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Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

YouTube recently compiled a playlist of the most-viewed music videos on the site so far in 2014. Take a guess as to which clip is number one.

Are you ready for, ready for the answer? It’s the Katy Perry hit “Dark Horse.” Since it was posted in February, it has racked up more than 493 million views.

Shakira occupies the next two spots on the list. Her collaboration with Rihanna, “Can’t Remember to Forget You,” has 358 million views to date, while her World Cup song, “La La La (Brazil 2014),” has 262 million.

Here are the rest of the top 10 videos on the playlist:

4. Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, "We Are One (Ole Ola) (Olodum Mix)"
5. Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona, "Bailando (Español)” 
6. The Chainsmokers, "#SELFIE"
7. Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX, "Fancy"
8. Frozen, "Let It Go Sing-Along"
9. Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg, "Wiggle "
10. Enrique Iglesias ft. Marco Antonio Solís, "El Perdedor"



Lorde is part of the opening-day lineup of the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago this weekend. If you can’t make it to Grant Park to check out her performance, you can still watch it online.

Lorde’s set will stream on and via the Red Bull TV app Friday at 7 p.m. Central time. At 8:30 p.m., you’ll be able to tune in to a performance by Zedd.

On Sunday at 3:15 p.m., you can see fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff’s side project, Bleachers.

The complete live-stream schedule is posted on



The shark storm is back! Sharknado 2: The Second One premieres Wednesday night on the Syfy channel. Ian Ziering starred in last year’s smash cult hit and returns for the sequel because as viewers remember, he chainsawed his way out of a shark.

In Sharknado 2: The Second One, the man-eaters invade New York City.


- Over 36 million people have viewed the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer making it the most watched trailer of 2014


TMZ claims Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber yesterday in a restaurant in Ibiza. Justin ducked in front of Paris Hilton and Diddy, who were also there. The crowd cheered when Justin left. TMZ claims Justin partied with Orlando's then-wife Miranda Kerr after a 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York. Orlando and Justin's ex, Selena Gomez, hung out in April.


The Sun claims Bradley Cooper has been working at a London Burger King to prepare for his role in Adam Jones. The movie is about a chef training to get a third Michelin star. A source tells the paper: "Bradley was training alongside genuine Burger King staff. The aim was to learn the 'art of the flip' which he nailed fairly quickly. There was no real fanfare from him. You'd never know he was a big star by the way he spoke to people. He spent Sunday night learning the skills while the restaurant was open to the public and then filmed for most of the day on Monday.''


Tara Reid tells GQ that a real-life Sharknado could occur. "You know, it actually can happen. I mean, the chances of it happening are very rare, but it can happen actually. Which is crazy. Not that it�the chances of it are, like, you know, it's like probably �pigs could fly.' Like, I don't think pigs could fly, but actually sharks could be stuck in tornados. There could be a sharknado."


Life & Style Weekly claims a prenup is holding up Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding. A source tells the mag: “Haggling over assets and money put a real damper on Jen and Justin’s wedding planning for months. It really held things up.”

A second source says: “Justin is worth $20 million and Jennifer is worth $150 million.''

A source tells RADAR Online: ''Jennifer and Justin are getting married right by the ocean, so it will be a beach meets California modern-chic sort of thing. She is going to have it [the wedding] out of the country [US].'' A second source says: ''After talking honestly, their issues seemed to evaporate. Justin admitted he hated the idea of an over-the-top wedding. Jen's happily agreed to a low-key do with friends and family. Jen's thrilled and Justin couldn't be happier.''


Could it be baby number 2 for Shakira and her boyfriend, footballer Gerard Pique? A close friend of the singer has apparently revealed the news, according to The Mirror. Fellow Colombian singer Carlos Vives broke the story at a Miami awards ceremony, telling attendees: "Yes, she is pregnant and she's very happy." Erm, Carlos, don't you know you're supposed to hold off until the mother has made the announcement herself with a cute bump picture on Facebook? You are SO not getting an invite to the baby shower. The Mirror are also reporting that rumors around the singer's supposed pregnancy have emerged because "she toned down her trademark belly dancing" at the World Cup closing ceremony. So there's not a baby bump sighting, but the fact we saw a little less of Shakira's gyrating hips clearly means she's got a bun in the oven. Hmmm. Guess we'll have to wait and see whether a little brother/sister for the most adorable toddler ever, Milan. (British Glamour)


Ariana Grande Covers Seventeen Magazine and Reveals She's "Fallen Out of Touch" With Her Father. Ariana Grande is on fire. Her smash single "Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea)" soared to the top of the Billboard charts this summer, and she followed it up with another banger, "Break Free (feat. Zedd). And at midnight Thursday, Jessie J released the surefire hit song "Bang Bang (feat. Grande and Nicki Minaj)." Though her Nickelodeon series Sam & Cat was canceled in July 2014 after just one season, Grande has never been more popular. She's definitely enjoying the fruits of her labor, but the 21-year-old singer has also been facing some tough times in her personal life. In the September 2014 issue of Seventeen magazine, Grande reveals that the hardest thing she's ever had to deal with is "falling out of touch with my dad." "It's private, but it happened last year. It took me so long to be okay with it. The thing that got me there was embracing the fact that that I am made up of half my dad, and a lot of my traits come from him," she admits. "So much of me comes from my father, and for so long, I didn't like that about myself." "I had to accept that it's okay not to get along with somebody and still love them," Grande says. The biggest lesson Grande has learned in the past few years, she reveals, is "being okay with not having the answers to everything. I feel like for the first time in my life, I'm really okay. I used to freak out about everything all the time. I used to be like, 'Oh my God, somebody said this!'" she recalls. "Everything used to be such a big deal! But now, I feel I can handle everything that comes my way with a calm energy." With success comes scrutiny, and Grande must learn to ignore her haters. "It's tough to spend some of the most important years of your life in front of so many strangers who want to pick you apart," she admits. "Insecurity has been the hardest thing I've had to overcome. I think everyone my age struggles with that because everyone strives for approval and wants to feel loved." How does she overcome her fears? "I focus on what's important. My grandpa is sick, so I focus on him every day," she says. "I'm having the biggest song of my career so far, and all I can think about is my grandpa, because that's what's important to me." After the losing her loved one, she issued a statement about the cover story: "This interview took place before I lost my grandfather," Grande explained. "Reading it back now is, of course, very hard but I'm so grateful that I spoke briefly about some of the wisdom he shared with me in this interview. I hope the Seventeen readers find it helpful and can relate." Seventeen's September 2014 issue hits newsstands Aug. 5. (Eonline)


Chris Brown may have new, more troubling neighbor issues ... we've found out he's moved deep into the San Fernando Valley, and one of his new neighbors is threatening lethal force if Chris steps onto his property. Real estate sources tell TMZ ... Chris is renting an 8,000 square foot, 6 bedroom house in Agoura ... it's near the Malibu boarder but technically part of the Valley. It's a pretty sick pad. It has a commercial ice cream bar, dance studio, billiard room, as well as a tennis court and clubhouse. Chris likes ragers -- he had one over the weekend -- and there's plenty of space to park 75 cars. Now the problem. We spoke with one of his neighbors, who said flatly, "It can be the devil. I can care less. I don't care if they're having orgies. It can even be Saddam Hussein for all I care, as long as he doesn't trespass onto my property. If he does, I shoot him." This guy's seen one too many Clint Eastwood movies. (TMZ)


What will Kris Jenner have to say about this? Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner got up close and personal with some high-profile party pals on Saturday, July 26 -- bad boy rappers Chris Brown and Trey Songz. Reality TV stars Kendall, 18, and Kylie, 16, spent the evening at a house party with Rihanna's ex-boyfriend Brown, 25 and his pals. And judging by the photos Songz, 29, shared via Instagram, the foursome were getting very friendly. In one picture, Kendall, wearing a black crop top, pouts at the camera while Songz hugs her from behind in a tight embrace. Standing next to them, convicted felon Brown has his arm around a smiling Kylie, a cigarette dangling from his lips as he flashes his grillz. Brown was released from jail at the beginning of June after a three month stint behind bars for violating his probation in relation to the Rihanna domestic abuse case. And while dating rappers is nothing new for the Kardashian clan, with Kim Kardashian married to Kanye West, and Khloe Kardashian dating French Montana, this new friendship is bound to be a source of worry for mom Kris. Already concerned about the influence Montana is having on Khloe, the momager is unlikely to approve of any friendship her youngest daughters strike up with former jailbird Brown. A source told Us Weekly previously that matriarch Kris, 58, is no fan of Khloe's relationship with Montana. "Kris thinks he's not right for Khloe," the source said. "She doesn't like that French is supergangster." (US Weekly)


James Franco's play "Of Mice and Men" has left Broadway with a roar -- a box office record. The show, co-starring Chris O'Dowd and Leighton Meester, said Monday it earned $1,038,106 for the week ending Sunday, setting a new eight-performance weekly record gross at the Longacre Theatre and marking the first time the theater ever housed a show that crossed the $1 million mark. The play, an adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel, follows two tragic migrant workers trying to make their way through the Depression. The play recouped its $3.8 million capitalization in just 12 weeks and ended its 19-week run Sunday. It is the first American production chosen to be filmed by National Theatre Live. (Page Six)


Now this is what we call a triple threat - pop legend Jessie J has collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande on new single, Bang Bang. And it's been leaked a day ahead of schedule. The track kicks straight off with Jessie's vocals, before Ariana pipes in to back her up, followed by Nicki with some of her signature speed rapping. We have to say it has a little bit of a Lady Marmalade vibe to it thanks to the harmonies and jazzy beat, which can't be bad - right? Definitely one of the catchiest songs of the summer, and with three huge female stars behind it surely it's going to be an easy chart topper. (British Glamour)


It's been nearly a decade since Missy Elliott's last solo album, 2005's The Cookbook, but Timbaland says a new one may be on its way. "It's coming," the rapper's longtime producer and songwriting partner tells Rolling Stone. "It's on her. She got the first single, it's just a matter of when she wants to do it. We got the hollow-tip bullet in the gun. We have the game-changer right there," he says, making the sound of a gun firing. Asked what that bullet sounds like, Timbaland remains vague: "It's something you ain't never heard Missy do. It sounds today, but the future." Despite their close relationship, the two artists work in an unusual way. "I've never watched her record, never in my whole career," he continues. "I do it, she be like, 'OK, I got it,' and I leave the room. She kicks us out. That's how she do it: She does everything herself." In 2012, Elliott released two new Timbaland-produced songs, "9th Inning" and "Triple Threat," but in the following years her output has been limited to feature appearances.



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