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Born Matthew Mark Luke John Murphy, or "Magic" Matt Murphy, it was known from the start that his future with Radio was written in the stars.

Now, Matt as a young child did try to run from his radio entertainment calling, trying his hand as the youngest Professional Black Jack Dealer in the US and also auditioning for Young Boys Yodeling Choir of Birmingham. Though his black jack dealing never got him far, and his debut Yodeling album only did well in certain parts of Albania, some said that Matt had a certain charisma. It was this charisma that would blast him into the stratosphere of radio broadcasting and make him the engaging personality that he is today.

While sitting on his front porch conversing with the neighborhood squirrels, which he so often did, it hit him like an acorn falling from the tree...."If animals who have no clue what I'm saying and are so entertained by me, then why wouldn't humans?" That was a question that Matt set out to answer, delving further into the world of entertainment. Though it took a few tries in different fields, starring in special movies with the now famous Jenna Jameson, doing commercials and substituting for the late Billy Mays, Matthew finally landed as the mail boy in a seedy radio broadcasting office that was located on the back building of the local animal shelter.

On one fateful evening, One-Eyed Preston, the local night time air-host failed to show, pink eye had set him back a few days. Matt, feeling an uncontrollable desire to share his charismatic personality with the world, broke into the studio, bolted the door with his leather belt and proceeded to take the air waves by storm. The phones rang off the hook when he posed deep and probing questions to the listeners, such as "What rules do you continually break?" In which he revealed that his favorite rule to break was "Do not remove Tag under penalty of Law" from all his pillows, and any pillow in any store for that matter. Ratings went through the roof with his highly edgy topics, and that's when...One Eyed Preston found himself out of a show and out of a job. The radio station owner told Matt that his voice had a certain 'magic to it' and from the on, Matt was known as "Magic" Matt Murphy.

While many say that this type of shenanigan filled story couldn't possibly be true, and that if it were true, Matt's album would have been done better in Albania AND parts of Quebec, it is safe to say that the little details and the half truths don't matter here. What does matter is that everyone knows that Matt is not just another 'radio host', in fact, he's the living breathing embodiment of what it means to be an on air personality.


The Matt Murphy Show: Taking over your drive home, one story at a time.


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