Friday, May 22, 2015
142nd day of the year.
There are 30 days remaining until Father's Day

Today is National Maritime Day, National Buy a Musical Instrument Day, National Vanilla Pudding Day, National Don’t Fry Day, National Wig Out Day and Goth Day

SATURDAY IS National Lucky Penny Day and National Taffy Day


Memorial Day was once called by another name.   Decoration Day

Memorial Day was founded to honor military personnel who died in...
    The Civil War ***

33 million people will be traveling during Memorial Day weekend.

A study says that one in seven people on the planet still live without electricity.

 Really? Some people are using Crayola crayons... for makeup?

 The sons of Snoop Dogg and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs are both on the roster of the UCLA Bruins football team.

Keep an eye on Oregon. They're experimenting with a "pay per mile" fee, instead of a gasoline tax. So, drivers would pay less at the pump and just dish out 1.5-cents for every mile they drive

How crazy are the real estate prices in San Francisco? Recently, a 2800-square foot "fixer upper" sold for twice the asking price -- over $2 million.

Need help falling asleep at night? Take a swig of cherry juice. If you drink a glass of tart cherry juice every morning and evening, you'll likely sleep better at night,

66% of women use the fit of their jeans to tell if they have gained weight

TMZ claims Flavor Flav was arrested during a traffic stop in Vegas yesterday. He was charged with a DUI, possession, open container, speeding, bogus registration and driving with a suspended license.

Apparently things hit a rocky patch between Russell Wilson and Ciara and the two are "taking a break" from their relationship.

Justin Bieber tells CBS that he doesn't wear the same underwear twice.

A rumor is going around that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Tyga’s baby

A jump in fake social media profiles is expected over the next several weeks as parents create fake personas in order to monitor what their kids are doing during their summer vacation. Tweens are the most likely to be friended by their parents acting as someone else. A slight jump in home security camera sales is also expected as parents monitor their children remotely.

13.76 million viewers watched David Letterman's final show. It was his highest rated show in 20 years. 14.6 million viewers watched Jay Leno's final show.

- Rob Lowe is launching his own skincare line for men.

BroBible claims Aaron Hernandez has gotten a neck tattoo that reads LIFETIME (MUST REALLY LOVE THAT TV CHANNEL)

Jeff Gordon will join Fox in 2016 as a NASCAR analyst.

New Movies Opening Today
Poltergeist (Rated PG-13) ...( FUN FACT:  IMDB claims Tom Cruise was considered for the role of Eric Bowen. Bowen is the lead male character)
Tomorrowland (Rated PG) ... Starring: George Clooney, Tim McGraw

Pizza Crust DNA: The Washington DC police have issued an arrest warrant for Daron Wint. The 34 year-old is suspected of killing a family of three and their housekeeper before stealing $40,000 in cash from their home. Cops were able to identify Wint after they found his DNA on the crust of a Domino’s pizza that had been ordered to the house.

Cops are offering $25,000 for information leading to his arrest and conviction.

** UPDATE **

Raw Story claims the DC police caught Wint last night.

Genius: 11 year-old Tanishq Abraham graduated from American River College in Sacramento, California on Wednesday He had a 4.0 grade point average and earned three associate's degrees in one year. Abraham plans to get a medical degree and become a doctor and medical researcher. He also wants to be President of the United States.

Abraham Tweeted: 3 Associate college degrees -Awesome feeling- completed my first few baby steps to my BIG goal- @NobelPrize med doctor/researcher & @POTUS

Not Tonight I Have A Headache: With prom season here, a company, called What Would Your Mother Do, has designed a line of abstinence clothing that feature slogans like 'zip it' and 'not tonight'.

WWYMD says: "We created a line of underwear to use as conversation starters to help reinforce family morals as they relate to relationships and dating. We just want to provide you with cute reminders to help you make an impression - somewhat discreetly."

Website:" target="_blank">

The Charlotte, North Carolina police detained a man on Wednesday after he stripped naked at the airport.

The man became enraged because he was not allowed to board a plane to Jamaica.

He stripped and began yelling at U.S. Airways employees.

People started laughing at the man.

He was taken to a doctor for treatment.


this woman says once on Spring Break, she saw someone pump gas and forget to take the gas pump out of the car. The people pulled away and ripped the nozzle off

 Memorial Day Cookout Costs

A new study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the cost of this year's Memorial Day cookout is up 2% from last year.

The average cost of a 12-person cookout is $198.79.

The cost of ...
Ground beef is up 13.7% from last year
Hot dogs are up 7.8% from last year
Lettuce prices are up 8.5% from last year
Cheese rose 3%
Gas is down 29.9% from last year
Red onions, creamy coleslaw, beefsteak tomatoes, ice cream, pickles, chicken, corn, hamburgers, hot dog buns, mustard, ketchup and mayo rose by 2-3%

The cost of beer, soda, watermelon and potato salad all went down.

Nothing Kills a Sweet 16 Like Poop Raining From the Sky!
One thing's for certain: Jacinda Cambray will never forget her Sweet 16 birthday party! She was celebrating with about 40 guests in her family's backyard in Philadelphia when human poop started falling from the sky! One relative explained, "It was brown. It was everywhere. It got on everything!" While it isn't clear where exactly the poop came from, Jacinda's aunt quickly checked her smartphone and found there were five planes flying over their location at the time, spawning a theory that one had illegally unloaded its waste on the party. Fortunately, though party guests were swimming and playing horseshoes, most of the poop landed on a canopy that had been put up just hours earlier to protect visitors in case it rained. Jacinda's stepfather, Joe Cambray, says he washed away most of the waste with a hose, but "everybody was not very happy!"

Memorial Day weekend is here signaling the official start of the BBQ and pool season. This makes it the perfect time for a round of BBQ Sauce or BS. Have your audience tell you which BBQ sauce name is real and which one isn't

Road Kill BBQ Sauce (Real)

Oink Oink Doink Doink BBQ Sauce (BS)

Funny Farm Original BBQ Sauce (Real)

Redneck Bar-B-Que Sauce (Real)

Squeel City Sauce (BS)

Today's Question: "32% of people will do this at some point during the summer. What is it?"

Extra Clue: fun

Extra Clue: outdoors

Final Clue: might make you sick (rides)

Answer: visit a theme park


The Rock Officiates Reporter's Wedding ... Screen Junkies correspondent Nick Mundy was scheduled to interview Dwayne Johnson for his new movie, "San Andres." Instead, Johnson, a legally ordained minister, surprised Mundy by marrying him and his fiance

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