Wednesday, May 4, 2016

125th day of the year.

There is 1 day remaining until Cinco De Mayo

There are 4 days remaining until Mother's Day

Today is National Homebrew Day, Bird Day, National Candied Orange Peel Day, National Orange Juice Day, National Star Wars Day, National Weather Observers Day, National Bike To School Day, Great American Grump Out and Respect for Chickens Day




MISSED THIS FOR TEACHER DAY:  A school teacher was the occupation of the first person who went over a Niagra Falls in a barrel.


Uber drivers are going to start charging a fee if they show up and it takes you more than 2 minutes to get inside their car. USE TAXI NOW WILMINGTON PEEPS...NO SURGE FEES FOR STUPID ONES EITHER!@!!!!



Nobody's Home: Residents in a Moncks Corner, South Carolina neighborhood were recently shocked after an alligator walked up to a home, climbed the side of the house and appeared to ring a doorbell.


A reminder that World Naked Gardening Day is this Saturday. You have been warned.


Wilmington home prices on rise. 


25% of newlyweds didn't know their spouse's annual incomebefore they got married.


Want to have Wayne Johnson, "The Rock," sing you awake each morning? He's released a free alarm clock app, called "The Rock Clock."


They've created it in the lab and they insist that artificial meat will one day be a part of our diet.


A Delaware woman was arrested after calling her ex-boyfriend 300 times... in one day!


 Paramount Pictures is in talks to do Star Trek 4.


"Captain America: Civil War" is in theaters tomorrow night


11% of people plan to grill on Cinco de Mayo. 42% will grill on Mother's Day.


Beyonce is launching a new line of watermelon water.


Donald Trump Wins Indiana!  PROMPTING Ted Cruz Drops Out . 



FUN FACT:  Weird Al" Yankovic  once had a job as an "accordian repo man"


an Orlando McDonald's has installed a brick pizza oven in order to begin producing pizzas, citing People magazine, claims the Kardashians are heading to Cuba to film their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians



Powerball Lottery  -WIN jackpot- U  should immediately move to Puerto Rico where the federal income tax is only 4%. There is no state tax in Puerto Rico.


Eddie Murphy and his girlfriend Paige are the proud parents of a new baby girl named Izzy Oona


May the Fourth Be With You - Star Wars Day

Beer Fridge: Haier Japan and Disney have teamed up to create an R2D2 refrigerator. The remote control refrigerator costs $8,300 and can deliver beer and other cold beverages. The refrigerator will begin shipping in December


I Am Not Your Father: Graphic Armor is producing a line of Star Wars condoms.

The condoms are called Sabre Skins and feature quotes such as: "No, I am your father" and Yoda's "Try not! Do, or do not. There is no try."

The condoms cost $2.99.


The city of Shawano, Wisconsin has passed a new ordinance which states parents can be fined if their children bully others.Parents will receive a warning after the first instance of bullying. They will be fined $366 for the second instance. Another instance of bullying will result in a $681 fine.


Cinco de Mayo Donut: With Cinco de Mayo almost here, the Manila Social Club in Brooklyn has debuted a new $150 silver and platinum-coated donut. Business Insider claims the donut was inspired by Patron tequila and Patron's Margarita of the Year recipe. The donuts are filled with cream and a spicy ginger jalapeno margarita jelly.

The sweet tequila frosting has sheets of edible silver and platinum.

Proceeds from the donut will benefit the American Cancer Society


A high school football player from Mesa, Arizona has been jailed for indecent exposure. The teen exposed himself during a team picture. No one noticed until the photo was published in the school yearbook and distributed to students. The teen said he exposed himself because he was dared by a teammate.

The teen is facing 69 counts of indecent exposure. The counts are for every person, who was present when the team photo was taken.


Neutral Colors: London tattoo artist Grace Neutral recently had her belly button surgically removed because she wanted to look unique. She also had a portion of her tongue removed in order to make it look like a fork. WWWN claims Grace plans to have her ears surgically altered in order to look like an alien.

She had her eyes injected with purple ink in order to look different. Grace is covered in tatts from head to toe.




"Woman Asks Police Officers to Test Her Cocaine for Purity!"

Truth! In Toulouse, France, a 45-year-old woman entered a police station seeking some friendly help from the officers on duty. Surprise, surprise: she was immediately arrested and her two bags of cocaine and one bag of crack cocaine were all confiscated.


"Guy Drives 870 Miles to Get His Wife KFC!"

Truth! In Yellow Knife, Canada, Mike and Angela Johnson love KFC chicken so much they even had it at their wedding reception 15 years ago. Every year since they have KFC on their anniversary. But this year, they ran into difficulty because their nearest KFC had closed down. So Mike drove to the next closest KFC - 435 miles away! (Metro)


"Brooklyn Pizzeria Makes Pizza Boxes Out of Pizza!"

Truth! The whole shebang will run you $40,


Today's Mindbender: "37% of men get turned on by a date, who knows this. What is it?''

Answer: knows more about sports than they do OR sports fan


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