Monday, April 27, 2015
117th day of the year.
There are 248 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 8 days remaining until Cinco de Mayo
There are 13 days remaining until Mother's Day

Today is National Prime Rib Day and Tell a Story Day

Monday's Birthday Cake:
Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump (31
Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson (67)


Yes, it's spring. But there was still snow in 23 states over the weekend.

It takes a woman two full hours of brisk walking at 3.5 mph to work off the calories of just one cheeseburger -- and that doesn't even count the fries

 Only 1 out of every 14 women in America can say they are a natural blonde. (Yes)

A new survey by reveals that the average young woman spends over five hours a week taking selfies. Other findings:

The average cost to get into the building for this week's Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight is $11,000

 It had quieted down for a while, but late last week, three more women came forward to claim they had also been accosted by Bill Cosby.

A Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan museum is opening in New York City.

A new survey by YouGov reveals that 80% of teachers do not feel valued by society

 Must See TV:
16.9 million people watched Bruce Jenner's interview on Friday.
836,000 Tweets were sent during the interview

Mama June tells TMZ that she is bisexual

the average woman will date 24 different men, and spend more than $4,000, before finding 'Mr Right'.

Mark Wahlberg And Diddy Make $250,000 Bet On Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight ... Diddy wants Floyd while Mark wants Manny

Huge Earthquake Rocks Nepal ... it registered a 7.8 on the Richter Scale. Over 1,300 people are dead.

Australian horse jockey Blake Shinn suffered a wardrobe malfunction during a recent race. He was riding Miss Royale when his pants fell down and exposed his butt. Shinn finished second.
Click Link for Video:

The Naples, Florida police recently arrested David Durham for breaking into several cars. His mugshot showed him wearing a shirt that said: “Warning: I do dumb things

Dark Knight Rises .. and Falls: TSA agents at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport confiscated three Batman weapons last week. The batarangs, which resemble a bat, are thrown like a boomerang.

A man from Spain, who would only identify himself as Josep, traveled to London on Friday to be the first in line to purchase the new Apple watch. Josep's girlfriend says they planned their entire vacation around the watch

 Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.
1. "Furious 7," $18.3 million ($69.7 million international).
2. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2," $15.5 million

There will be a Furious 8, but that should be it, in 2017.

I just saw a photo of 68-year-old Sylvester Stallone's latest portrayal of Rocky Balboa in the new "Rocky" spinoff movie, "Creed." I don't want to say Rocky has gotten old, but he's replaced 'Eye of the Tiger' with 'I Need Some Fiber.'

Bruce Jenner's high school girlfriend, Michelle Rosenthal, tells Inside Edition that she is shocked by his transition

TEXT-  this woman says a guy she dated in high school now dresses like a woman. She knows of at least one other girl he used to date
-  this woman says she found out that a guy she used to date was also dating one of her male friends

French Diss: The Daily Mirror claims Michael Thibodeau sued Air Canada because he received a Sprite instead of a 7UP.

He claims the airline's employees were 'malicious, oppressive and reprehensible' for not answering his questions in French. "Being able to order 7Up in French on a plane is a fundamental right in Canada and all Canadians should be able to sue the airlines if this is not the case."

Michael was originally awarded $12,149, but Air Canada appealed and the ruling was overturned.

Makes No Scents: Katia Apalategui is launching a new company that will bottle the scent of dead, loved ones. The 52 year-old French woman came up with the idea after her mom held onto her late husband's pillowcases because she liked the way he smelled.
Katia's partner, Geraldine Savary, tells The Local: "We take the person's clothing and extract the odor -- which represents about a hundred molecules -- and we reconstruct it in the form of a perfume in four days.''
It's made-to-measure and will sell for around $600.''

The Wire: A Gulfport, Mississippi, man is lucky to be alive after his lawn mower shot a 3 1/2-inch metal wire up his nose. Bill Parker got hit in the face and then went to the hospital where doctors found the wire wedged in his sinus cavity. It took surgeons 20 minutes to remove the wire. Bill plans to hire a landscaper.

27% of people have this for breakfast. What? Soda.

 Today's Question: "52% of women don't allow their man to do this around the house. What is it?"

Extra Clue: if the man messes up it could affect the rest of the family

Extra Clue: nothing to do with cooking

Answer: laundry


Meghan Trainor Didn't Come Up With "All About that Bass"... producer Kevin Kadish came to her with an idea for a song called, "All Bass, No Treble." She suggested changing it to "All About that Bass". The two composed the song in 45 minutes

Bruce Jenner Reveals All .. he believes he is a woman. He says he has always been confused about his gender, but is not gay. Bruce will spend 2015 completing his full transition to living as a female, but has not yet decided on whether he will undergo reassignment surgery. Bruce has been a cross-dresser for most of his life, and believes that his revelation will change the world

AUDIO  the reason he has decided to become a woman now at 65 is because he just can't live the lie any longer (Courtesy of ABC)
AUDIO:  Bruce Jenner Reveals All To Diane Sawyer ... he says Kanye West had great wisdom for Kim Kardashian about accepting Bruce as a woman. Since then, Kim has told Bruce to "rock" his look (Courtesy of ABC)

Oprah Winfrey: "All of us deserve the right to be loved for who we are ". Bravo

STAY CLASSY CHIRS  Kris Humprhies Under Fire For Jenner Tweet:
Kris Humphries Tweeted: "Man, I'm glad I got out when I did. #Gottadoyou.

Cops Caught Singing On Dashcam ... Delaware police officers Jeff Davis and Demetrius "Meat" Stevenson were captured on their dashcam singing along to songs on the radio



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