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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
231st day of the year.
There are 134 days remaining until New Year's Eve

Today is National Aviation Day, National Potato Day, National Hot and Spicy Food Day, ''Black Cow" Root Beer Float Day National Soft Ice Cream Day and World Humanitarian Day
(F.Y.I. TOMORROW IS  National Radio Day)

In 1950, ABC began the tradition of showing cartoons on Saturday morning. Those were the days

 Tuesday's Birthday Cake:
rapper Lil Romeo (25)
rapper Fat Joe (44)
Matthew Perry (45)
Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson (45)
Bill Clinton (68) (Fast Facts: As a child, he won first chair in the Arkansas state band's saxophone section. Bill met JFK in 1963.)


 Coldplay's Chris Martin has been dating Jennifer Lawrence since late June.

 YEAH..CHEAP CELL PHONES PLANS...Sprint is said to be getting ready to make a phone plan offer this week that will set the industry on its ear.

Look around at the next wedding you attend: Odds are, at least one of the guests has slept with the bride or groom


Charlie Sheen Puts Twist on Ice Bucket Challenge, Replaces Cold Water with Cold Cash

Making A Splash: Over 1.2 million Ice Bucket Challenge videos have been posted on YouTube since August 1st. ALS has received $13.3 million in donations since July 29th, compared with $1.7 million during the same period last year. ALS has 260,000 new donors. The challenge raised $15.6 million as of last night.

More than a Third of Americans Haven't Saved for Retirement Yet


 Child Care
CNN claims the cost to raise a child born in 2013 to 18 years-old is $245,000. That's up $4,260, or 2%, from the year before. That figure does not include college. The cost is based on housing, food, transportation, clothing, health care, education, child care and miscellaneous expenses, like haircuts and cell phones.

Joey Chestnut set a new world record by downing 384 Gyoza dumplings in 10 minutes last weekend

- The Daily Mail claims the new Apple iPhone 6 may contain a scratch-proof screen made from sapphires

Gisele Bundchen is the world's highest-paid model having earned $47 million in the past year

 Beyonce is said to preparing to divorce Jay-Z as soon as their current tour is over.

Casey Kasem Update: TMZ claims the San Monica police believe they have enough evidence to present a case to prosecutors that shows Jean Kasem committed elder abuse when she moved Casey Kasem from his care home. He caught an infection that contributed to his death. Detectives believe their statements from doctors are incriminating.

 Los Angeles is considering a plan to pay people to vote.

WILM HEROIN PROBLEM:  the POLICE department is also very close to getting approval to let its officers carry heroin antidote drugs

Sam Smith Has One Simple Goal: "I Want to Be the Biggest-Selling Male Pop Star in the Entire World
A self-admitted former "fat kid," Sam says he did worry that his less-than-perfect physique might keep him from being a pop star.  But, he points out, "People like real life. Why do people like all this crap television out there? Because you're looking at what you can relate to. And music should be speaking about things you can relate to."

"That's the key,

Fans of the late Robin Williams want him immortalized in a Nintendo video game.
There’s currently a petition on with over 100,000 signatures to get Williams to be a character in a future Legend of Zelda game. The beloved actor, who apparently took his own life last week at the age of 63, was an avid Nintendo fan. He even named his daughter Zelda after The Legend of Zelda series.

For Latest Mugshot, DUI Teen Wore T-Shirt of Last Mugshot
A 19-year-old man from Maine who reported to jail last week to face the music for a June drunk-driving arrest chose an interesting top to immortalize in his mugshot photo: an orange T-shirt emblazoned with a picture of his previous mugshot.

Man Fakes Death To Avoid Wedding ... Tucker Blandford faked his death to avoid marrying Alex Lancaster last Friday. The couple met at college in Connecticut in 2012. A few months ago, Alex tells Yahoo that she received a call from a man claiming to be Tucker's dad. "He told me Tucker had been deeply depressed and wanted to die, so had thrown himself in front of a car. The man explained that they had been trying to send Tucker off to a psychiatric unit for help. But it was too late. I couldn't breathe. It was absolutely devastating.

Forrest Stump: A Wichita, Kansas man is recovering from being shot in the butt. The victim was hit by a stray bullet fired from a half mile away. Five men were firing on a dead stump on a nearby farm. The shooters may face aggravated battery charges.

 Stop! Thief!: Megan Bratten's van was recently stolen in Independence, Missouri. She texted the thief on a cell phone that was in the van. Megan tells KCTV that she convinced the thief to return her vehicle. ''He texted me back and gave me step-by-step directions where to find the van, and I went there with my mom and my dog, and the van was there.''

The thief texted: "I do feel bad ... my kids needed a meal on the table so that's what their dad did got them food. I know its wrong but it's been so hard since I lost my job." He also said that the van leaked fluid and wasn't worth stealing

 Today's Question: "16% of women get mad when their man does this. What is it?''

Extra Clue: kitchen

Extra Clue: nothing to do with dishes

Final Clue: cooking

Answer: adds ingredients/spices to dishes

 TT:  In your mind, when is summer officially over?

TT:   What's your biggest quirk?

TT:   The best neighborhood in town is... ?

TT:  What's your nickname for your significant other?

#1 AUG 19, 1969     Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women

#1 AUG 19, 1978      Frankie Valli - Grease

#1 AUG 19, 1992    Boyz II Men - End of the Road

#1 AUG 19, 2002     Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland - Dilemma


Taylor Swift Says Her New CD Was Inspired By '80s Music ... Taylor Swift's new CD is titled "1989" and will be released on October 27th. "Shake It Off" is the first single. She said: "For the record, this is my very first documented, official pop album.''

911 Call; Man Calls Cops To Report Getting Ripped Off By His Drug Dealer ... a Wichita man gave money to a drug dealer to buy meth. He called 911 when the dealer took off with his cash and didn't deliver the drugs. The victim wasn't arrested because he didn't have any drugs on him


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