and called the police. Cops got a search warrant and busted Bobby for burglary.

 Shopping Spree

A new survey by NetVoucherCodes reveals that women will try on 40,000 pieces of clothing in their lifetime. Other findings:

- women spend an average of 22 minutes in a dressing room everytime they shop

- women try on 12 items everytime they shop

- men try on 3 items everytime they shop

- women only buy 14% of the clothes they take into the dressing room

 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

A recent survey by MINI reveals that 10% of men would dump their partner for $1.5 million. Other findings:

- 5% of women would dump their partner for $1.5 million

- 33% of men would stay single for the rest of their lives for $1.5 million

- 11% of men would ditch their best friend for $1.5 million

- 50% of women would ditch chocolate for $1.5 million

Survey: "Would you dump your partner for $1.5 million?

TEASE.  VIAGRA OF THE FUTURE-  The Little Blue Pill to Be Replaced By Blue Light?
Scientists at the University of Zurich have successfully triggered erections in laboratory rats by shining a blue light underneath them! No kidding. Even better -- they plan to extend the service to humans in the future. Professor Martin Fussenegger says the science behind the results is pretty simple -- they injected the rat's erectile tissue with a special gene build that reacts to light. He explains, "In this way, we circumvent the usual sexual stimulation that triggers a cascade of signals in the body and ultimately leads to an erection." He added, "We believe that if clinical trials were started tomorrow, the product could be on the market in 5-10 years."

 Taylor Swift has made Fortune magazine's second annual list of the “World’s Greatest Leaders”. She is #6 and ahead of Bill and Melinda Gates (18), Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg (25) and Jimmy Fallon (45).

As for Swift, the magazine says: "She has crossed swords with Spotify, embraced corporate sponsorship, and moved to secure dozens of trademarks.''

Barack Obama did not make the list.
Fortune names Apple's Tim Cook the 'World's Greatest Leader'


Today's Question: "Around 20% of people will do this today. What is it?"

Extra Clue: verbal

Extra Clue: might do it in the shower or car

Final Clue: stuck in your head

Answer: sing a company jingle


 Rihanna, really? Our initial excitement that Ri would be releasing her new album today was downgraded at some point last night when it seemed far more likely that “Bitch Better Have My Money” was the name of her new single. But still! New Rihanna!


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