Monday, July 6, 2015

187th day of the year.

There are 178 days remaining until the end of the year


Today is National Fried Chicken Day, Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day and International Kissing Day



Monday's Birthday Cake

Kevin Hart (36)

50 Cent (40)

Sly Stallone (69)

President George W. Bush (69)

Nancy Reagan (94)






 A new version of Bubble Wrap is coming out. Sad news -- it doesn't pop.




Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got married this past weekend




MasterCard is testing a new smartphone app that allows people to pay for online purchases with a Selfie or their fingerprints.




Hyundai has launched an app that can be used with an Apple Watch. You can use it to remote start your car and other conveniences.




GET READY Nick Jonas may record with Ariana Grande.




U.S. Women Win World Cup ... The U.S. Women's soccer team won the World Cup yesterday by beating Japan 5-2. Star player Carli Lloyd scored three goals in the opening 20 minutes. It was the women's first World Cup win since 1999




Matt Stonie Wins Hot Dog Eating Contest ... Matt Stonie won Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest by devouring 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Defending champ Joey Chestnut downed 60 dogs




Simon Cowell's mom Julie died of a stroke yesterday

Michael Douglas' mother Diana Douglas died Saturday in Los Angeles. She was 92



 Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. "Jurassic World," $30.9 million ($42 million international).

2. "Inside Out," $30.1 million ($18.6 million international).

3. "Terminator: Genisys," $28.7 million ($74 million international).

4. "Magic Mike XXL," $12 million ($6.2 million international)

5. "Ted 2," $11 million ($18.8 million international).



over 1,000 babies have been named Elsa in the past year because of the movie "Frozen"

TT:  Do you know someone who is named after a celeb, sports star or famous product?" If so, what is their name?




Puppy Love: A new dating app for dog owners has been created. Tindog works like Tinder and allows you to browse pictures and then swipe to the right when you find a potential doggy date. Tindog is available for free on iOS and Android gadgets





 Dress to Impress


A new survey by uniform suppliers Simon Jersey reveals that women spend five months of their life picking out outfits. Other findings:


- the average woman spends 90 minutes a week choosing what to wear


- 45% of women find deciding what to wear stressful


- 54% of women lay out their clothes the night before to avoid panic


- 10% of women have gone home at lunch to change their outfit


- 15% of women have left the house for work, only to go home to change


- 49% of women lie awake planning their outfit for their next day at work


- 23% of women have been reprimanded for wearing inappropriate clothes to work






Man Dies Because He Didn't Use His Head Properly: A Calais, Maine man died on Saturday after trying to launch a firework off the top of his head. Devon Staples and his friends had been drinking when he placed a mortar tube on his head and lit it. The firework exploded, killing him instantly. Staples was 22.




A 17 year-old Wichita, Kansas teen lost part of his hand in a fireworks accident. The victim and his friends were lighting fireworks on a roof when one tipped over. The teen's girlfriend tells KSN: “He wanted me to record him off my snapchat and stuff. He lit the mortar, set it on the ground, it didn’t go off and it tipped over. He grabbed it




 Spit It Out: 15-year-old Megan Ankrap had the longest spit at this past weekend's National Cherry Pit Spitting Contest in Eau Claire, Michigan. Her pit reached a distance of 49 feet, ¼ inch. She won the women’s category.


Kevin Bartz, of Niles, Michigan, won the men's category with a spit of 48 feet, 8 inches.






The modern-day hot dog on a bun was probably introduced during the St. Louis "Louisiana Purchase Exposition" in 1904 by Bavarian concessionaire Anton Feuchtwanger. It is said he loaned white gloves to his patrons to hold his piping hot sausages. As most of the gloves were not returned, he reportedly asked his brother-in-law, a baker, for help. The baker improvised long soft rolls that fit the meat - thus inventing the hot dog bun.


·                     Babe Ruth once ate 12 hot dogs and drank 8 cans of soda during a double header,

·                     When Bruce Willis proposed to Demi Moore years ago, he did it in front of a hot dog stand. Can't get more romantic than that!






Londoner Marie Lord is ok after sleepwalking into the sea. The 39 year-old left her home and walked a half-mile to the water. She woke up from the taste of salt water in her mouth and from waves crashing against her. A nearby hotel employee heard her cries for help and called the police.

Marie has not walked in her sleep since she was 13






    The Brown Noser -- Laughs at all the boss' jokes.

    The Hall Monitor -- Always in the hall watching for who's doing what where.

    Stinky Steve -- Hygiene is not his middle name.

    Bathroom Hog -- The door is closed again.

    Copy Cat -- She's always at the copy machine. She loves collating.

    The Chronic Whiner -- Complains and moans constantly. Won't look for another job. Has been there 20 years.

    Fashion Police -- Critical of others apparel (behind their backs).

    The One Upper -- No matter what you tell him, he's got an even better story.

    Helpless in Seattle -- Can't do anything. Must be shown again and again.

    The Perfume Polluter -- She comes to work wearing half a bottle of perfume.

    The Neat Freak -- This person wouldn't have a hair out of place in a tornado and cleans off his desk with ammonia-based spay every day.

    Sloppy Sam. He's the opposite of the neat freak. It's impossible to see his desk under all the clutter.

    The Coffee Culprit -- This creep drinks the last cup of coffee and never makes another pot. (Most sales people meet this description.)

    Loudmouth Larry -- Even if he's talking on the phone, you can hear him a half block away.

    The Belcher -- He rattles windows with his burps and never says "Excuse Me."

    The Gossip -- This person knows more about your life than you do and makes sure everyone else does too.

    The Nutrition Cop -- This person peers at your lunch, then grimaces and says: "Don't you know that stuff will kill you."

    The Junk Food Junkie -- The opposite of the Nutrition Cop. He sticks a candy bar under your nose and tempts you to eat it.

    The Temperature Tamperer -- This person sneaks up to the thermostat and cranks it up or down, but never asks anyone else if they are comfortable.






    Any tales to tell from the 4th of July?

    Other than online, where do singles meet these days?

    Wildest encounter you've had from Tinder?

    What's the most inappropriate thing you've laughed at... just couldn't help yourself?





Research shows that doing this reduces the risk of having a fight with your partner. What is it? Dim the lights




 Today's Question: "13% of college freshman have never done this. What is it?"


Extra Clue: affects their appearance


Extra Clue: their mom usually does it


Final Clue: hot


Answer: their own ironing







Father and Daughter Have A Beatbox Battle ... in a video that's gone viral, a father and his daughter face off in a human beatbox challenge



Wife Wakes Up Her Drunk Husband With Firecrackers ... a drunk man, named Matt, was passed out on the couch. His wife lit firecrackers next to him. Matt jumped off the couch and screamed (Courtesy of LiveLeak)



Burglar Cries After Judge Realizes They Were Middle School Classmates ... a criminal, named Arthur Booth, appeared before Miami Judge Mindy Glazer. She recognized Arthur as one of her classmates from middle school. Arthur broke down in tears








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