Wednesday, February 10, 2016
41st day of the year.
There are 325 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 4 days remaining until Valentine's Day

Today is the start of Lent, Ash Wednesday, National “Have a Brownie” Day, National Umbrella Day and National Cream Cheese Brownie Day


 Cell phones with batteries that last 7 days are said to be right around the corner.

GAS prices could go even lower SOME EXPERTS R PREDICTING!!!

- Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire primary on the Republican side

- Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary on the Democrat side

- Kanye West is under fire for tweeting that Bill Cosby Is "Innocent"

HeadlinePlanet claims Adele has chosen the song she will sing at the Grammys. Adele will perform her latest single, "When We Were Young," during the awards show on February 15th

- The trailer for "Fuller House" on Netflix has arrived on the internet
Frozen is Heading to Broadway in 2018!

- A new "Saw" movie is in the works, called "Saw: Legacy." It will be the eighth film in the franchise

- Khloe Kardashian has created an online dating profile on OK Cupid, following her reported breakup with James Harden

- Red Lobster claims sales have risen 33 percent, ever since Beyonce mentioned the restaurant chain during her Super Bowl performance of "Formation"

 Angelina Jolie was thought to have 17 tattoos as of last December. Now she's added 3 more. Plus, she and husband Brad Pitt have gotten matching tattoos.

 Yesterday is what Gold's Gym refers to "the fitness cliff," where a lot of new members who showed up with a New Year's resolution to get in shape cancel their memberships.

Twice As Nice: Twin sisters have given birth to little girls just minutes apart in the same hospital. Sisters Stephanie Edginton and Nicole Montgomery were both due this Friday. Edginton was told to go to the hospital while at a doctor’s appointment earlier this week. On the way, she got a call from her sister that she was on the way to the hospital too. The girls were born three minutes apart.

Do you notice a difference in your brainpower based on the season? It could very well be that cold temperatures or steamy, humid days can make a difference in how well you think and even in the strength of your short-term memory, reports HealthDay News of research from the University of Liege in Belgium. The study found attention skills were best near the summer and worst near the winter .  Short-term memory was best in the fall and worst in the spring.

WHY sleeping in on the weekends may do more harm than good.
University of Pittsburgh reveals that sleeping in on the weekends may do more harm than good.

Researchers found that those, who sleep longer on weekends than during the week, tend to have "poorer cholesterol profiles, higher fasting insulin levels, larger waist circumference, higher body-mass index, and were more resistant to insulin

Yeti Sighting: Guests at a resort in the Pyrenees claim to have spotted a Yeti on the slopes, and captured it on camera. The video is shaky, but shows what appears to be a shaggy white humanoid shape coming out of the trees. A skier posted the video with the caption: "Strange animal spotted in Formigal. What the hell is this?" Skeptics claim it was an albino gorilla,

One of the world's largest cruise ships headed back to its home port this week, after a huge storm damaged the vessel and left passengers shaken. The intense weather that struck the Royal Caribbean cruise ship forced the captain to confine passengers to their cabins until the storm passed.

Terrified passengers said giant waves wildly rocked the ship, flipping over furniture and smashing glass. A portion of the ceiling in one corridor collapsed.

Survey: "What is the craziest or scariest thing that has ever happened to you on a cruise ship? What made it so crazy?"

TEXT-  this woman was on a cruise where someone died. They had to turn the whole ship around and return to port. The coroner came and everything. It was crazy
- this woman's aunt badgered her grandmother forever to go on a cruise to Alaska. When Grandma finally agreed to go, she slipped and broke her hip in the bathroom on the first night

Alli-oop: A man is facing multiple charges, after he threw an alligator into a Wendy’s drive-thru window. The man told police he picked up the alligator on the side of the road, and decided to bring it to Wendy’s. According to reports, he tossed the alligator through the window after he received a large drink. The man has been charged with unlawful possession of an alligator, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and petit theft.

Happiest Nation in the World

A recent survey by Worldwide Independent Network reveals that Colombia is the "happiest" country in the world, with a net happiness of 85%. Other findings:

- The U.S. has only 43% net happiness

- Mexico is at 76% happiness

- Italy and France are among the top 10 unhappiest nations.

- Iraq was ranked the unhappiest country in the world (-12%)

A Guy Who Makes a Little More Than You Do
Safe to say Sundar Pichai makes a little more than you do. Google's parent company appears to be satisfied with how Mr. Pichai has performed during his first four months as the new Google CEO, and have rewarded him by making him the new highest paid CEO in America. Pichai was awarded 273,328 Class C Google stock units on Feb. 3, worth around $199 million, bringing his total holdings to around $650 million. But while that may seem like an awful lot to you and me, Pichai's fortune is dwarfed by those of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are worth around $34 billion each, and by that of previous CEO Eric Schmidt, who's sitting on around $3 billion.

Go to "Discount Tattoo"; Get What You Paid For
Our free advice of the day: Avoid any place called "Discount Tattoo"! The Alberta, Canada Health Services Department is warning anyone who got inked at a now-closed "residential tattoo operation" in Calgary known as Discount Tattoo to be tested for communicable viruses including Hepatitis B and C, and HIV. Ryan Kinsella, ran the operation out of his home and according to Judy MacDonald, medical officer of health for the Calgary zone, failed to use proper sterilization or sanitation processes. During a press conference, MacDonald said clients of Discount Tattoo were being served at a desk in a common living area of the home that was "strewn with papers and cigarette butts." She added, "We have no idea of how many people might have used the services of this particular tattoo operator," and she's advising everyone who did to please get tested. Yikes!


"Guy Spends $30,000 on Super Bowl But Doesn't Tell Wife!"
Truth! One Denver Broncos fan spent $30,000 to go the game; $21,000 of which was spent on his ticket alone-- and he never told his wife! However, he was dumb enough to be interviewed on a local TV station during which he utters in all seriously-- "Don't tell my wife."

"Cardboard is The New Kale!"
Trash! Kale has been cardboard all along!

"Chef Loses 100 Pounds Eating Pizza Every Day!"
Truth! Chef Pasquale Cozzolino made his own pizza dough using only flour, water, sea salt and yeast and topped the pie with tomato sauce, basil and fresh mozzarella. Each pizza has fewer than 600 calories.

 Today's Question: "72% of people have this tucked away in storage. What is it?"

Extra Clue: old

Extra Clue: may involve nice or formal clothing

Final Clue: memories

Answer: high school yearbook


They had their big Super Bowl Champions parade yesterday in Denver.   ESTIMATED MILLION PEOPLE TURNED UP!

Cam Newton admits he is a "sore loser" ... Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton discusses his behavior after losing Super Bowl 50. He abruptly stormed out of his post game press conference, and is not apologizing for it



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