181st day of the year.

There are 185 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is National Almond Buttercrunch Day, National Camera Day and National Waffle Iron Day



-- On this date in 1964, the first TV remote control was introduced




A new study found that the music you listen to, can affect this? The way your beer tastes.


The Backstreet Boys Are Releasing A New Album, Which Is So Very Sad


The original 3 Musketeers bar was split into three smaller bars, with vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.


According to a woman's health magazine, one of 13 ways to reduce stress is to rub your ear lobes.


If you have blue eyes,you may want to be wary of wine -- and beer and cocktails, too. Genetic researchers at the University of Vermont say thatpeople with blue eyes are genetically more likely to become alcoholics than those who have brown eyes.


According to USA Today, about 24% of us are so impatient, we read the last page of a book first.


Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk made headlines yesterday when he videotaped himself doing a 900-degree turn. He was in the air for three complete rotations. Tony is 48. (IT'S THE DOUBLE RAINBOW OF THE SKATING WORLD)


A petition has been started to get Disney and Lucasfilm to include an LGBT character in the next Star Wars film. The petition was started after a Star Wars fan died in the Orlando nightclub shooting.  TELL ME C3P0 ISNT?


Kellogg's is opening a cereal cafe in Times Square. They will sell 10 items made from cereals like Raisin Bran, Special K and Fruit Loops. The cafe will also sell ice cream and their most popular cereals


Meghan Trainor tells Yahoo that she wants to act. "My biggest dream right now is to start an acting career. I'm going to get an acting coach soon


Uproxx claims Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg each lost $1.8 billion on Monday because of Brexit.


The Silicon Beat claims Apple has received a patent for new technology that would block smartphones from recording videos or shooting photos at concerts. An arena transmitter would send infrared signals to disable smartphones.


- Contact Music claims author E L James has made $69 million from her Fifty Shades of Grey books


Man Arrested For Thinking About Cheeseburgers!

Police in Gastonia, North Carolina arrested 48-year-old Michael Francis McLaughlin. McLaughlin is homeless and was standing at an interstate off ramp holding a sign that read: "I'm thinking of a cheeseburger!" This apparently violates a Gastonia City Ordinance so now McLaughlin has a nice warm bed in jail. (Newser)



A new study by Paris-Sorbonne University reveals that women, who wear low-cut tops get more job interviews. Researchers had two similar looking women, with identical resumes, apply for 100 jobs a piece. One woman included a picture where she dressed conservatively while the other wore a revealing outfit. The woman, who wore the revealing outfit got 62 more interview offers than the woman, who dressed conservatively



Drunk Driver Sues Bar:

 The Dallas Morning News claims Gordon Savage is suing a Richardson, Texas bar for negligence. He drank at the bar for 8 hours before attempting to drive home drunk. Savage crashed into a wall and was taken to a hospital. He was never charged with drunken driving and wants $1 million from the bar.

His attorney tells the paper: "You don't go sit and drink for eight hours at a bar. You don't let a customer do that."



WANNA WIN one free burger a day 4 LIFE!!!

Free Burgers: Foodbeast claims the Mr. Burger restaurant chain in Melbourne, Australia is offering free burgers for life to anyone, who changes their last name to 'Burger'.

Their website reads: "We like to have fun at Mr. Burger,. And giving someone burgers for life if they change their last name to ‘Burger’ seems about the most fun thing we can do. So we’re doing it."

The new Mr or Mrs Burger will receive one free burger a day 4 LIFE!!!


What A Doll: The Daily Mirror claims a 61 year old man from Japan has fallen in love with a life-size doll that is made out of rubber. Senji Nakajima bought the female doll because his wife often travels for work. He tells the paper that their relationship bloomed after they spent time together. Senji and his doll sleep in the same bed and often go on vacations together. He pushes her in a wheelchair.


Biggest Wedding Ever

Mexico's Grand Velas Resort is offering a $2.5 million wedding package. The package includes a party for 100 guests, private jet travel from anywhere in the US, massages, tequila service and a performance by Gavin DeGraw, Demi Lovato, Lenny Kravitz, Kelly Clarkson, Meghan Trainor or Diana Ross

Dancing with the Stars alum Karina Smirnoff will choreograph the first dance


Taylor and toms relationship by the numbers

13: Days since we first saw Taylor and Tom kissing on the rocky beaches of Rhode Island

44: The number of days between when the pair's chemistry first unfolded on the dance floor at the Met Gala (May 2) and when we saw their PDA debut (June 15)

1: The number of weeks between the relationship going public and the stars meeting each others' families

55: Days since meeting at the Met Gala until they said, "I love you,"to each other

5,995: The approximate number of miles they've flown while traveling from Rhode Island to Nasvhille, England and Rome

5: The estimate of how many minutes it took to come up with their couple name (mainly because someone predicted their relationship two years ago, and so, Hiddleswift was already alive and thriving)

10Different outfit changes we've seen from the couple

4: The amount of photo opportunities that were fully taken by the pair

5: An estimated number of dance moves Taylor and Tom have to bust out at any given moment

9: Years between them

35: Number of movies and TV shows Hiddleston has been in

90: Number of songs Taylor has either released or been featured on (not counting unreleased music)

2.95 million: Tom Hiddleston's Twitter followers

78.9 million: Taylor Swift's Twitter followers

$8 million: Tom Hiddleston's approximate net worth

$250 million: Taylor Swift's approximate net worth



No More Donald, Danny, Deborah, Dorothy or Dick!

A bizarre study says naming your new baby with anything beginning with the letter D can be harmful for their health! Psychologists at Wayne State University in Detroit have determined that your first initial has a major affect on your longevity, and people whose names begin with A significantly outlive those beginning with D. The connection is the subconscious link to school grades, where A represents high achievement and D near failure.



How women dress up their fingernails reveals their inner personality, says Pam Bell, a color, consultant and the official numerologist for the National Examiner. Bell offers readers these tips on how to nail down the psychological profiles of the women in their lives by checking out their manicures:

Pink polish -- Romance and friendship motivate women fond of this ultra-feminine hue.

Orange polish-- World of caution -- only confident big-city gals on the cutting edge of style can really carry off this color.

Red polish-- The power color attracts born leaders who have a mission in life.

Offbeat colors -- A rebellious side resides in women who get dolled-up in unnatural colors like blue or green.

French manicures-- These ladies put a lot of work into looking like they have naturally perfect nails. They have their tips enhanced by white polish and the rest covered in light pink or beige, completing the illusion with a coat of clear lacquer. These gals hope they come off like the girl next door -- only better.

No polish-- It takes a self-sufficient woman to go bare. But her confidence can lure her into talking on too much.



"Ham and Steak Bones Are Terrible For Your Dog!"

Truth! According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have warned pet owners that no bones, no matter the size, are good for your dog and can lead to broken teeth, mouth or tongue injuries, bones or fragments getting stuck in a dog's esophagus or stomach and possible death from peritonitis when bone fragments poke holes in a dog's stomach or intestines!


"English Professor Marries L.A. Homeless Man After Nine Days!"

Truth! 37-year-old Joanne St. Clair is a prominent university lecturer in England but was on vacation in Los Angeles when she met the love of her life-- Daniel Orlick who was homeless at the time and hanging around Venice Beach. Nine days after meeting they married and seven years later they're still happily together with two kids!


"Town Bans Thongs So They Can Be More Like Mayberry!"

Truth! At Kure Beach, North Carolina, Mayor Dean Lambethsays "We're going to keep this as close to Mayberry with a beach as you can keep it." Keeping in line with that theme, the good mayor has now banned thong bikinis on the beach with the full support of the town council.



Calvin Harris Recalls Sharing "This Is What You Came For" With RihannaFor The First Time ... Calvin played the finished track for Rihanna while they were relaxing at Coachella. She loved it


Woman Tests Out Dog's Electric Shock Collar ... a young woman makes the mistake of agreeing to test out her family dog's shock collar. The family is testing out the invisible fence. It doesn't turn out well


Today's Mindbender: "43% of employees say this stresses them out at work? What is it?''

Answer: asking for vacation time


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