Wednesday, July 29, 2015

210th day of the year.

There are 155 days remaining until the end of the year


Today is National Lasagna Day, Lipstick Day and National Chicken Wing Day






Tom Brady has lost his Deflategate appeal as NFL Commish Roger Goodell decided to uphold his four-game suspensio




Jen Walter Is Introduced As The NFL's First Female Coach ... the Arizona Cardinals have given Jen Walter the first coaching position ever held by a woman in the National Football League. POSITION:  coaching intern for linebackers during training camp and pre-season.




Mashable claims artist Paul Bedard is auctioning off one of Michael Jackson's white gloves. MJ gave the glove to Paul as a gift. It is expected to sell for $20,000




 two 10-foot high snow piles are still melting in Buffalo. They are from last Winter's massive storms




 - 15% of people use their smartphone while showering




 - the average man learns how to use a washing machine at the age of 24.





 Some Florida treasure hunters are bragging that they found over $1 million worth of Spanish gold coins and treasure in just 15-feet of water.






The most successful and effective leaders -- have two dominant personality traits: They are extroverted and conscientious.





Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are divorcing.


** UPDATE **


TMZ claims Blake has placed Miranda's belongings on his porch. His ranch hands packed her things while he was out of town.





A video showing a woman dropping a baby during a wedding bouquest toss is garnering millions of hits

Click Link For Video:




''Vacation'' opens today

Randy Quaid couldn't reprise his role as Cousin Eddie because of his arrest.

Jason Sudeikis and Adam Sandler were up for the role of Rusty Griswold before Ed Helms was cast

It has been 17 years since the last Vacation movie, ''Vegas Vacation'', was released

The movie was shot in and around Atlanta and Charlotte





An armored truck flew open on I-85 in Greenville, South Carolina on Monday. Drivers stopped to collect the bills that were raining down.

One driver tells WYFF: "God as my witness ... I drove through a cloud of cash money... It was like a scene from a movie."

Some people have been calling the police to return the money they collected.





Dentist Who Paid $55,000 To Kill Africa's Most Famous Lion Goes Into Hiding ... A Minnesota dentist is under fire for paying $55,000 to kill a lion. Dr. Walter J. Palmer shot "Cecil" with a bow and arrow while in Zimbabwe. He then tracked him for 40 hours before killing him. Palmer says: “Everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted. I had no idea that the lion I took was a known, local favorite, was collared and part of a study until the end of the hunt. I relied on the expertise of my local professional guides to ensure a legal hunt. I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion.”




Breaking Bad Coffee Shop: Deniz Kosan has opened a Breaking Bad-themed coffee cafe in Istanbul, Turkey. The restaurant resembles a meth lab with beaker-like expresso cups and a giant periodic table on the wall. Deniz and other workers dress in yellow hazmat suits. He offers pancakes that feature Walter White’s face in powdered sugar.





I Scream: The Clarence, New York police recently arrested an ice cream truck driver for being drunk and for serving ice cream in his underwear. Parents called 911 on Ryan Duff. He was screaming at kids while high on drugs. Duff was charged with a DUI.





Butter. Parkay.: The Ohio State Fair is honoring Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer with a butter sculpture. It features his likeness and is being displayed in a 46-degree cooler. The butter sculpture weighs 2,000 pounds and took 500 hours to create. It has six million calories





So I'm Fired?

A lot of people might fudge an occasional small personal expense with the company credit card. Then there's John David Berrett of Gilbert, Arizona. The feds accuse him of dropping $476,000 of employer World Wide Technology's cash on what was described as an "online-stripper habit." A 16-page indictment details the IT architect's alleged activity over the course of 13 months beginning in September 2013. Among the more colorful allegations: that he tipped online strippers roughly 2,200 times (the total hit the six-figures); gave another stripper $26,800 so she could buy tires, apparently very nice ones, among other things; and gave others things like a "digital piano." The 40-year-old is also accused of submitting fudged expense reports in what authorities say was a way to cover up some of the expenditures. The company, which does $6.7 billion in revenue is based in St. Louis, hence Berrett's indictment by a federal grand jury in Missouri on five counts of wire fraud





( Nothing replaces a visit with a health care professional when you have a medical problem, but there are some issues that can be tamed with a simple visit to your pantry or fridge. Here's how you can squelch some troublesome topics without going any further than your own kitchen. Here are ten foods with additional health benefits.



In some cases, vinegar could prevent a simple burn from blistering; however, if your burn is deep or severe, be sure to seek attention from your physician.


Tea bags

The tannins and caffeine in tea could help to reduce the ache of swelling and inflammation. If you wake up with puffy eyes, steep some tea, allow the bags to cool and apply to shut eyes. A tea bag also helps blood clot, which could come in handy after getting a tooth extracted. In summer, steep some black tea bags to ease a sunburn.


Olive oil

Soothe chapped or chafed skin with the silky rich feel of olive oil. Add moisture to dry hair by applying some oil to the ends before bed. You can also smooth out those sand-paper-feeling heels by rubbing your feet with oil and slipping them into a pair of cotton socks before turning in.



Vitamins C and E, plus carotenoids (a type of antioxidant), in this green fruit calm redness and inflammation while moisturizing your skin to relieve dryness and itchiness. If your face is in need of some TLC, try mashing half of an avocado and apply as a face mask for 30 minutes. Just remember to buy extra avocados as a snack so you're not tempted to scrape your mask off with chips!


Ginger, anise or peppermint tea

High-fiber, cruciferous veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts may be kind to most of your body but may create painful rumbling in your gastrointestinal tract. To combat these unwelcome side effects, sip ginger or peppermint tea or make your own tea from anise seeds to help cut gas.



If tea doesn't help your upset stomach, try eating papaya for dessert. The enzyme, papain, has been show to beat bloat, gas, and gastrointestinal unrest by helping aid digestion and preventing constipation.



Lavender's light purple shade has been shown to ease anxiety, while its scent eases muscle aches and tension by reducing spasms. A squeeze of a lavender hand lotion before bed can help lull you to sleep.


Tart cherries

The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties of tart cherries could work wonders to help squelch the pain of gout. Studies show that it may pay to pucker up with tart cherries to relieve aches and pains resulting from an intense workout or a pulled muscle.



This fiber-filled breakfast favorite not only promotes heart health, but also soothes, cleanses, and exfoliates skin and clears acne. Prepare plain oats with hot water, let cool to apply it to your skin, and leave it on the affected area for a few minutes, or soak in an oatmeal bath to help lock in moisture and soothe irritated skin. Great news for summer skin maladies -- sunburns, mosquito bites, eczema, and poison ivy: Oats are beneficial inside and out!



As a natural anti-microbial, this pungent bulb can help you avoid getting the common cold -- or at least ease its symptoms. The key component is allicin, which kills off bacteria and viruses. If you feel sniffles coming on and you can tolerate it, try eating raw garlic, which has been shown to be a potent infection-fighter!







"Couple Loses Everything They Own on their Wedding Day!"

Truth! Andrew Taylor and Dayleen Marrero had their dream wedding last Friday, the same day an apartment fire took everything they own! Marrero remains amazingly positive saying, "I'm super happy I married my best friend. It's a bump in the road. I know we'll figure it out."


"Google to Start Charging for Searches!"

Trash! They thought about it and then -- BING -- realized there were others.


"Selfie Costs Guy $153,000!"

Truth! That was the final bill for emergency services and anti-venom after Todd Fassler tried to take a selfie with a live rattlesnake in San Diego. Don't try this at home!






 Today's Question: "58% of women say this is their man's worst habit. What is it?"


Extra Clue: nothing gross


Extra Clue: both parties can't agree on it


Final Clue: handheld


Answer: habitual channel changer







Taylor Swift Doesn't Want An "Entourage" ... she likes surrounding herself with friends who have their own lives. She doesn't want 'yes-people' around her




911 Call; Firefighter Tells Caller To "Deal With It Yourself" As Teen Dies ... a New Mexico woman called 911 after 17-year old Jaydon Chavez-Silver was shot. A firefighter answered the call and asked: "Is he breathing?"


The caller responded: " He’s barely breathing. How many times do I have to f***ing tell you?” The firefighter said: " OK, you know what, ma’am? You can deal with it yourself. I’m not gonna deal with this, OK?"


The firefighter then hung up as the teen died. The Albuquerque Fire Department is investigating the incident








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