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Monday, October 20, 2014
293rd day of the year.
 There are 72 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 11 days remaining until Halloween

Today is International Chefs Day

Monday's Birthday Cake:
rapper Snoop Dogg (43) (Birthday Trivia: Snoop knows how to play the A) banjo B) accordion C) piano)
Tom Petty (64)

President Obama's Credit Card Declined ... Barack Obama recently had his credit card declined while dining out in New York. He says: "It turned out, I guess, I don't use it enough to so they thought there was some fraud going on. Fortunately, Michelle had hers."

 dark chocolate and fudge  -   candy most likely to cause tooth decay.

Lady Gaga recently requested 1,000 candles be placed in her backstage area before a gig.

46-Year-Old Mom Sets New Motorcycle Speed Record!
A 46-year-old mother from Lincolnshire, England has just become the world's fastest woman on two wheels after reaching 264.1 mph on a motorbike that her husband built in their garage.

You'd have to run four miles to burn off the calories of one Coca Cola.

A new survey claims that 1 in every 10 people have had sex at an airport to pass time.

ORDERING COFFEE IN THE FUTURE:  Starbucks is going to test it in Portland, Oregon, later this year... and then, in 2015, they're going to begin a program that allows you to pre-order your drink with an app, so you just show up, grab it and go

 the average man spends 100 hours a year grooming his facial hair.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are fighting over custody of their eight dogs

Glee's Matthew Morrison Ties the Knot in Hawaii  (actress Renee Puente, 31)

Has Bruce Jenner Been Dating Kris Jenner's Best Friend?

Standing Room Only tickets for tomorrow's World Series opener between the Royals and Giants are selling for $697 a piece.

- Two San Francisco radio stations won't play Lorde's "Royals" during the World Series. Some KC radio stations are playing the song every hour

Here are the top movies

1. Fury, $23.5 million.
2. Gone Girl, $17.8 million.
3. The Book of Life, $17 million.

A new survey by reveals that 40% of 18 to 34 year-old moms create social media accounts for their baby before the child’s first birthday while 7% create an account before their kid’s second birthday.

- The Daily Dot claims Ravens running back Ray Rice could be reinstated by the NFL within four weeks.

Panty Raid: Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, who was recently arrested for shoplifting underwear and cologne, has landed an endorsement deal with MeUndies. The company is paying his fine and giving him underwear. Randle is donating $15,000 worth of underwear to children in need

 Haunted House

A survey by reveals that 33% of people have lived in a haunted house, or one that might have been haunted. Other findings:

- 63% of people would be willing to buy a haunted house if they could get it for less than full market value

- top "warning signs" of a possible haunting: cemetery on the property (61%) followed by a home being at least a century old (50%), a very low price (45%), and close to a battlefield (43%)


A 60-year-old man learned the true meaning of "too soon" when he made an Ebola joke that cleared an Ohio casino, and got him slapped with a felony charge to boot.

According to the arrest report posted by The Smoking Gun, Emanuel Smith was gambling at the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland when he allegedly told a dealer that he was playing to avoid his ex-wife, who was back from West Africa and suffering from Ebola. According to court documents, Smith's off-color joke "caused panic" that led to the casino shutting down a portion of its gaming floor, resulting in, "a large financial loss."   

Smith's joke was made the same day it was reported a nurse who contracted the disease at a Texas hospital was allowed to fly to Cleveland. She remains in medical isolation.

Smith was later arrested at his home in Cleveland and slapped with a felony charge of inducing panic, as well as criminal trespass. He remains behind bars in lieu of 10 thousand dollars bond.

Not surprisingly, the gambling house has banned him as well.

 Your Brothers and Sisters May Have Made You a Better Person

Siblings often fight like cats and dogs but they also may be helping each other in ways they never imagined.

In a study, co-author Laura Padilla-Walker of Brigham Young University’s Department of Family Life found that having a sibling teaches children to be more compassionate and generous as they age.

Family Receives Text From Dead Relative: A British family recently received a text message from a relative that died in 2011. Lesley Emerson was buried with some of her favorite things including her cell phone. Her granddaughter Sheri was stunned when she received a text saying: "I'm watching over you." She tells the Shields Gazette: "I felt sick when I read it. I was in shock and didn't know what to think."

Sheri's uncle called the number. It had been reassigned by the cell phone company to a man, who was playing pranks.

Man Arrested For Acting Squirrely: The Ocean Township, New Jersey police recently charged Aleksandr Borykan with animal cruelty. The 30 year-old was illegally trapping raccoons and squirrels in his apartment complex and then eating them. The state also charged him with hunting without a license and hunting out of season.


A recent study shows that how you take your eggs, reveals your personality, reports Mindlab International, which researches the psychology of consumer choices.

    Poached egg eaters are outgoing and tend to be the happiest group.
    Folks who prefer hard or soft boiled eggs are often disorganized and are at the greatest risk of divorce.
    If omelettes are your cup of tea, youare self disciplined.
    The average fried egg aficionado over-easy or sunny side up is typically from the working class and has a high sex drive.
    Scrambled egg lovers are cautious and less like to have children.

The World Record of World Records!
You may find it hard to believe but a 60-year-old American man has set the world record for... holding the most world records! During his lifetime Ashrita Furman has held a staggering 563 world records and he says he'll never stop trying to add to his collection. Furman currently holds 198 official Guinness World Records, including "most pies in the face in one minute (56)" and "opening drinks cans in 30 seconds (41)." His incredible achievements have allowed him to travel the world, setting records at the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge and Great Wall of China.   His first official record came in 1979 when he did 27,000 star jumps in New York. In the following two years he somersaulted backwards for ten miles and followed it up with 50 hours of continuous hand clapping

 Question: "53% of men do this with their partner even though they despise it. What is it?"

Extra Clue: involves shopping (for something specific)

Extra Clue: can be time consuming

Final Clue: below the waist

Answer: go shoe shopping


NEW MUSIC(RELEASED LAST NIGHT)   Gwen Stefani Releases New Single, “Baby Don’t Lie”

Man Stops Cop In Unmarked Police Car ... a Washington state man flagged down a cop in an unmarked police car and then read him the riot act for breaking the law. A little-known state law requires law enforcement agencies to have special permits for unmarked squad cars
Click Link for Video:

     Sound Bite - The man tells the officer he's culpible in breaking the law (Courtesy of YouTube)
     Sound Bite - The man tells the officer "I'm not going to write you up today" (Courtesy of YouTube)

911 Call; Woman Calls 911 With Ebola Prank ... a Columbus, Ohio woman called 911 claiming her sister had Ebola. A team of paramedics dressed in hazmat suits surrounded her home as her sister was transported to a hospital. Once there, officials realized they were pranked


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