Aries Horoscope MAR 21 – APR 19

Good intentions can lead you down a troubled path today if you aren’t willing to meet reality halfway. Sometimes a brilliant idea just pops into your awareness and you know it’s your future course of action.


Taurus Horoscope APR 20 – MAY 20

Get started right away so you have some progress under your belt before you need to reconsider your objectives and revise your expectations. Make hay while the Sun still shines.

Gemini Horoscope MAY 21 – JUN 20

You’re seriously considering the larger issues when trying to make up your mind today. fortunately, the best solutions stem from conflict and debate.

Cancer Horoscope JUN 21 – JUL 22

You may be so comfortable with your current plans that you miss a significant memo from the cosmos, warning you to remain flexible in spite of your self-confidence.


Leo Horoscope JUL 23 – AUG 22

Although you’re inspired by your dreams, you carry a strong sense of purpose that sustains your enthusiasm when progress is minimal.


Virgo Horoscope AUG 23 – SEP 22

You are driven to get to the bottom of an enigma now and your enthusiasm for research could lead you down an exciting trail of discovery.


Libra Horoscope SEP 23 – OCT 22

You can’t participate in everyone else’s plans today or there won’t be any room left for your dreams. It’s difficult to say no when a friend approaches you with a wonderful opportunity, and even harder if they are overly insistent.




Scorpio Horoscope OCT 23 – NOV 21

You look to a reliable friend to be your anchor today. Perhaps your recent enthusiasm over a task prompted you to turn a molehill into a mountain. Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.”

Sagittarius Horoscope NOV 22 – DEC 21

It may be counterintuitive to pare back your involvement in a project when everything appears to be going so well.


Capricorn Horoscope DEC 22 – JAN 19

You possess the superpower of being able to manipulate time to your advantage today. You can slow down reality in your mind, allowing you a longer stretch between experiencing an event and responding to it.


Aquarius Horoscope JAN 20 – FEB 18

You seem to be as active as ever, jumping from one task to another, almost in a state of frenzy. The key to success is emotional stability.”

Pisces Horoscope FEB 19 – MAR 20

Following a detailed agenda today is your secret to sanity. No matter what reality tosses at you, you can take it in stride because everything seems to fit into your schedule.


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