Monday, May 2, 2016

123rd day of the year.

There are 3 days remaining until Cinco De Mayo

There are 6 days remaining until Mother's Day


Today is National Chocolate Mousse Day, National Life Insurance Day, National Truffle Day, National Melanoma Monday, National Play Your Ukulele Day and World Laughter Day


Monday's Birthday Cake:

David Beckham (41)

The Rock (44)

Donatella Versace (61)




Justin Bieber has shaved off his dreadlocks.


The waitlist for that naked restaurant in London is now up to 30,000.


The average person will lock themselves out of their car five times in their lifetime.


Captain America: Civil War" is in theaters this weekend


We hear Jennifer Garner is expecting baby number 4 with Ben Affleck. Yep, they're looking at calling off the divorce.


Dale Earnhardt Jr. was racing at Talladega yesterday when his steering wheel came off in the middle of the race. He grabbed the steering column and was able to steer with his hands until he could get the wheel reattached.


Target Testing Robot Clerks: Fortune Magazine claims a Target store in San Francisco is testing robot clerks. The robots roll around the store and scan items to see if they've been misplaced, mispriced or are low in stock. Target employees say the robots are slow


E! News claims Malia Obama has been accepted to Harvard University. She will attend after she takes a year off.


Women feel sexiest at the age of 34.


Competitive eater Nella Zisser recently downed 50 Krispy Kreme donuts in 24 minutes in New Zealand


TMZ claims Nick Hawk, one of the stars of the reality series Gigolos, has insured his manhood for $1 million. The show, which started in 2011, follows male escorts in Las Vegas


Icey: Metro UK, citing Courthouse News Service, claims Stacy Pincus is suing Starbucks for $5 million claiming the company places too much ice in its drinks.


Adam Levine " he and his wife are both experiencing pregnancy cravings. "She's eating a lot of watermelon, a lot of watermelon, so much watermelon! She also has the occasional craving for ice cream


Prince Trending ... claims Prince's13 year-old niece, Victoria Nelson, is set to inherit $42 million from his estate. The site claims her father and Prince had a falling out before her father died in 2011.

-CNN claims the jacket that Prince wore in Purple Rain is being auctioned off and is expected to sell for $8,000.

 TMZ claims Yamaha sent Prince a $200,000 purple piano just days before he died. Prince played the piano during his last performance and was considering signing an endorsement deal with Yamaha.

 ABC claims Prince's music vault has been drilled open. It contains thousands of unreleased songs. Only Prince new the combination to the vault

 RUMOR:  Prince was enrolled in an outpatient treatment program before his death. He was trying to wean himself off of pain pills



a Minnesota man has come forward claiming he is Prince's love child. The paper claims Heir Hunters International is investigating the claim.

A representative from the company tells the paper: "If there is a child, if Prince had one single child, that child will take all the inheritance. We think that more likely than not these claims are genuine, but both need further investigation."

DNA tests may be required to verify the claim.



a cat collar that translates meows into the human voice. The Temptations Catterbox features a microphone, a speaker, Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi. It comes in four colors including black, yellow, blue and green


Jay-Z and Beyonce have pocketed $225 million from cheating rumors and her CD Lemonade. A source tells the paper: "Jay is a very smart businessman and was involved in the creation of Lemonade. He knew every song Bey was going to release. He knew the lyrics – he knew the implications. He had to approve the songs before release. The bottom line is that they are both really smart."



Three friends were recently fishing in a Fremont, Wisconsin river when they hooked a 60 year-old six-pack of Budweiser beer. The trio may give the beer to Budweiser so they can display it in a museum.


ROLLing Luggage: Rolls Royce has launched a new line of luggage that costs $45,854. Business Insider claims the line includes two large bags, a garment bag and three medium-size weekend bags. Rolls-Royce will customize the luggage to match the inside of your Rolls Royce's interior



Pizza Pizza: Elite Daily claims Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn has created the Pizza Box Pizza. It features a pizza that comes in an edible box made out of more pizza. The Pizza Box Pizza costs $40.

Vinnie's created the pie because so many people throw out cardboard boxes.



Wingin It: WECT claims the Wilmington, North Carolina police recently arrested Clarissa and Rasheem Gagum for pulling a gun in a restaurant. They went to FU Wangz before ordering bone-in chicken wings. Clarissa became outraged when she received boneless wings. She went to her car and grabbed her gun before returning to the restaurant and waving the weapon at a clerk. Cops rushed to the restaurant and arrested Clarissa. She was charged with assault while Rasheem was charged with resisting arrest.


Belly Button Beer: The 7 Cent Brewery, in Victoria, Australia, has created a new beer using yeast from belly button lint.

Belly Button Beer is being sold for a limited time.


Drug Dealer Asks Cops To Test Drugs: The Toulouse, France police recently arrested a 45 year-old after she walked into a police station and asked cops to test her cocaine. She wanted to make sure that the two bags were pure and that a third bag contained real crack cocaine. The drug dealer told cops she wanted her product tested so that people would not overdose on bad drugs


President Obama's daughter Malia is heading to Harvard for college. It's time for 'Celebrity ALma Mater '

Harrison Ford:

A. Princeton-- Biology

B. USC-- Accounting

C. Ripon College-- Philosophy


Cindy Crawford:

A. Stony Brook University-- Anthropology

B. Northwestern University-- Chemical engineering

C. Idaho State-- Botany


George Clooney:

A. University of Kentucky-- Journalism

B. Montclair State University-- Pre Law

C. Arizona State University-- Business


Jerry Springer:

A. Tulane University-- Political science

B. University of Vermont-- Economics and fine arts

C. Duke University-- Sports information


Brad Pitt:

A. University of Missouri-- Journalism

B. Kansas State University- -Eastern religion and philosophy

C. Rutgers University-- Economics


Eva Longoria:

A. University of Nebraska-- Architecture

B. Texas A&M University-- Kinesiology

C. Montana State-- Ancient cultures



Man Leaves Hidden Love Note For Wife Before He Dies, In Case You Haven’t Sobbed Enough Today (THE FRISKY.COM)

How are your emotional levels? Have you already drained your tear ducts today or is there more to wring out? If the answer is yes, there is indeed more to wring out, then the internet is always waiting with all of its emotionally manipulative power to get your tears flowing. Today’s communal nugget of sweet sadness is the secret note a man left for his wife that was discovered by his son, Mason, months after his death.



Today's Mindbender: "People spend three hours of their life waiting in line here. Where is it?"

Answer: bank drive-thru


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