Tuesday, July 28, 2015

209th day of the year.

There are 156 days remaining until the end of the year


Today is National Milk Chocolate Day and Buffalo Soldiers Day





NEW STUDY SAYS  Adam Levine and Megan Fox are the celebrities that young adults most want to make ANIMAL NOISES WITH!




7% of people sext on a daily basis




Oof, cameras were rolling when Shia LaBeouf got into an extremely heated, and nearly violent altercation with girlfriend Mia Goth Friday. The couple was in Germany at the time, and their fight was so bad, locals had to intervene.  ANGER MANAGEMENT ASAP



Michael Jordan at a San Diego club drinking a $4,000-a-glass tequila




Joe Jackson has allegedly suffered a stroke. The father of the Jackson 5 is reportedly temporarily blind ** UPDATE ** Joe's vision has returned. He suffered three heart attacks




 So who will sing the theme for the next James Bond movie, "Spectre." London odds makers have Sam Smith as the favorite.




Sarcastic Much? You're Brilliant!

A new study says if you're sarcastic, you're brighter and more creative than the rest!




Moderately disorganized people also tend to be more creative and efficient than those who are obsessively neat




They tested the water in Montreal, Canada, and found that it contained a trace of ______________. (cocaine)





UPDATE:  TOM CRUISE NOT ENGAGED:  A source tells People: ''Reports of an engagement are utterly made up and ridiculous. They're not getting married, They're not even dating. Nothing is going on. It's completely professional.




Ashton Kutcher have a special clause in their prenup. A source tells the tabloid: “Mila really wants another child with Ashton, but she doesn’t want to learn he’s sleeping around on her! He’s strayed before, but if he does it again, $25 million is a nice consolation prize for Mila!”





Woman Offers Free Plane Ticket To Stranger After Her Bad Break-Up ... Juliet Swanepool booked a romantic vacation with her boyfriend, Ben McCartney. Since they broke up, she is now on the hunt to find someone else with the name "Ben McCartney". She plans to give her ex's plane ticket to him. She doesn't want to waste it. She has already met some strange Ben McCartneys







Vic Berger says he will get #Jeb4Prez tattooed across his neck if his Vine reaches 1 million loops.


The freelance video editor's Vine account can be viewed at https://vine.co/v/erX66WYXx6p


As of Monday afternoon, the Vine had over 650,000 loops.






TEASE:  A North Carolina city made the Top 10 in a list of the “Most Sexually Diseased Cities in the USA.”


Using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rentapplication.com compiled the list, using reports of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.


The website measured rates per 100,000 people to compare larger cities with smaller ones.

Montgomery, AL ranks first on the list 1,899 STDs per 100,000 people.

Rounding out the list, Fayetteville, North Carolina ranks in 10th place  1,489 STDs per 100,000 people.






Teddy Bell recently stole a King County, Washington sheriff's squad car while handcuffed. The sheriff responded to a call about a suspicious person in North Bend. Bell was cuffed before he somehow managed to get into the squad car and drive off. He ditched the cruiser and fled into the woods. K-9 units found Bell hiding under some brush. He was taken into custody.


Survey: Ask your audience to call with their funny handcuff horror stories


TEXT-  this woman's friend cuffed himself to another guy during a college frat party. They got drunk and did a keg - stand together. They lost the keys and used a gun to free themselves





most overused buzzwords professionals in all industries use to describe themselves and their work. Here are the top 10 most overused resume buzz words:





    Extensive experience

    Track record



    Problem solving

    Communication skills





80-      Billy Joel        "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me"

93-  UB40      "Can't Help Falling In Love"

07-  Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah"




29% of men have never done this at home. What is it? Cleaned the toilet.






 Today's Question: "The average person does this 1,460 times a year. What is it?"


Extra Clue: mainly at night


Extra Clue: done with eyes closed


Final Clue: can be scary


Answer: has 1,460 dreams







Small Town Cop Becomes Famous After Video Message To Burglar ... Louisiana Lieutenant Higgins sends a message to a criminal, who stole hundreds of dollars from a local supermarket. He says: "Look at me son, I’m talking to you. The sheriff likes Stelly’s Restaurant, and so do I. The food here is good, and the folks are friendly. We’re going to identify you, arrest you, and put you in a small cell. After that, I’m going to have a cheeseburger here with fries and a Coke and leave a nice tip for the waitress. Meanwhile, your next meal will be served through a small hole in a cell door. Congratulations, son, I’m about to make you famous. By tomorrow, 100,000 people will have you watched you commit a felony. You will be recognized, and the people that know you don’t really like you anyway, so when it comes down to a choice between you and a $1,000: They’ll take the cash"


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