Friday, June 22, 2018

173rd day of the year.

There are 192 days remaining until the end of the year

Today is National Chocolate Éclair Day, National Onion Rings Day, Stupid Guy Thing Day and Take Your Dog to Work Day

Trending ...

- Brobible claims Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to host Bruce Willis's roast on Comedy Central on July 29th.


 ABC has ordered a Roseanne spinoff for the Fall. The new show will be titled "The Connors" 


Business Insider claims Delta has updated their support animal policy and is now banning pitbulls and pitbull-mixes from their flights. The airline says they implemented the ban for security and safety reasons.

- One Country claims Carrie Underwood is going to sing the Sunday Night Football theme again for NBC



Online Shopping To Get More Expensive: Mashable claims online shopping is about to get more expensive because the Supreme Court has ruled that states can charge online retailers sales tax even if they don't have a brick-and-mortar store in the state. Wayfair, and Newegg are among the retailers that may be affected. Amazon and eBay stock prices fell yesterday following the ruling


Jay-Z and Beyonce's daughter, Blue Ivy, has her own dressing room on their tour. The room is stocked with Barbies, Peppa Pig toys, tea sets and a playhouse

  • Starting this fall, some students at Northeastern University in Boston will be given the option of getting an Echo Dot smart speaker linked to their university accounts.
  • A new study says mosquitos remember people who swat at them.
  • According to Money Magazine,- Americans lose over 5 million dollars a year by not collecting change out of vending machines.
  • According to USA Today, about 22% of marriages in the U.S. the wife makes more money that the husband.
  • Experts say Monday is the best day to buy a car.




Take Your Dog To Work Day Trending ...

- A survey by Muddy Paws reveals that 50% of people are not allowed to take their dog to work.

- A survey by the Society For Human Resource Management reveals that 8% of American workplaces allow employees to bring their pets to work.

- Parade Magazine claims Google, Mashable, Ben & Jerry's, Go Daddy and Build-A-Bear Workshop all allow employees to bring their dogs to work on a daily basis 


  • Pets = Less Stress At Work
  • Pets At Work Make Companies Cool
  • People Want Pet Friendly Workplaces.  Especially  Millennials   52% want a pet friendly workplace.


Spade R.I.P.: The Miami Herald claims fashion designer Kate Spade was buried yesterday in Kansas City where she was born. She took her life on June 12th at the age of 55. TMZ claims Kate's brother-in-law, David Spade, attended her funeral. Contact Music claims Kate's father, Earl, passed away on Wednesday. He was 89 and heartbroken over her death



Algerian Government Shut Downs Internet To Prevent Cheating: Sky News claims the Algerian government recently shut down Internet access for the entire country during high school final exams. Students were using phones and tablets to cheat. Internet blackouts are scheduled to continue throughout the rest of Algeria's exam season

Man Steals Motorized Cart From Walmart: The News & Observer claims the Morrisville, North Carolina police recently arrested Jorge Perez for stealing a motorized shopping cart fromn Walmart. The 24 year-old placed two bottles of white wine, spicy chicken and cigarettes in the cart before taking off. The cart is meant for disabled customers. Cops easily caught Perez, who was drinking his wine at the time of his arrest. He was charged with felony shoplifting.



Rat Eats $18K In ATM Cash: A rat in India recently ate $18,000 in cash after getting stuck inside a bank's ATM machine. Bank officials discovered the rat while trying to figure out why the ATM had not been working. Branch manager Chandan Sharma says; "When our technicians opened the kiosk, we were shocked to find shredded notes and a dead rat. We have started an investigation into this rare incident and will take measures to prevent a recurrence.  GREED KILLED HIM IN TH END…TO MUCH $!!!!


iPad Neck

Researchers at UNLV say women are 2,059 times more likely to suffer from 'iPad Neck' than men are. IPad Neck is defined as a persistent pain in the neck and upper shoulders do to slouching and bending to view gadgets.

Researcher Szu-Ping Lee tells News Medical and Lfe Sciences; "Such high prevalence of neck and shoulder symptoms, especially among the younger populations, presents a substantial burden to society. We were able to quantify exactly how frequent those problems are and what common factors contribute to them. Theoretically, the more hours you spend bent over an iPad, the more neck and shoulder pain you experience -; but what we found is that time is not the most important risk factor. Rather, it's gender and specific postures."



Hey - You Raised Him!!
In Southampton, England, 24-year-old Matthew Kerley has been legally banned from contacting his parents for five years after they got so fed up with his constant pestering for money that they got a restraining order against him. Kerley was also jailed for 32 weeks on charges of harassment, but continued to contact his mother and father after that, despite the restraining order preventing him from doing so. For example, last month, he called his parents for money over 30 times in 24 hours, with some of the calls being made in the middle of the night. Despite their son's breach of his restraining order, Kerley's parents had apparently given him money, only to hear from him again and again, sometimes lying about his reason for the demand. This bizarre story is reminiscent of that of 30-year-old Michael Rotondo, whose parents recently sued him for refusing to move out of their house. (Oddity Central)


THE DOPIEST DIET: At a festival in Vancouver, Canada, plenty of people paid $38 for a single bottle of hot dog water sold as a diet aid. Buyers of the unfiltered hot dog water were promised weight loss, increased brain function and a more youthful appearance. The product was also gluten-free and rich in sodium and electrolytes. Then, the creator of hot dog water admitted that it was a stunt to encourage people to think critically and question health product marketing.



Maybe we should all just sleep with earplugs? A doctor in China recorded a video of himself pulling a live cockroach out of a woman's ear at a hospital in Shenzhen City. After the bug is removed it can be seen moving. The patient, surnamed Li, said the roach must have climbed into his ear while he was sleeping.




Summer vacation is nearly here for kids, and it turns out the novelty wears off for parents pretty quickly. A study of 2,000 parents reveals 58 percent say they feel pressure to plan out what their kids will do for the whole summer, and on average, they want summer vacation to end after just 13 days. Also, 75 percent of parents say they feel ready for their kids to go back to school at the end of the summer, and 64 percent say they've felt they've let their kid down because they wanted them to do, see, or have the same things one of their friends had or experienced. The top thing parents say causes them PSG (Parental Summer Guilt) is when they don't send their kids out of the house enough to do stuff. On average, parents say they spend $7,333.80 on making sure their kids are having the time of their lives over summer break.




Today's Mindbender: ''Just 6% of women do this for a living. What is it?"

Extra Clue: male-dominated field

Extra Clue: need a license for it

Final Clue: Large Marge (truck driver from Pee Wee Herman)

Answer: truck driver