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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
113th day of the year.
There are 252 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 12 days remaining until Cinco de Mayo
There are 18 days remaining until Mother's Day

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, National Talk Like Shakespeare Day (BAD ACCENT WED), National Picnic Day, National Zucchini Bread Day, National Cherry Cheesecake Day and Lover's Day

Wednesday's Birthday Cake:
pop star Taio Cruz (29)


Third Annual High School Radio Day on April 23
High school radio stations in the U.S. will come together for one day of celebration on April 23 when the 3rd Annual High School Radio Day is scheduled after a successful event last year. Since there are so few high schools with radio stations, organizers hope that High School Radio Day (HSRD) will raise a greater awareness

 Now they have a robot cleaner for your barbecue grill.

If you eat a polar bear liver, you will die. Humans can’t handle  that much vitamin A

 Microsoft closes the deal to buy Nokia on Friday... and it will slowly become "Microsoft Mobile."

 Drew Barrymore gave birth to a baby girl yesterday named Frankie

Last summer, a number of high-profile movies tanked. The first of
this summer's wide releases is "The Amazing Spider-Man 2,"
coming May 2

Candy that doesn't suck: The beer-flavored lollipop is here (Lollyphile.COM)

And you thought selfies were bad. Enter the butt selfie, i.e. the belfie, popularized by the likes of Kim Kardashian and more recently

James Franco and Seth Rogen Performing at Kanye West's Wedding?
KANYE The 36-year-old rapper  was so impressed by the duo's spoof of his 'Bound 2' music
video in November, which saw the comedians imitating Kanye
and Kim by smooching shirtless on the back of a motorbike, that
he reached out and asked them to re-enact it live before the
couple's nuptials in Paris on May 24.

Coupons, deals for Administrative Professionals' Day

1,130 Bills: Chiu Xiang recently had 1,130 live ducklings dropped off at his boss' home. He did it because he is owed $600 in unpaid wages.
Chui tells Metro UK: ''It was all he deserved. I hope the ducks drove him quackers. It was drastic but necessary.''
His boss has agreed to settle.

 Administrative Professionals Day: Today is Administrative Professionals Day. According to an FTD survey, 53% of people believe administrative professionals are really the ones, who run their offices. 52% of administrative professionals would like to receive a nice lunch today while 31% want flowers. There are over 4,300,000 administrative professionals in the U.S..

Survey: "What dirty secrets do you know about your boss?"

AMAZING DESK:  Here’s a desk for both you and your cat!

Oldie, But A Goodie: 100 year-old Evelyn Frost recently discovered she has been celebrating her birthday on the wrong day. She has been celebrating her birthday for the last 99 years on April 17th. The Londoner discovered her error after she applied for her birth certificate and received it in the mail.  CELEBRATE ON BOTH...SHOULD HAVE 2 BDAYS AFTER 100...YOU'VE EARNED IT!!!!

Man Holds Himself For Ransom: Zachery Logsdon recently held himself hostage in order to get ransom money from his mom. The 25 year-old sent her text messages claiming his dealer was going to kill him if he didn't get $200. She called 911 before police arranged a drop-off location for the money. When Logsdon showed up, Knox County, Tennessee sheriff's chased and arrested him

 Skinny Jeans Leaves Teacher Seeing Red: Shafer Rupard tells WBTV that she was booted from her prom for wearing red skinny jeans to the dance. "In a way it's kind of a slap in the face. The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing. I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like well I'll take those off and she was like no, it's the pants. We looked in the student code of conduct book and there isn't a dress code at all.''

North Carolina's Cherryville High School has yet to comment.

BAD DAY:   This Is Your Brain On Drugs: The NY Daily News claims David Kissee, of Mandan, North Dakota, had a busy day yesterday. He took drugs, lit himself on fire, ran through a car wash, stole a car and then broke into a home. The homeowner called police.


These parents set up a website where people could vote on what they should name their new baby. Unsurprisingly, the choices they ended up with were…strange. Suggestions included Megatron Salad, Streetlamp of-the-sea, Yana Don’t-Blink and Chalupa Batman. The winning suggestion, out of 150,000 votes, was “Cthulhu” – which is also the name of a tentacle-faced science-fiction monster. The full winning name was Cthulhu All-Spark, but that was ultimately vetoed by the parents in favor of the much more normal Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin. Bo-ring!

Florida man catches 805-pound mako shark
A Florida fisherman caught an 805-pound mako shark, making it
the largest mako shark catch in the world.When Joey Polk, a lifetime
fisherman, reeled in the 11-foot-long shark, he did not want
anyone to see his catch. He put the shark in the bed of his truck
and while he stopped to get gas, someone snapped a picture that
quickly went viral on the Internet.this record-setting mako became dinner for family and friends


First-line supervisors of police and detectives
Average annual salary: $78,270

Mental health counselor
Average annual salary: $40,080

Education administrators
Average annual salary: $43,950

Nurse anesthetists
Average annual salary: $148,160


Phlebotomy technicians
Average annual salary: $29,730
What they do: Draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations, or research.

Pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers
Average annual salary: $114,200

Air traffic controllers
Average annual salary: $122,530

Average annual salary: More than $187,200

Obstetricians and gynecologists
Average annual salary: More than $187,200

Average annual salary: n/a

Real Oddball Inventions
April is “Worldwide Innovation Month”, so here’s a look at some
preposterous products that have actually been patented. Whether
they’ll ever make it to market is a different matter.
• ‘The Arm Mitten’ – A solar-proof mitten that extends from the
fingers all the way up to the armpit, for people who drive with one
arm leaning out the car window.
• ‘The Bumper Dumper’ – A port-o-potty that connects to the
trailer hitch of your vehicle, said to be perfect for campers.
• ‘The Diaper Alarm’ – A sensor that straps onto diapers so that
when baby wets, a mild electrical conduction along his/her skin
activates blinking lights and an audible alarm.
• ‘Floating Shade’ – A helium-filled 3-foot disc that’s attached by
strings to the shoulders, thus floating overhead to provide hands-
free personal shade.
• ‘The Spoon Truss’ – Basically a spoon with an attached bracelet,
so parents don’t have to be continuously picking up a utensil
tossed from a toddler’s highchair.


"Cow and Bull Tie the Knot in Lavish Wedding!"
Truth! Believe it or not, a cow and a bull have been married in India in a lavish Indian wedding costing almost $17,000! More than 5,000 villagers turned up to watch. After hailstorms and heavy rain destroyed crops in nearby areas, the wedding was organized on the advice of local holy men.

"Hottest New Transportion -- Personal Blimps!"
Trash! Although, accidents would be like giant floating bumper cars

"Soft Drink Refill Costs One Guy $525!"
Truth! When construction worker Christopher Lewis refilled his drink at the VA Medical Center in downtown Charleston, SC, he didn't pay the 89-cent refill cost. He says he was unaware refills were extra. Police were called who issued him a pricey shoplifting ticket, a federal citation, which cost him $525! A hospital spokesperson explained that he committed "theft of government property," adding that Lewis was aggressive during the incident.

Cutting-Edge VOCAB
• ‘Gluten-Freegan’ – A person who consumes a gluten-free, vegan
diet. (What do you do when your eating habits clash with your

 Today's Question: "The average woman spends 52 minutes a day doing this. What is it?''

Extra Clue: may involve family, friends and coworkers

Extra Clue: could be juicy or scandalous

Final Clue: may be done without someone knowing or behind their back

Answer: gossiping


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