Broom Groomer:

Also known as the best broom ever. The dustpan has 'rubber teeth' to quickly and easily comb out the dust from your broom's bristles. It also has a smooth 'rubber lip' in the front to keep the dustpan flat on the floor allowing nothing to slip through the crack. SMART. I've never wanted a broom so badly until this moment. Are you with me? ($11.99


Stick anywhere Digital Wall Clock:


Loch Ness Ladle

Tweexy Nail Polish Holder Ring

Two in one!

Martini/Wine Glass & Coffee/Wine Glass

Bluetoothify your Headphones!

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

The Lamzac Inflatable Lounge

Smart Light Bulb

Inflatable Back Seat Car Bed!



Smart Water Bag helps you SAVE WATER

Microfiber Tie Cleans with Ease!

Buy it here

Slime Keyboard Cleaner!

Buy it here

Laser Keyboard!

Buy it here


Box of Disposable LED Matches

Buy it here




Edible Candles... yum!  Buy them HERE!



Drake Wrapping Paper and Freezer Wine Glasses!




Get the wrapping paper here!                           Get the glasses here


Emoji Keyboard, Tabletop Fireplace and Rain Drop Ice Cube Trays!


Get the keyboard HERE!         Get the fireplace HERE!         Get the tray HERE!

Darth Vader Show Head and Bike Powered USB Charger!



Get darth vader here!                                 Get the charger here!

Christmas Light Phone Charger and Sriracha Monthly Gift Set!


      Get the lights here!                                          Get the sriracha box here

Drake Sweater, Star Wars Poster, Cookie Roller!


Get them here!

BUDSIES! Turn your pictures into stuffed animals!

Get it here!

Dog Selfie, Laser Razor and ALL Marshmallows!


Get them all HERE



Get your bottles and fund a clinical trail for breast cancer patients here!

Pocket Pizza Pouch! 

Get it here

Coffee Jewlery and Star Backyard Light!



Get the jewlery here!                                                Get the light here


Holla Bear and iPhone DIY Charger!


Get the bear here!                                             Get the chargere here!

Life Milestones Wine Labels and App Controlled Lights!



       Get the wine labels here!                        Get the lights here!




Get them here!

Instagram Photos to Print and Ugly Kim Kardashian Cry Face Gear



   Get the pics here!                                                  Get ugly cry face here!


Wine Bag Carrier! Ticket Stub Diary!



Get the wine bag here!                                           Get the diary here

Solar Charging Backpacks! 


Get your backpack here

Bacon Ari Freshener and Bra Wallet Combo!


Get the bacon here!                                                 Get the bra here!


Ice Cube Fruit Tray and Veggie Cutter!


Get the ice cube trays here!                                Get the veggie cutter here!

Glow in the dark TP and Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker!


     Get the TP here!                                                 Get the breakfast maker here!



Breakup Bean Plant and Instagram Tattoos!

Get the bean plant here!                                 Get the instagram tattoos here!


Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray and Motion Lights!


Get the ice cube tray here!                             Get the lights here

Message Toaster and Pan Spout 


Get the toasted here!                                           Get the spout here!

Water Slide Air Hockey Game and Pocket Soap!


         Get the hockey table HERE!                                  Get the soap HERE!


The Balcony BBQ and Sticky Note Calendar


Get the BBQ here!                                                   Get the calendar here!

iPhone Desk Phone and Broom Groomer!


Get the phone here!                                          Get the broom here!

Custom Stuffed Dog!!! And Toilet Paper Bluetooth Speaker!


Get them here and here!



Tie Caddy and Pocket Projector



Get the caddy here!                                             Get the projector here!

Avocado Slicer, See Through Toaster and Amazing Spatula!



Get the slicer here!                         Get the toaster here!                  Get the spatula here


Microwave Covers and Citrus Spritzer



             Get it here!                                                   Get it here!


Office Awesomeness!


Get the chair here!                                         Get the cup holder here!


Get it here

The most amazing portable grill EVER!!!!


Get it HERE!

High Heel Flats and Soap Dish!




Kitchen Gadgets! 



Get them HERE and HERE


Indoor slide and indoor grill!





Wearable Wallets!!!




Get them here and here

The best way to wash your wine glasses! LOVE THIS!!

Get it here!

Amazing Ice Cream Scoop and Corn Peeler!




Get the ice cream scoop here!                                               Get the corn peeler here! 

Microegg and Charging Station



Get the microegg HERE!                                            Get the charging station HERE!


The BEST coffee pot EVER!


Get it here!

Wine Lover Gifts!!


Get the glasses here!                       Get the cork here!

Cell Phone Case/Pocket Knife Combo!

Get the phone case/pocket watch HERE!


Healthy Food Frier!! WOOOOW!

Get it here

New Wine Chiller and Entertainer Bowl!



Get the wine chiller here!                                    Get the entertainer bowl here!


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