Hailing from the concrete jungle where dreams are made of…..whoa not that one….Hudson, New York, Keeler has traveled down the east coast, got lost, and found himself in the Z1075 studio. Growing up Keeler tried to live his dream of being Maverick from Top Gun as he went to Flight School. After figuring out very quickly that he gets air sick, that plan went down the toilet.

So if he couldn’t be a pilot, he could be a radio DJ, it’s the same thing, right? To start his career path he started his journey at SUNY Oneonta College where he spent 4 “blurry” years getting educated. During his busy schedule of “learning”, he somehow found time to intern at a radio station in Albany, NY. As an intern he figured out all the different ways to organize prize closets.

Then in the midst of a natural disaster Keeler found himself alone in the studio with no way to get out. At that point history was made and Keeler was born as one of the hottest jocks in upstate New York. That faithful day Keeler was on air for 36 hours straight and thought to himself…”this is my kind of job”.

Keeler and the Midday Madness has hit Wilmington, your workday will never be the same again!!!


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