Tuesday, May 31, 2016

152nd day of the year.

There are 19 days remaining until Father's Day

Today is World No Tobacco Day, Web Designer Day, National Macaroon Day, National Save Your Hearing Day and National Speak in Sentences Day





Amber Heard Claims Abuse By Johnny Depp

Depp Allegedly Assaults Heard: TMZ claims Amber Heard filed a restraining order against Johnny Depp after he allegedly smashed her in the face with an iPhone. Hollywoodlife.com claims Amber was on the phone with a friend when Johnny assaulted her. The friend called 9-1-1 before cops rushed to the Depp's residence. A source tells the site: “Prior incidents were worse. This was only the latest incident.

Depp Tell-All May Be Coming:The Daily Mirror, citing The Daily Star, claims Johnny Depp wants to clear his name with a tell-all interview


He played Puck on "Glee." Now, actor Mark Salling has been charged with possession of child pornography and is facing up to 5 years in jail.


 JLo has paid $28 million for a Bel Air, California home. The 8-acre estate was owned by actress Sela Ward. It has a lake, a beach and a bridge.


HOT RUMOR:  Hollywoodlife.com, citing Radar Online, claims Gwen Stefani recently rejected Blake Shelton's marriage proposal. A source tells the sites: ''Gwen was very touched, but [told Blake] she had to wait [for marriage] to make sure it was right for the kids.


DREAM DUE COME TRUE:  A fisherman in Skiatook, Oklahoma, built his dream home over a huge homemade pond so that he can fish through a trap door in his living room any time he wants to.


It costs about $170 a year to power your flat screen TV, but only about $3 a year to power your radio.


According to Men's Health, 40% of men can not remember the last time they wrote a thank you note.


Onlyseven out of every one thousand people will live to be 100.


A survey says 12% of Millennials expect to never be able to retire.


Now there's a study out that says a diet too low in salt could be bad for the heart.


Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up to lay an underwater cable between North America and South Europe, so that the Internet can be more connected than ever.


- Vinny's Pizza in New York is selling The Pizza In A Pizza Box Topped With A Mini Pizza. The restaurant previously created a pizza in a pizza box and is now topping those two pies with an additional pizza


Someone paid $58,000 for two courtside seats to last night's Warriors -Thunder game. Golden State won 96-88 to advance to the NBA Finals against Cleveland.


- Rocket News claims Coca-Cola has launched a new sleep water in Japan. Glaceau Sleep Water contains L-theanine, an amino acid that decreases anxiety and improves relaxation. Sleep Water contains no caffeine


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results

1. X-Men: Apocalypse - $65.3 million ($80 million)

2. Alice Through the Looking Glass - $27 MILLION) (CINEMA SCOOP .. The movie cost $170 million to produce)  BIG FLOP!!!!!

3. The Angry Birds Movie - $18.75 million

4. Captain America: Civil War - $15

5. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising - $9



Nick Jonas tells The Sun that he once tried to woo Rihanna. “I flirted with Rihanna once. It didn’t work – but it didn’t NOT work. It didn’t go anywhere but it was a great conversation. It laid a good foundation. She smells amazing, that is one thing I can tell you. Everyone says it but I have actually smelt her now and it’s amazing.


Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the summer travel season. Jeff Daniels was recently doing an interview with Jimmy Fallon when he told him that he went on an RV trip with his family and accidentally left his wife behind at a truck stop.


Breast Implants Save Woman's Life: Sharon Heinrich and Helen Salter were recently biking in Canberra, Australia when they were attacked by a kangaroo. The women saw the kangaroo standing on the side of the road before it jumped at them and knocked them off their bikes. Sharon suffered three broken ribs and will undergo surgery later this week to replace her ruptured breast implants. She claims the implants worked as airbags and saved her from further injury. Helen suffered whiplash


Tough As Nails: A man from China swallowed eight nails while trying to impress his friends. Two months ago, the man told his friends that he was a trained sword swallower and tried to prove it by eating the nails. The man didn't feel any pain until last week when one of the nails pierced his stomach.

The man rushed to the hospital where doctors operated and saved his life



Paralyzed Teen Walks Again: Hunter Stoneburner made history on Sunday night when he walked across a stage to receive his high school diploma in Des Moines, Iowa. The 17 year-old suffered a massive stroke and was told that he would never walk again.

Hunter tells WHO-TV: “Nothing is going to stop me


Chef Can Pay Child Support In Pizza:

A judge in Padula, Italy has ruled that a pizza chef can pay his child support in pizza. The chef does not earn enough to make a full alimony payment so a judge ordered him to provide $335 worth of pizza every month for his ex-wife and child. The wife may appeal and seek more money in an appellate court.


74-  "The Streak"   Ray Stevens

84-  "Let's Hear It for the Boy" Deniece Williams

94-  "I Swear"         All-4-One

04-  "Burn"  Usher



Average Income per year $13,900.00

Popular Films

·        The Exorcist

·        Blazing Saddles


Born This Year 1974

Leonardo DiCaprio November 11th

Alanis Morissette June 1st

Jimmy Fallon September 19th

Victoria Beckha




Aids Virus identified

AT&T Broken Up

The first Apple Macintosh goes on sale

 the first commercial CD Players

Sony makes the first 3 1/2" computer disk



What Events Happened In 1994

United States

Tonya Harding wins the national Figure Skating championship title but is stripped of her title following an attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan.


OJ Simpson flees police in his white ford bronco



The summer job season has started. Time for 'Celebrity Summer Jobs'

Brad Pitt once worked as a __________________

A. Mechanic

B. Mascot for a restaurant (Chicken)

C. Dog walker


Gwen Stefani once worked as a ______________________

A. Baby sitter

B. Telemarketer

C. Restaurant worker ... Dairy Queen


George Clooney once worked as a _______________________

A. Plumber

B. Shoe salesman

C. Dance instructor


Mick Jagger once worked as a(n) _________________________________

A. Doorman

B. Gardener

C. Ice cream vendor


Today's Mindbender: ''7% of women do this on a regular basis in the bathroom. What is it?''

Answer: leave the toilet seat up


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